Space Patrol

ABC (ended 1955)




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • The Atomic Vault
      The Atomic Vault
      Episode 9
      Commander Corey and crew have the General and Corporal in custody, but now must contend with the two men's archenemies, who threaten to steal the Terra V and blow up a vault filled with atomic radiation.
    • Marooned On Procyon IV
      Two survivors of Procyon, a general and a corporal, lay siege against the crew of the Terra V in an attempt to steal the ship and leave the crew stranded on the desolate planet.
    • The Wild Men Of Procyon
      While trying to find the source of radiation, the crew of the Terra V become marooned on the hot, distant planet Procyon, where they discover a civilization that has destroyed itself through war. With very little water, they must contend with two desperate men who survived the planet's destruction.
    • The Android Invasion
      Yula overpowers Commander Corry and Happy and creates an android duplicate of Major Robertson. Yula uses the new android to declare Corry and Happy outlaws to be taken into custody immediately. Terra City soon is in chaos from the presence of the androids when Corry, Robertson, and the Secretary General confront their own android copies.moreless
    • Double Trouble
      Double Trouble
      Episode 5
      Yula and Ramo think that the Space Patrolmen have been abandoned in deep space so they travel to Terra to unlease their androids to capture the central world of the United Planets. In a final attempt to perserve the United Planets, Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy come back to Terra to confront Ramo and Yula.moreless
    • The Androids Of Algol
      Space aliens Ramo and Yula dwell on a barren planet in the star system Algol. They've hatched an evil plot to create android duplicates from a gelatinous protoplasm and insert them onto the planet Terra to rule over the United Planets. Their first target is Space Patrolman Commander Buzz Corry. In order to duplicate him, they first must capture Corry and then plant his android double back on Terra to help take over the United Planets.moreless
    • Collapse of the Spider's Web
      The Space Spider, Arachna, has developed an artificial gravity enhancer called Neutronium, which he has been using to capture unknowing space vehicles. Commander Corry and the Space Patrolman are captured by Arachna after their evil enemy puts his Neutornium onboard Corry's ship the Terra V.
    • Web of the Arachna
      Commander Corry sets his space vehicle up as bait in order to be captured by the Space Spider so he can arrest Arachna and free the captive slave workers. Only Happy and Robby are taken captive and used as hostages against Corry.
    • Lair of the Space Spider
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