Space Pirate Captain Harlock - Season 1



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  • The Life-and-Death Struggle on the Rainbow Planet
    The Mazone come attacking the Arcadia which has had too much free time lately. Tadashi, thinking he may find clues to Mayu’s whereabouts, gives chase in a fighter and is wrecked on the Rainbow Planet. A Mazone civilian saves him.
  • Dr. Zero and Mii
    Dr. Zero and Mii
    Episode 25
    Doctor Zero becomes extremely resentful over Zorba and Lucia’s murder. So, he sets off to do battle in the midst of a magnetic storm and leaves his pet cat to the ship’s cook, Masu-san. He leaves alone in a fighter.
  • The Extinct Planet Jura
    Miime’s old planet is named Jura, and it was once devastated by a nuclear attack.
  • Advance On the Mystery Planet
    Believing that all the jungles of Earth are inhabited by the Mazone, Harlock decides to return to the Pirate Island again.
  • The Fearsome Plant Life Form
    Dr. Zero analyzes the hair from the captured Mazone and sees their make-up is identical to sap found in plant life surrounding ancient ruins.
  • The Castle of Evil in the Sea of Death
    The Arcadia heads back to Earth to investigate a third signal being emitted from the Sargasso Sea.
  • Farewell, Space Outlaw
    Harlock and his crew go for their triumphant return to Earth, but, all that awaits them is an order that they’ve been banished from Earth.
  • The Ulysses Nebula
    The Ulysses Nebula
    Episode 19
    In order to rescue Mayu, Harlock allows the will of the ship to choose its own course.
  • A Galactic Lullaby
    A Galactic Lullaby
    Episode 18
    The Arcadia is trapped due to an artificial gravity device.
  • Gohrum! the Tragic Soldier
    An asteroid belt hits the Arcadia.
  • Queen Lafresias Trap
    There are supposed to be forty-two crewman aboard the Arcadia.
  • Farewell! Mayu
    Farewell! Mayu
    Episode 15
    The invasion Mazone forces finally begin their attack on Earth.
  • My Friend, My Youth
    My Friend, My Youth
    Episode 14
    While the Arcadia is being repaired at the dock of a Pirate Island, Tadashi and Tori-san come back with a pair of glasses.
  • A Long Way Away Voyage
    Due to Harlock’s unrelenting resistance, there is a growing resentment between the Mazone military and its civilians.
  • Arcadia the Secret Story of Its Construction
    The Arcadia is rapidly being repaired on a Pirate Island while Lafresia continues her bloodthirsty hunt for it.
  • Heroic! the Commander Dies
    The Arcadia leaves for space with Kiruta on board, after he was injured while trying to save Mayu.
  • Tears On a Red Sweater
    Upon realizing that Harlock knew who Shizuka’s real identity is, she deems that she has failed in her mission.
  • Kei a Farewell Song
    The operator, Kei Yuki, goes to visit her parents’ grave.
  • Duel! the Queen VS. Harlock
    Making its way past countless gunshots, the Arcadia finally arrives at Queen Lafresia’s flagship.
  • A Lone Mans Charge
    A Lone Mans Charge
    Episode 7
    Commander Kiruta learns of the existence of the Mazone and persistently tries to inform the Prime Minister of the impending doom.
  • The Call of the Star Flute
    The Mazone plot to use Mayu to lure Harlock and the Arcadia to the Wind Planet and then attack with a powerful mine.
  • The Beautiful Mysterious Woman
    After rescuing Mayu, all that remains is the final showdown with Lafresia.
  • The Will of the Arcadia
    Having a hunch as to the reason why Harlock so staunchly opposes them, Queen Lafresia sends someone on a mission to Earth to find out why.
  • The Skeleton Hero
    The Skeleton Hero
    Episode 3
    Upon finding a message in a bottle floating in space that contains an SOS message from Captain Yamanaka of the Braves ship, the Arcadia sets off for the Horsehead Nebula.
  • The Eve of the Showdown
    The beautiful, dazzling Shizuka Namino becomes a bit of a celebrity on board the Arcadia after being rescued.
  • Then, the Angels Sang
    After a bunch of skirmishes, the true battle finally begins.
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