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  • Sci-fi vs cop show

    As a sci-fi show I would place it in the middle of the pack. It has some very good storylines and the acting is well done. The sets are over all great but there are some poorly done ones. There are few sci-fi shows out there and fewer that you can watch with the whole familly. My kids are Doctor Who fans and I try to find other sci-fi shows tath they will watch. The use of the children helps wit this. Also the language and level of violent somewhat. It does have the same problem that a lot of sci-fi shows has. Too many aliens speacking the same language and breathing the same air. I understand why they do it. Cost. But it stil hurt the science.

    As a cop show I would place it in the upper 3rd. Good storylines and great new take off of old storylines.
  • This show should go down as a classic and sombody should definatly fund a new series!

    I think its fair to say that ther is nothin in the same league a SP. I mean come on! Once again Gerry pulled it out the bag, even as late as the 90's to produce a array of charming storylines and characters.

    Sure the details are hazy, the story lines can be shaky and a comlplete lack of good script and acting are often found but, that just adds to the charm and wit of the whole programme. Perhaps it me being all nostalgic of my childhood but i love this series start to finsih!

    I want to bring SP back. Come on sombody fund for another series and then we can relive this billiantly cheesey, charming and cheap show.
  • The creator of the sci-fi puppet shows and the cult favorites UFO and Space : 1999 brought us the short lived Space Precinct. Cute, sometimes quite good, but also very hokey. Space Precinct has the makings of a cult classic.

    Imagine Dirty Harry with space aliens. Well, maybe not Dirty Harry, but what you get with Space Precinct is a cop show with cute aliens and some science fiction thrown in. At times it was a "guilty pleasure" to watch, but there were other times that the show was really great. As with many TV shows consistency in the scripts was the real problem. A number of episodes might easily be mistaken for an episode of TJ Hooker were it not for the rubber faced aliens and flying police cars. Other episodes, however, were top notch. In the end, Space Precinct has a limitted appeal. That appeal is largely to those who do not take their TV shows too seriously. I can be great fun if you don't expect Star Trek or even Gerry Anderson's previous hit Space: 1999. In my opinion, it was far superior to another sci-fi show which appeared that same year. In fact, I can't even remember the name of that one. This one I recorded on DVD. A "guilty pleasure"? Well, ... yes.
  • i like this show very much. the actors are good.i like the episode deadline.

    i like this show very much. the actors are good.i like the episode deadline. i like it because its funny and good its about Brogan and Haldane discover a capsule containing the body of a Tarn male. The autopsy reveals that the tarn is missing vital organs, removed with surgical precision, and Brogan and Haldane find themselves on the trail of organ leggers from Danae - vicious killers who murder for profit and target Brogan as their next donor!
  • A New York Police officer was transfered from earth to a far off planet to work as a police officer on Altar, with the same problems but with aliens in the mix.

    This was a very good science fiction television show where the aliens looked like aliens and not looking like human all of the time, like a famous television series from the 70's to the present. The plots were the same but with a different twist to it, cars that flew, a captain that was rather unusual and fellow officers that worked in the precinct. It was a shame to see taken off the air and no future of it coming back as reruns. Just maybe it will come out on DVD! I will definately buy it if it comes out on DVD! I would recommend it to those who like sci-fi and is tired of Star Trek.
  • This show had very interesting story lines and is really unappreciated. The actors were all excellent, even those who were "aliens" managed to be pretty convincing in their expressions and emotions.

    This show had very interesting story lines and the puppetry was fascinating to watch. The "human" characters were excellently portrayed by the cast, and the "aliens" managed to be pretty convincing as well.

    I really enjoyed watching this show. Another website mentioned that this is one show that managed to actually pull off the "alien of the week" concept very well, with puppets at that! I must agree, as I found them fascinating to watch.

    I can't believe this show only had one season, I just figured I couldn't find it on late night syndicated tv.

    And I still have (somewhere around here) half of the episode "The Fire Within" which was awesome! I spot it and watch it every once in a while, although it makes me regret not having video taped all of them while I had the chance. It was such a good show, who knew it would get canceled?

    I wish some smart local tv exec would pick this up on syndication again. I would definitely watch!