Space Precinct

(ended 1995)





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  • The creator of the sci-fi puppet shows and the cult favorites UFO and Space : 1999 brought us the short lived Space Precinct. Cute, sometimes quite good, but also very hokey. Space Precinct has the makings of a cult classic.

    Imagine Dirty Harry with space aliens. Well, maybe not Dirty Harry, but what you get with Space Precinct is a cop show with cute aliens and some science fiction thrown in. At times it was a "guilty pleasure" to watch, but there were other times that the show was really great. As with many TV shows consistency in the scripts was the real problem. A number of episodes might easily be mistaken for an episode of TJ Hooker were it not for the rubber faced aliens and flying police cars. Other episodes, however, were top notch. In the end, Space Precinct has a limitted appeal. That appeal is largely to those who do not take their TV shows too seriously. I can be great fun if you don't expect Star Trek or even Gerry Anderson's previous hit Space: 1999. In my opinion, it was far superior to another sci-fi show which appeared that same year. In fact, I can't even remember the name of that one. This one I recorded on DVD. A "guilty pleasure"? Well, ... yes.