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Space Rangers

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By the year 2104, mankind has spread among the stars. Fort Hope, on the planet Avalon, is one of the far-flung outposts of trade and diplomacy. Maintaining order on the wild, new frontier is the responsibility of the Space Rangers. Fort Hope's best Ranger team is commanded by Captain John Boon. His pilot is Jojo Thorsen, a lithe, tough blonde from the planet of New Venus, where no men live. The flight engineer is Doc, who has been wounded so many times that much of his body – including his heart – has been replaced by artificial parts. Zylyn is a missionary from the Grakka, a race of fierce warriors who have renounced their old ways to embrace peace, but still continually battle their buried emotions. And the newest member of the team, Daniel Kincaid, a general's son who's quick on the draw but still wet behind the ears. The team flies into action in Ranger Slingship 377, the Lizzy. The commander of Fort Hope is Commander Chennault, backed by Colonel Weiss, who would rather be back in civilization in Central Command. Due to low ratings, this midseason replacement was cancelled after four episodes were aired on CBS. The two filmed but unaired episodes were later shown in Australia before all six episodes were eventually released on Region 2 (UK) and Region 4 (Australia) DVD sets.moreless
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  • Space Rangers could have been a big hit

    While looking through the Science Fiction DVD's on Amazon I came across an old science fiction tv series from the early 90's that I really enjoyed watching, so I had to buy it. . The show was called Space Rangers. This tv show was canceled by CBS after only 4 episodes were aired. After I purchased Space Rangers from Amazon, I had the opportunity to read some of the reviews of people who had bought this DVD set. The majority of people believe, like I do that Space Rangers was an excellent tv show with great special effects for the early 90's. Many reviewers gave it 4 or 5 stars. The show started Jeff Kaake, Majorie Monaghan, and Academy Award winner Linda Hunt. I really liked this show because their was great chemistry between the characters on the show, unique stories, and as I stated early great special effects for being the early 90's. If you have not checked out this DVD I would highly recommend it. The 2 DVD set comes with the 4 originally aired episodes, and 2 unaired episodes on Disc 1. Disc 2 has the 3 tv movies which were combinations of two episodes (1&2, 3&4, 5&6). CBS was wrong for canceling Space Rangers. I believe it could have definitely had one or two seasons if CBS would have given it a chance.moreless
  • firefly before there was firefly

    yeah i know it has almost nothing in common with firely. other than it was cancelled fairly quick. still for nineteen ninty three, it was a pretty cool show. occasionly the do a marathon of the shows on encore and i check it out. i think it might have stood a chance if it had come out on a cable channel instead of network television.

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