Space Rangers

Season 1 Episode 4

The Trial

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Unknown on CBS

Episode Recap

A cloaked figure walks the halls of Fort Hope, watched at various points by Boon's team. As he passes Boon's table, he recognizes them and runs. Boon, Doc and Zylyn leap to surround the man, who is unhooded to reveal a Grakka.

Zylyn visits Karlat in his cell and accuses him of disgracing their race by murdering for Isogul. Karlat denies knowing Isogul. Zylyn says if Karlat was a true Grakka, he would commit suicide. Isogul visits Chennault in her office, to her disgust. He meets Special Prosecutor Murdoch, who is assigned to investigate Isogul's activities. They accuse Isogul of having a witness against him murdered by Karlat. Isogul denies it and wants to bail Karlat out. He finishes with veiled threats against them. Outside, Daniel reintroduces himself to Murdoch, a friend of his father. Karlat is released, walking contemptuously past Zylyn.

Zylyn meets Karlat in a private chamber. Karlat knocks him out with a dart from a blow gun. From the background, Isogul and his minions appear. Karlat refuses to watch another Grakka be murdered and turns his back. A henchman pulls Zylyn's dagger and stabs Karlat in the back. They place the knife in Zylyn's hand and remove the dart. Boon responds to an emergency call. Zylyn is tearing up the room. When Boon approaches, he grabs him and hoists him into the air. Boon slowly slips the repressor yoke onto Zylyn's neck and he calms down. He says he remembers nothing about the murder but that if he did it, he'll do the honorable thing. Murdoch wants to place Zylyn on trial but Chennault doesn't want him to be taken to a faraway trial. She insists they hold the trial at Fort Hope, with Weiss presiding. Murdoch reluctantly agrees. Boon and his crew pool their resources to buy the best defense lawyer available, using their pensions, trust funds and diamonds.

In Gino's bar, a black woman lawyer responds to their request. She won't take the case because defending a Grakka may be too damaging to her reputation. But she knows discrimination firsthand and suggests they hire someone from Central, who would do more than the bigoted lawyers at Fort Hope. Knowing it would be too late, they remind Boon that he had to take law to become captain. He objects, since it was only a three-month course, but finally admits it's Zylyn's only chance. Doc offers to assist in the defense. He interviews Zylyn, who refuses to testify because he remembers nothing. He demands that Boon not ask him any questions. At the trial, Boon enters a plea of not guilty when Zylyn remains silent. He lays out his argument that Zylyn was framed.

Later, back at Gino's, they discuss the trial when Murdoch congratulates Boon on his opening argument. Isogul soon follows and taunts them. When he makes his final insult of Zylyn beginning and ending his life in a single cell, Boon punches him. The others hold him back, knowing this is what Isogul intended. Back at trial, Murdoch questions Mimmer, who says the body was found within minutes of being killed, undermining Boon's argument that Karlat was killed elsewhere. He brings up a study of the "Grakka problem," which has Boon and Doc objecting strenuously. Weiss overrules. Murdoch has Mimmer explain how the repressor yoke helps reduce Grakka emotions but not eliminate them. He argues that in a fit of rage, Zylyn broke through the control. Boon objects that he's leading the witness. Weiss sustains the objection.

Chennault visits Zylyn in his cell. He's upset that he has let her down and says his entire race is on trial. She urges him to testify to protect all their reputations. When the trial resumes, Boon calls Zylyn to testify. Boon has him explain the rituals and customs of Grakka priesthood, then has him demonstrate his empathic powers. During recess, Murdoch meets with Isogul, who tells him to shift the focus to Chennault. Once she's toppled, Isogul will let Murdoch run Fort Hope. Murdoch is reluctant but Isogul leaves him no choice. In the trial, Murdoch questions Chennault, drawing out her admission that she first suggested adding Grakka to the rangers, a policy he calls a dangerous failure.

In Gino's, the crew discusses the events. Daniel notes that something is wrong with Murdoch. Earlier in the bar, Daniel had told Murdoch the last time they met was at his 18th birthday party, but he had no such party. They wonder why he's attacking Chennault and realize that Isogul somehow knew something was going to happen. They have Daniel hack in to the system using his father's access code. In the 60 seconds before they're discovered, they get information on Murdoch, including retinal images from both old and recent pictures. He takes the images to Mimmer. Boon misses closing arguments but arrives with Mimmer's results just after the verdict is rendered. He presents his evidence that Murdoch is not the same man since the retinal scans don't match. Murdoch explains that he was in an accident six years ago and had retinal transplants. The crew is dejected but Chennault interrupts. She remembers the accident, where all six survivors were women. Zylyn grabs Murdoch and forces him to admit his guilt. When the guards move in to arrest him, Murdoch backhands one and takes his rifle, which he trains on Boon. When he expresses surprise as Boon's resourcefulness, he's shot from behind by Isogul. Zylyn pulls off a facial mask to reveal a Hobbobo. Chennault has Isogul led away under arrest.

The team celebrates their victory in Gino's. Boon and Doc joke about opening their own firm and defending Isogul, making a few "tactical errors" to ensure him a longer sentence. Zylyn arrives with a gift for Boon — a Grakka repressor yoke, marking Boon as a true warrior.