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Space Stars was an animated action series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and premiered on NBC on September 12, 1981. It marked the return of Space Ghost (whose series debuted in 1966), along with sidekick twins Jan and Jace, and Blip, their monkey mascot, in their continuing adventures in which they patrol outer space and battle the forces of evil to maintain peace and justice in the universe. Also returning in this series are the Herculoids (which premiered in 1967), from planet Quasar, consisting of the human family of Zandor, his wife Tara, and their son Dorno, who protect their homeworld from various threats with the help of their large animal friends Igoo, the rock ape, Tundro, a rhinoceros-like creature with multiple legs and can shoot energy rocks, Zok, the laser-ray dragon who can fly and can zap laser beams from his eyes, as well as the big-eyed shapeshifting creatures Gloop and Gleep. New characters for the Space Stars series include the Teen Force, who often battled their archenemy Uglor, an evil winged ape, who carried out various schemes in efforts to conquer the universe. The young stars of this segment of the show are Kid Comet, who has super speed and can take on the properties of a comet streaking through space, Moleculad, who can alter his molecular structure into various forms, and Elektra, the lone female of the group who has the powers of teleportation, telepathy, and telekinesis. The trio's sidekicks are a pair of small Astromites named Plutem and Glax, who assisted the gang whatever way they could. Another new segment for Space Stars was Astro and the Space Mutts, which technically was a spinoff, as it featured the familiar H-B character of Astro the dog, who originally appeared on The Jetsons. In these shorts, he was teamed with Patrol Officer Space Ace, along with fellow dogs Cosmo and Dipper, as they wind up thwarting plots of bungling spacey megalomaniacs. This was mainly the comic relief portion of Space Stars.

Space Stars was an hour long series that was divided into two parts. Part 1 featured the Space Ghost, Teen Force, and Herculoids shorts. Part 2 featured a second Space Ghost short, followed by an Astro and the Space Mutts short. Between each segment, where were various educational and fun minor shorts for kids including Space Magic, Space Mysteries, Space Facts, Space Science, as well as Space Codes, which featured various characters from each of the featured segments to help young people play along and figure things out.

All these would lead to the Space Stars Finale, which featured two of the star groups (it could either be Space Ghost and Teen Force, Space Ghost and Herculoids, etc.) as they teamed up to battle various galactic threats that would take their combined efforts to defeat their common foes. Overall, there were only 11 episodes of Space Stars, but it had a lot of action and star power which made it a very good series. This was the show's opening narration:

Space Stars! A galaxy of heroes teamed together in an interstellar battle against evil! Blast off on adventures as big as the cosmos itself! Race, poised on the edge of time, with Space Ghost and his young friends! Streak through the universe with Space Ace, Astro, and the Space Mutts as they spring into action! And somewhere deep in space, super-danger threatens the Teen Force! Join the Herculoids in their new battles to preserve peace on the planet Quasar! Now...get set for 60 laser-blasting minutes of action, adventure, fun...on Space Stars!

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