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Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 31, 1981 on NBC
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Space Ghost arrives at Cetia 3 to meet Jan and Jace and finds the planet is missing. It seems the Toymaker has shrunk the planet and has it on board his ship. He threatens to remove the atmosphere of the planet unless Space Ghost gives up his famous wrist bands. Can Space Ghost save the day again?moreless

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      • Jan: (over radio) Space Ghost are you okay?
        Space Ghost: A-okay, Jan. How are you two?
        Jan: Couldn't be better. It's nice to be back to normal.
        Jace: Yeah, we learned a lot about the little things of life.
        (everybody groans)
        Space Ghost: (jokingly) You know, Jace, I think I liked you better microscopic.

      • Toymaker: You won this round, Space Ghost, but I don't give up easily.
        Space Ghost: That's because you're a poor loser, Toymaker.

      • Jan: Microcircuits! Incredibly miniaturized machinery. If we were full size, we wouldn't even be able to see it.
        Jace: This must be the machine that's keeping Cetia 3 miniaturized!
        Jan: I'm going to have the Scout Ship takes some pictures of this stuff. If our computer can figure out how this stuff works, we can put it out of commission and return the planet to it's normal size!
        Jace: Incredible! Even sisters have good ideas every once in a while.
        Jan: Why thanks Jace, I think.

      • Space Ghost: Someone should tell the Toymaker, he makes a lousy Santa.

      • Space Ghost: Something tells me there's more here than meets the eye.

      • Toymaker: Would you like to know how I shrunk a planet down to a teeny tiny toy?
        Space Ghost: Let me guess, you washed it in hot water?
        Toymaker: Mocking my genius won't help you now, Ghostie.

      • Space Ghost: Toymaker, you two-bit tinkerer, I might have known you were behind this.

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      • King Kong

        Space Ghost: Now you know how King Kong felt. Eh, Blip?

        One scene has a couple of Toymaker's small ships flying around and harassing Blip while he stands on something. This is a direct reference to the movie King Kong.

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