Season 1 Episode 65

Rampage Of The Zodiac Man

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 17, 1981 on NBC



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    • Zodiac Man: Welcome, Space Ace, I've been expecting you. Now we can continue with our little game. You know, the one where you lose.

    • (Space Ace and the mutts bounce around in the giant flying metal goat and it explodes)
      Dipper: Where'd the goat go?
      Space Ace: Cos', I don't think he had the stomach for us.

    • Zodiac Man: Very well. To show you how sporting I am, we'll play a little game of cat and mutt.

    • Space Ace: Let's move it to the Ace Ship. I really want to nail this dude.
      (they all run toward the ship except Dipper)
      Dipper: Is he going to use real nails?

    • Space Ace: The word is that the Zodiac man is after this ring and that's why we're here.
      Astro: It's safe with us on the job. Right, Space Mutts?
      Cosmo: For sure! That turkey won't get within fifty yards of that ring.

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    • Mona Lisa

      The museum name, The Moona Lisa Museum, is a direct reference to the famous painting, The Mona Lisa. The famous portrait is pictured on the museum.