Season 1 Episode 17

The Education Of Puglor

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 07, 1981 on NBC

Episode Recap

Uglor gives his nephew, Puglor, his powers for twelve hours and instructs him to conquer the resort planet, Solar Springs. If he succeeds then he can rule the universe by Uglor's side. Puglor assures his uncle that he will not fail and flies off to the planet.

Space Ace and the Space Mutts are on Solar Springs relaxing. Puglor arrives and announces to the planet that they have twelve hours to surrender or face the consequences. As he flies off, Space Ace tells the Space Mutts to get to the ship and they follow Puglor.

Puglor goes to the TV satellite station to broadcast his demands and Astro crash lands the ship into the station and Puglor uses his super strength to throw them back out of the satellite.

Puglor then goes to the newspaper satellite to print the story of his conquest to give to his uncle and Space Ace flies in on a jet pack and tells Puglor to surrender. Puglor uses his laser eyes to keep Space Ace at bay and then Astro crashes the ship into the newspaper satellite. Puglor tries to use his laser eyes on them, but his twelve hours are up and his loses his powers. He tricks them into chasing him onto a conveyor belt and Space Ace and the Mutts get bundled in with the newspapers. Dipper sees a picture of Puglor on the bale with Astro and he bites the picture and gets Astro too. Astro bursts from his bale and crashes into the others and everyone is freed.

They chase Puglor in his ship and Astro crashes into the underside and Space Ace puts handcuffs on Puglor and they take him in to the authorities.

Space Ace and the Mutts return to Solar Springs to finish their vacation. As Space Ace, Astro and Cosmo sit in chairs by the pool, Dipper jumps off the diving board and hits the base of their chairs and sends them flying into the pool.

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