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Space Station L-4

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Space Station L-4 is a PBS special from 1977 that spans sixteen episodes. It's a fascinating look back at where cutting edge science was in the late 70s, what they were expecting, and how it has played out in reality. The show discusses plans for a fully functional space station which would sustain life somewhere other than earth. It shows what types of life support systems were in existence at the time, some of which were surprisingly ahead of their time. It also gives a sense for the kind of panic and anxiety that existed at the peak of the Cold War and in the midst of the energy crisis. While the space station featured in the series is imaginary, it can certainly be contrasted to existing, orbiting space stations and the resurgence of talk about the possibility of a lunar space station. For both astronomers and science-fiction buffs, Space Station L-4 is a thoughtful reminiscence.