Spaceballs: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 2

Lord of the Onion Rings

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2008 on G4
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In a parody of Lord of the Rings, Barf finds the evil legendary onion ring in Lone Starrs van, and both Dark Helmet and President Skroob try to get it from them. Lone Starr, Barf, Princess Vespa and Dot become the Fellowship of the Onion Ring and are sent by Yogurt to destroy the ring in the far off land of Lardor.moreless

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  • Lone Starr and his friends go on an epic quest to destroy evil! (Sort of!) :lol:

    If there's one thing better than a hit movie called "Spaceballs" with a bunch of fun characters in the movie, is to have those characters star in an animated series where they can have a bunch of different adventures, and this early in the series, this is already a Great episode for the series to have! Mel Brooks is no longer content to parody just "Star Wars," he now wants to have his most successful characters parody other movie franchises and parodies to! And one of the most successful is the "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogies! When Barf finds an evil onion ring in Lone Starr's van, it's a race for the good guys to destroy it, and a race for President Skroob to retrieve it! How does somebody jam 9+ hours worth of plot into a parody only 30 minutes long? It's Really hard, so thankfully, most of the extra, unneccesary bit of extra plot from the three movies was tossed away and replaced with a lot of the comedic banter between Lone Starr, Barf, Princess Vespa, Dot Matrix, and Yogurt. Barf gets tempted by power in the form of the evil Onion Ring, and the food item must be cast into the Deep Fryer that first made it in order to be destroyed! But it isn't easy, the Onion Ring tempts everyone but Yogurt, who all yearn to possess the power. But common sense finally prevails, and Barf disposes of the powerfully evil Onion Ring, ending it's reign of terror forever! This looks like it has the potential to become a great series! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless

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