Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Sep 24, 1999 on Channel 4



  • Trivia

    • The band Tim designed an album cover for is called "God's Third Leg" - they were a real band featuring Simon Pegg on drums.

    • The newpaper advert for the flat read:
      NW5, spacious two bedroom apartment, fully furnished, £90pw. Professional couple only. 0171-405 0763

    • The song that plays over the montage as Daisy and Tim meet in the diner/coffee shop is 'Getting to Know You' from the 1956 film The King and I

    • In the sequence with the strange twins, the still images of Daisy and Tim are taken from episode 4 of series one.

  • Quotes

    • Sarah: (with a confused expression) Daisy? Who's Daisy?
      Tim: She's a girl I'm moving in with.
      Sarah: What do you mean? When did you meet her?
      Tim: About two weeks ago.
      Sarah: And you're about to move in with her?
      Tim: Well, yeah, yeah, you've got absolutely no right to be upset. OK. You're the one who ended this, you're the one seeing someone else. You know, I've got to get on with my own life and I'm sorry if that upsets you, but that's just the way it is. You can't dangle the bogus carrot of possible reconciliation in front of my face whilst ..whilst riding some other donkey. I'm moving on, Sarah. If you don't like that, that's too bad.

    • Marsha: You can move in when you're ready.
      Daisy: Really?
      Marsha: Yea.
      Daisy: Don't you want to see our photos?

    • Tim: You are scared of mice and spiders. But oh so much greater is your fear that one day the two species will crossbreed to form an all-powerful race of mice-spiders who will immobilise human beings in giant webs in order to steal cheese.

    • Tim: Look, modern Science Fiction can be pretty interesting. The thoughts and speculations of our contemporary authors and thinkers have probably never been closer to the truth.

    • Daisy: You were born in Highgate to John and Julia Bisley on the 17th September 1974.
      Tim: Right.
      Daisy: You've got a little sister called Katie, who once used all your Batman comics to decorate her cardboard car. Unable to salvage the comics you drove the car into the pond, hitting your head on the concrete fountain. Which is where you got your scar. Erm, you've got a best friend called Mike, who's a weapons expert.
      Tim: Er, yeah.
      Daisy: You have a potentially deadly allergy to Brazil nuts.
      Tim: Yes, I have no memory of Christmas 1979. Mind you I have no memory of Christmas 1994 either.
      Daisy: Oh. Why not?
      Tim: Dunno.

    • Daisy: (crying) I can't do this anymore!
      Tim: Don't...Whoa there, Pickle.

    • Tim: Hi
      Daisy: Hi
      Tim: How's it going?
      Daisy: Same as always
      Tim: That bad, huh?
      Daisy: (Sighs)

    • Tim: (to Daisy) Skip to the end.

    • Brian: So you had sex before you kissed?
      Tim and Daisy: Yeah

    • Daisy(Thinking): It's times like this I wish I was telepathic…don't you Tim…damn!

    • Tim: So do you like my comic?
      Daisy: Yeah…yeah. Oh that reminds me actually, I was talking to Marsha about the rubbish…

    • Tim: Hi…eh…we're…eh…
      Daisy: A couple.

    • Daisy: You're not one of those sci-fi nerds are you? You don't spend your evenings on the Internet discussing symbolism in the "X-files" do you?

    • Tim: What are you looking for?
      Daisy: What have ya got?
      Tim: What?
      Daisy: What have you got?
      Tim(points to the newspaper): No, what are you looking for?
      Daisy: Sorry, I thought you were a drug dealer…

    • Tim: I'm the assistant manager.
      Daisy: Oh, how many people work for you?
      Tim: It's just me and Bilbo.
      Daisy: Who's Bilbo.
      Tim: He's the manager.

    • Tim: You think I'm unemotional don't you? I can be emotional! Jesus, I cried like a child at the end of Terminator 2!

    • Daisy: Do you rent downstairs?
      Brian: Do you mean 'Am I gay'?
      Daisy: No, do you rent the downstairs flat?
      Brian: Oh... yes.
      Tim: Are you?
      Brian: What?
      Tim: Are you gay?
      Brian: (pause) No.

  • Notes

    • In 2007, Jessica officially switched to using her married name as her professional name, though she was still 'Stevenson' when she made Spaced.

  • Allusions

    • Tim: Hi
      Daisy: Hi
      Tim: How's it going?
      Daisy: Same as always
      Tim: That bad, huh?
      Daisy: (Sighs)

      This dialogue has been lifted from an exchange Luke Skywalker and Han Solo have in The Return of the Jedi

    • After they move into the flat Daisy looks in Tim's room and sees a massive box. As she creeps towards it music from 2001: A Space Odyssey plays.

      This is a reference to the the black monolith from the film.

    • Daisy: You're not one of those sci-fi nerds are you? You don't spend your evenings on the Internet discussing symbolism in the "X-files" do you?

      The X-files was a sci-phenomenon back in its day, and still is in the 00's. Following the travels of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, as they encounter many unexplainable occurrences, it ran for nine seasons. And it was considered to have shaped most science fictions TV shows today, a prime example being Supernatural, a CW programme with a similar backdrop.

    • Daisy and Richard's pet names for each other are 'Daisy Duke' and 'Boss Hogg', which are characters from 'The Dukes of Hazzard'.

    • Whilst Tim and Daisy insist they were always Freddie and Daphne when playing Scooby-Doo, their clothing suggests they are now more like Shaggy and Velma.

    • When Tim and Daisy open the closet, there are two VERY creepy little twin girls in there.

      They look a lot like the twin girls from the Shining.

    • Tim & Daisy: When Tim & Daisy are faking their holiday photographs this is an allusion to the film "Green Card". This is the first of the many many pop culture references made throughout the course of the show.

    • Tim & Daisy: References to Tim's object of fantasy while pleasuring himself
      Gillian Anderson, among sci-fi fans, is one of the hottest women. And before Jeri Ryan came into the picture in 1997, she was voted hottest woman in sci-fi on numerous sci-fi magazines.

    • Tim: Bilbo Bagshot
      In LoTR, there is a character who's name is Bilbo. And among the sci-fi/ fantasy crowd, the name Bilbo is well known. Bagshot is a reference to the road on which Bilbo's house was located (Bagshot Row).