Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Apr 06, 2001 on Channel 4
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The gang go out for dinner to celebrate Daisy's birthday, and Marsha gets very suspicious as Tim flirts constantly with Sophie and seems to pay no attention to Daisy. She eventually tells Daisy that she saw the two of them kissing, leading Daisy to admit that she and Tim aren't really a couple and never were. Marsha is devastated to find out that they'd all been lying to her, and storms out of the restaurant and then the flat.moreless

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  • A change of pace and vibe.

    Unlike all the episodes before this one, there is a very bitter and disheartening vibe going through this one. Sure, the other ones all had some form of conflict but never so deep within all the characters and never unresolved.

    All this conflict is the result of relationships. The minor thread is Twist and Brian's break up. Although we feel for Brian, the lack of depth of Twist's character makes it hard to sympathise with their plight. We can only seem happy to see Brain away from such a bitch of a woman. Twist always treats everyone as though they are beneath her, including making constant derogatory statements towards Daisy. It really makes you wonder why Daisy and her are friends or how someone with relatively no redeeming qualities actually fits in this group.

    But they aren't the big story, that's reserved for Tim and Sophie. This is the first time we see them out and about as a couple, and it seems right, everything about it. They seem to get along very well, in both style and personality, but there is so much anger focussed in their direction as to make a break up ostensibly inevitable. Mike is jealous of the time they have been spending together, and as for Daisy, compared to the episode before where she almost seems supportive of the relationship, here she is more than dissatisfied, including calling her a bitch. It seems so crazy that such a seemingly nice woman is being called a bitch all the while Daisy's best friend is the true meaning of the word.

    At Daisy's dinner party all comes to a head. Finally, and in the worst way possible, it's revealed to Marsha that Tim and Daisy are not really a couple, and not only have they been lying to her from the beginning, but also that she was the only one not to know, compounding the anger with embarrassment. The end result is a kind of to be continued as nothing gets resolved. Among the rest of the group, the pent up frustrations finally explode in a furious cake/food fight, which at least allays the tensions between those who remain, and also ends the episode on a sort of calm, despite the unknown fate of their lodging.

    There is a funny surprise cameo by Ricky Gervais playing a kind of slimy office worker similar to his David Brent character, which of course, is brilliant. Other than that, the episode is a great success in enouraging viewers to tune in for the next episode, as well as mixing humour and drama in continuing clever ways.moreless
Lucy Akhurst

Lucy Akhurst


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Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais

Man in Office

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Sally Grace

Sally Grace

Daisy's Mum (voice)

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    • Twist: You look nice Daisy! I wish I could dress down like that…

    • Tim: She's shallow Brian, ya know? Like Cordelia out of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and after that Angel, the spin-off series, which is set in L.A.
      Brian: I don't know what you're talking about.
      Tim: Brian, you're such a square!

    • Twist: Oh its so nice to speak to you, I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages.
      Daisy:You were at my birthday thing, last night.
      Twist: Oh, yes, that was you wasn't it?

    • Mike(To Sophie about Tim): You 'urt him and I'll kill you.

    • Sophie: See ya later Daisy, happy birthday.
      Daisy: Yeah, bye Sophie, bye bye.
      (Sophie leaves the room)
      Daisy: What a b**ch.

    • Daisy: How are you feeling this morning?

      Tim: Very rough actually. I will never dink again…until lunchtime.

      Daisy: Very wise.

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    • When Tim, Daisy, Brian, Twist and Mike all start throwing cake at each other, a piano player plays the beginning notes of the Bugsy Malone song "We Could Have been anything/You Give a little Love"

    • Tim: She's shallow Brian, ya know? Like Cordelia out of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and after that Angel, the spin-off series, which is set in L.A.

      This is referencing a character from the massively popular show "Buffy The Vampire slayer", her name was Cordelia Chase – a rich and cruel person with shallow tendencies. That is until she moved over to Buffy's brotherly show "Angel", where she developed into a character with depth and appeal.

    • The pre-title scenes with Brian taking the pictures is homage to the very popular horror film The Omen, with the developed pictures showing weird rays strike each of his friends bodies, very similarly to the horror film itself.

    • At the end of the episode, when Mike and Brian are heading out to find Marsha, Tim and Daisy at back in the flat, talking to them on a set of walkie talkies. Mike, at one point, roars while yawning, that sounds like Chewbacca from Star Wars. It then shows Tim and Daisy standing in the exact pose of Leia and Luke from Empire Strikes Back, and the end music and credits are just like out of Star wars.

      Also, during the episode, when Daisy twists the lipstick, it makes the same sound as a Lightsaber does when it is activated.