Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Oct 29, 1999 on Channel 4
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Tim's friend Tyres stops by the flat and invites the two "friends", Daisy and Time, out for a night of clubbing. They decide to take him up on the offer, and round up Mike, Brian and Twist to join them.

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  • Easily the best Spaced episode.

    Everything about this episode is utterly perfect, from the very beginning with the flashback to an adorably awkward and painfully 80's Brian making a social faux pas during a bar chorus of Come On Eileen to the beautiful ending where Mike dances to a club remix of the A Team theme song.

    Firstly, the episode is wonderfully written and has the most character development out of any previous Spaced episode. Tim and Daisy's relationship is explored more. Tim's "v. big problem with his ex-g. friend" is explored more. We get more of an idea of who Mike really is. Though we don't find out about Mike and Tim's childhood experience until the season finale, we get to see how important a military career is to Mike. His often cold exterior is also thawed when we get to see a more playful Mike in a pink ladies' shirt dancing in front of crowd. Brian is also explored, as well as his relationship with Twist. Brian shows that he's willing to be a social individual and overcome his fear of clubbing for love. The only character who seems to be ignored is Marsha, only really seen once and simply as a device to get Brian to join the gang on their clubbing night. Also, Tyres is introduced and gives, in my opinion, his most charismatic appearance in the series as the seemingly (but perhaps not really) mystical drugged up raver who sets all of this previously mentioned character development into motion. Watch his dancing when the crew first arrives at the club. All he's doing is pointing at people, but there's something to his movements and facial expressions that makes it extremely delightful.

    Next, the club scene: it's one of the best scenes in the history of television. Everything flows and intertwines with the music. The progression of everyone's personalities upon arrival at the club is extremely natural and it closes all of the conflicts of the episode with almost no dialogue. I've never seen anything quite so funny and at the same time of genuine artistic merits in such a short amount of time on a television program.

    While being well shot, edited, and important to the continuity of the story, it's still hilarious. This episode, for example, includes possibly the best ever exchange between the always-awkward duo of Tim and Brian. ("I'm using my penis All of the jokes are so sharp and in-character. Perfect.

    I don't know what more I can add without risking a rant. This seriously has to be the best of Spaced's 14 episodes. It's one of my personal favorite top 5 episodes of any TV series of all time.moreless
  • Tyres appears for the first time... it's clubbin' time.

    Although similar to the previous episode in that it doesn't further the overall plot too much, it does add a lively character that is Tyres, a raver/clubber through and through.

    This is one of my favourite characters from any TV series. Perhaps it is the mixture of flash, comedy, and kind-heartedness. Although he first arrives because Tim owes him money, he seems genuinely kind and cool. He almost makes it his duty to spread clubbing fun to those around him. The dancing in the apartment is classic. He is so in tune and focussed on clubbing that he creates music and rhythm from ordinary houshold sounds.

    So that's the show... clubbing. Brian has a phobia (why does it seem that every episode has somebody afraid of something or overcoming something within themselves?) of clubs ever since getting punched out for knocking a guy's beer out of his hand in 1981 (is this an error? The song playing in the background is Come on Eileen, but isn't that song from 1982?), and has to face his fear.

    But the focus once more is on love, and Tyres questions their platonic relationship. While at the club Tim and Daisy start day dreaming of a future together. Although they are playing around, it's almost what one would expect as the show is not being very subtle with this growing affection.

    Lastly, the club scene is very good at capturing the fun of clubbing. Compared to The Office club scene, which was a little cold if not cruel, and downbeat, this club scene is jumping and upbeat. It's just a group of friends going out having a good time and the result is a "feel good" episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The characters during the episode are given DJ names in the club scenes, as follows:

      Tim – Timothy B.
      Mike – Mike Le Watt
      Twist – Twist O' Lemon
      Daisy – Happy Daiz
      Tyres – Wilfred B*ramble
      Brian – Brian Can't

  • QUOTES (0)

  • NOTES (1)

    • The end credits are all given to 'club' names. Some of them are:
      Jessica Stevenson = Jazzy Jess
      Simon Pegg = The Fresh Pegg
      Katy Carmichael = K.T. Carmichael
      Julia Deakin = Julia D*Kin
      Mark Heap = Mark Heap O' Trouble
      Nick Frost = Cutmaster Frost
      Edgar Wright = Edgar Wright Here Wright Now


    • Brian's alarm clock: None
      The time shown on Brian's alarm clock at the beginning of this episode is 11:21, a number featured regularly in the TV show "The X Files" .

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