Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Mar 23, 2001 on Channel 4
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Tim is delighted but nervous as anything when Damian Knox of Darkstar Comics asks him to bring in his portfolio. The last time they met Knox cruelly put down Tim's work, leading Tim drew a less than flattering portrait of him. Daisy puts this drawing into Tim's portfolio, trying to help, and leaving Tim with a short time to retrieve the drawing, with the assistance of Mike and Tyres.moreless

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  • More of the same goodness.

    This is another of my favourite episodes because they bring back my favourite character of the series, Tyres! This time he's back in a smaller capacity, first to take Tim's portfolio to Darkstar, and then to help in the search and rescue mission that ensues. In some way I think the character functions on more levels than many of the other characters, as he seems to go out of his way for his friends despite not seemingly that close to them, and also has a dichotomy of being both perceptive and a bit spacey (pardon the pun).

    This episode is pivotal in that it's the beginning of a great shift in stories and lives. As we have seen, this can really be seen almost like a romance, on the same level that Who's the Boss was a romance... sure you have your plotlines for each episode, but really, people are waiting to see Tim and Daisy get together. Tim crushes these hopes when he accepts going out with his dream girl Sophie. Sophie is almost the opposite of Daisy, as seen by her appearance and personality, especially her directness to take the step in asking Tim to go out, as opposed to Daisy who hasn't worked up the courage (if she in fact sees him in that way). Yet, from telling Mike to shut up about Sophie when they get back home, we can see Tim is not in such a hurry to tell Daisy about Sophie, perhaps because he does sense something more than friends between them.

    More than most episodes before this one it creates the desire to see the continuation of the story. We have grown attached to Tim's character and want to see if his comic will really be picked up, and of course we are waiting to see what happens with the dark beauty Sophie.

    Another interesting moment is with Brian. His character seems to act as the third main character and stands out more than the other 'minor' characters. In this episode his character is given more depth as we see him meet his mother and confess to her that he is an artist as opposed to a lawyer. "We don't mind what you do," his mother reassures him, "so long as you're not gay." This line is so funny for how un-PC it is, and gives even more insight into Brian's upbringing.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Although a main character, Twist only appears in this episode in the form of a shadow…

    • One of the comic book artists that Sopie suggests is Peter Gibbons, who is a character in the cult film Office Space, played by Ron Livingston. 'Peter Gibbons' is also used as a character name in The Office.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Daisy: I shouldn't do sports of any kind. I'm actually allergic to endorphins.

    • Tim(Kneels down in praying position in front of unknown object): I'm not really a praying man, and eh I never really asked you for much, so if you could just see your way clear to helping me today I would be really, really grateful. Thank you very much, Amen.

      (The camera then pans out to show him praying to a Buffy The Vampire Slayer poster of Sarah Michelle Geller)

    • Tyres: Oh I see, ya don't call me for weeks and now your askin' me for a favour? That's nice that is! Do you know the last time I seen you, you said you wished I was your da! And ya hugged me for the entire length of the acid, tweak and funk mix Josh winks higher state of consciousness! And now you want me to ferry around your "art" for ya!?

      Tim: Yes please.

      Tyres: Ok. By the way you owe me 20 quid.

    • Tyres: You'd wanna get up off your arse and get yourself a job Daisy! Or whatever your name isn't! …Nice hair by the way.

    • Daisy: I know you, you're a massive wanker.

  • NOTES (0)


    • When Daisy goes up to discover Marsha and Mike working out, she tells Mike that Tim 'needs' him, Mike queries whether Tim said 'want' or 'need'

      This is possibly in reference to the debate about the first words spoken via telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, some people think that the first words spoken were 'Watson, come here, I need you', whereas others think that he said 'want' and not 'need'.

    • Damien Knox can be heard saying "Who does he think he is - Bob Bloody Kane?" in the coffee shop.

      Bob Kane is the creator of Batman.

    • Tyres tells the security guard that his name is Henry Krinkle and lives on Hopper Avenue. This is the same information Robert DeNiro's Travis Bickle gives in the film Taxi Driver.

    • The parody of the The Sixth Sense where they run over the cyclist has actual links apart from just the sketch, as the actress who plays the cyclist (Olivia Williams) was in The Sixth Sense, as Bruce Willis' wife.

    • Mike has a daydream where he, Tim, and Tyres walk into the building, and start shooting, like out of the Matrix.