Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Apr 13, 2001 on Channel 4

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  • Tim and Daisy's secret is out, and Marsha the landlady has decided to sell the flat from underneath our main characters. Twist has gone to Manchester, Brian is about to be homeless and Mike is....well, Mike.

    The world of Tim and Daisy has come around full circle as they find that a younger, actual couple are looking to buy the flat away from a betrayed Marsha. But Tim and Daisy are not going to go down without a fight. Actaully, Tim springs into action with Mike and Brian while Daisy goes into a neighbor's house to find Colin the dog.
    Tim thinks up a heartfelt apology to Marsha, but is ultimately shot down. Tim also finds that Sophie is leaving for a job with Marvel comics. Mike then thinks of something 'bloody spectacular' to sway Marsha's decision, and the two lead a tank along with a boombox in order to win back the flat.
    The two are sucessful and Marsha chooses to not sell.
    Daisy, however, prepares to leave on another journey away from Tim.
    Tim is then torn between saying goodbye to Sophie or stopping Daisy from leaving. He ultimately chooses Daisy as Sophie and Mike resolve their differences, Brian uses his painting of Twist at his popular instilation, Twist is partying with a bit of sadness at a gay club, Marsha and Mike practice putting a machine gun together as Tim, Daisy and Colin sit down on the beanbag in a blissful final moment. This show knew exactly when to close out before it became stale. While other shows decline over several years, Spaced gave us two amazing seasons. This episode delivers a heartwarming conclusion with refrences to The Shinning and Say Anything and a funny, yet satisfying montage. Like the rest of the show; this episode is unforgettable. This is how a series finale should be; take note.
  • Ended very safely and predictably.

    In some ways this episode both encapsulates something special and prevalent in our modern society, but in other ways, it was just another happy ending.

    The beginning half is all about the generation, or the type of people that Tim and Daisy represent. The 'misguided' mid to late 20 somethings who haven't settled down and are kind of like teens in a sense. There is no worry or desire to settle down, and yet, it is a lifestyle that receives very little respect. It's a lifestyle that, when faced with those who are hardworking and successful, results in pangs of guilt and perhaps envy. The opposite is represented by the young couple that comes to view the house. They are everything Tim and Daisy are not, and everything they don't want, yet Daisy is nevertheless envious, perhaps for the respect their chosen path receives more than what they have.

    The second half is all about trying to make things right with Marsha and dissuade her from selling the house, despite the fact that it has tripled in value and worth half a million pounds. In the background to this, Sophie receives an (unbelieveable) offer from Marvel and she must leave the following day. What exactly is her job that Marvel would fly her the next day all the way to Seattle and deal with the hastle of a work visa? Anyway, it just sets up further the alleviation of tensions since soon she will be out of the picture, paving the way for the happiest of endings.

    I am not a fan or 'the happy ending' in this way. I think it takes a lot of guts to write an ending that is not so perfect, however, in this case it works out quite well, especially with their inventive adaptation of Say Anything. The only worry is that they will bring back this series for more. I think it ended well enough and furthering the series has no meaning or value.
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