Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Apr 13, 2001 on Channel 4

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  • Tim and Daisy's secret is out, and Marsha the landlady has decided to sell the flat from underneath our main characters. Twist has gone to Manchester, Brian is about to be homeless and Mike is....well, Mike.

    The world of Tim and Daisy has come around full circle as they find that a younger, actual couple are looking to buy the flat away from a betrayed Marsha. But Tim and Daisy are not going to go down without a fight. Actaully, Tim springs into action with Mike and Brian while Daisy goes into a neighbor's house to find Colin the dog.
    Tim thinks up a heartfelt apology to Marsha, but is ultimately shot down. Tim also finds that Sophie is leaving for a job with Marvel comics. Mike then thinks of something 'bloody spectacular' to sway Marsha's decision, and the two lead a tank along with a boombox in order to win back the flat.
    The two are sucessful and Marsha chooses to not sell.
    Daisy, however, prepares to leave on another journey away from Tim.
    Tim is then torn between saying goodbye to Sophie or stopping Daisy from leaving. He ultimately chooses Daisy as Sophie and Mike resolve their differences, Brian uses his painting of Twist at his popular instilation, Twist is partying with a bit of sadness at a gay club, Marsha and Mike practice putting a machine gun together as Tim, Daisy and Colin sit down on the beanbag in a blissful final moment. This show knew exactly when to close out before it became stale. While other shows decline over several years, Spaced gave us two amazing seasons. This episode delivers a heartwarming conclusion with refrences to The Shinning and Say Anything and a funny, yet satisfying montage. Like the rest of the show; this episode is unforgettable. This is how a series finale should be; take note.