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    Having just watched this series again, I am prepared to say that "Spaced" is definitely one of the greatest comedy shows EVER!

    Funny, striking, imaginative, clever, compassionate, sarcastic, inventive, etc, etc, etc. You get the impression that co-stars and co-writers, Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, just cannot write a boring line of dialogue or envisage a predictable scene. Using its "nothing new" premise (mismatched couple pretend to be romantically entangled to find a place to live), this show twists and turns its way off into many brilliant and original directions, while never failing to provide the required belly laughs along the way.

    It uses movie in-jokes and references in a way that would make Tarantino envious, and the hipness of its execution makes it both a show that, paradoxically, is of the moment but is also certain to be talked about in ten or twenty years from now.

    The cast are all first-rate: Pegg and Stevenson manage to be both madcap and touching, and are backed up by a sterling supporting cast of fresh and exciting talent. Julia Deakin as Marsha, the flirtatious middle-aged landlady and Mark Heap as the pretentious but vulnerable artist from hell, Brian, make a hilarious double act; Nick Frost is a real find as military mad Mike; and Katy Carmichael as the initially snobby Twist manages to be dotty without turning up the annoyance factor.

    Even the guest appearances are great. My two personal favourites are Michael Smiley as the chemically enhanced Tyres O'Flaherty, a non-stop raver who even dances to the ringing of a telephone; and the excellent Charles Dale (II), who is usually cast as the heavy, but gives a marvellous comic performance here as the "yes man" security guard who helps our bumbling heroes rescue their beloved pooch, Colin, from an evil freelance vivisectionist!

    Credit must also be given to director Edgar Wright who has created a unique and vivid look to the show, enhancing the script's wired look at the banalities of everyday life with his brilliant use of camera movement, lighting, cross-cutting, flashbacks, etc. Even if it wasn't funny (which it most emphatically is), "Spaced" would get top marks for being the best looking show on the box.

    I could go on, but "Spaced" is a comedy that needs to be seen to be believed, and then seen again...

  • A quirky little British sit-com which perfectly captured the lives of London's twenty-somethings at the turn of the millennium and evolved into "Shaun of the Dead".

    English comedian Simon Pegg ("Big Train" & "Is It Bill Bailey?"), actress Jessica Stevenson ("Mash and Peas" & "Armstrong and Miller") and director Edgar Wright ("Mash and Peas" & "Is It Bill Bailey?") reunite under the auspices of Big Talk producer Nira Park for this surreal sit-com which won two British Comedy Awards as well as BAFTA and Emmy nominations.

    In the series twenty-somethings Tim Bisley (Simon Pegg) and Daisy Steiner (Jessica Stevenson) pose as a young professional couple in order to rent a cheap flat in Tufnell Park, London owned by landlady, Marsha Klein (Julia Deakin) initiating a series of increasingly surreal adventures with fellow resident Brian Topp (Mark Heap) and friends Mike Watt (Nick Frost) and Twist Morgan (Katy Carmichael).

    British Comedy Award-nominated Simon Pegg and double British Comedy Award-winning Jessica Stevenson have a great chemistry and pitch perfect timing as the leading couple, whilst Pegg's flat mate Nick Frost puts in an superb performance at the head of a supporting cast that includes Julia Deakin, Mark Heap and Katy Carmichael as well as a heap of familiar British comedy guest stars.

    Season one starts strongly and proceeds apace with some hilarious episodes that see Tim dealing with his heartbreak, through pastiche and parody that perfectly captures the emotions of its erstwhile heroes, with recurring support from Bill Bailey, Anna Wilson-Jones and Peter Serafinowicz as well as guest appearances from David Walliams, Paul Kaye and Michael Smiley.

    Season two returns with more of the same as Tim and Daisy pursue their respective careers in a series of misadventures familiar to any twenty-something trying to make it in the big city and although things have already started to flag they are soon uplifted by the return of Bill Bailey, Peter Serafinowicz and Michael Smiley as well as guest appearances from Mark Gatiss, John Simm, Reece Shearsmith and Ricky Gervais.

    The creators fill the series, pitched as a cross between "The Simpsons", "The X-Files" and "Northern Exposure", with pop-culture references, in jokes and occasional displays of surrealism in filmed with a single camera in Edgar Wright's unique style which borrows from the visual language of film to create a truly spectacular looking series which is pure comedy gold.

    "You can't dangle the bogus carrot of possible reconciliation in front of me whilst riding some other donkey."
  • This is the story of two friends, Tim and Daisy who have to pretend to be a profesional couple in order to get a flat wich they both desperately need. They are soon plunged into a world of rediculous adventures that will blow your mind.

    This show has to be one of the greatest british comedys that our country has ever come up with. It is a great shame that only two series ever came out but Simon Pegg ( Tim) and Edgar Wright ( Director) have moved on to create two more films in which Pegg co-stars with another member of the spaced cast, Nick Frost ( Mike). The series is immensly enjoyable if incredibly silly but then who doesnt enjoy a good silly comedy every now and then? Plus the series is great for laughter enducement. Whenever i feel down an episode of this always makes me feel better.
  • The absolutely best show ever!!! This classic UK sitcom should be studyed as a basis on how a sitcom should be done. God help us now that the Yanks have got there hands on it.

    I started watching this show back in 1999 and the DVD's are still on high rotation in our house hold.

    My two dogs are named Tim and Daisy. So you know I'm a die hard fan!

    Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson tapped into what it was like to be in your 20/30s at the start of the naughties. This show page homage (quite literally on the DVD's with the homage-o-meter) to the pop culture of the 70's, 80's and 90's. You really care about these characters and it is so genuinely funny. A day does not go past in our household that Simon, Daisy, Marsha, Brian, Mike or Twist does not get quoted. So it's time to skip to the end, WATCH!!!!
  • Just recently found this gem. Funniest sit-com I have ever seen... ever

    No I mean it. This is the funniest sit-com I have ever seen. Seinfeld is funny as well, and a classic... but there is just something about British Comedies that attract me. At first I didn't realize this was made back in 1999-2001. And unfortunately I didn't get some of the movie references. Several of them were from movies I had not seen yet. But I have seen Simon Pegg's and Nick Frost's two movies 'Shawn of the Dead' and 'Hot fuzz' and loved them both, so I knew I would love this series. Some episodes I had to pause so I could stop laughing and get a hold of myself. The writing, and everything about this series is brilliant. It's a shame that it wasn't longer, but maybe they realized that drawing out a plot, and relationships way too long only takes away from a show. I loved it anyway.
  • A hilarious sitcom! A serie to show to the whole world.

    A new life build up with a lie, that is the sitcom of Channel 4 called Spaced.
    The, on prime time, new serie about a man and a women who just brake up with their partners. They met each other in a pub when they both are looking in the papers to find an apartment to live.

    The humour in the serie is very well alive. The dialogs are simple, but funny. It is a bit predictable, but in a way that you will accept it. You will see the story only in two ways
    As a watcher of the serie you are following their lives through their eyes. The main characters are for Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson. They are the perfect couple to play Daisy and Tim.
    Spaced shows how many people live in England and especially in this case, what can go wrong or what can happen in your live when you are moving to an apartment with a stranger.

    When Daisy and Tim decide to find an apartment together, they notice that most hostess' wants a couple. They learn everything about each other in one day. When they finally moving in they recognize they have a weird housemate and a strange hostess. That's where their real life begin.
  • Probably the best of all British sitcoms.

    Spaced's synopsis is quite simple enough. Not very original you may think at first sight. Two 20 something with nothing in common except their need for a place to live pretend to be a professional couple in order to rent a flat. why is it so good?

    Firstly, Simon Pegg and Jessica Hymes are great. You can see they love doing what they do. They wrote all episodes and it's clever, wit, full of pop-culture references such as Star Wars, Pulp Fiction. It's really a pleasure to watch and watch again the episodes to get all the references!

    Secondly, the director Edgar Wright who later will direct Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz with Simon Pegg is full of talent. He has a very unique style and his own way to film the most simple scene to give it a strong visual aspect.

    What I like the most about this show is that the characters are not perfect. They are full of defaults, they may look caricatural but we all recognize some of our personality aspects in them. Mike the gun lover (Nick Frost, amazing!), Marsha the alcoholic landlady, Brian the painter and loser and Twist the fashion victim.
    On the contrary to the american sitcoms, these characters are human, they drink a lot, their lives are full of problems and they don't have enough money to buy good food.

    If you haven't seen this show yet, you really should watch because it's definitely a cult sitcom!
  • A crazy and funny show which is written by and starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson.

    This show is so funny I love some of the comedy is unreal you will not see it in any other comedy. Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson are a great combination and there are other wacky characters when your watching it you get so into the comedy and learn to understand comedy which you would not get if you just happened to see it one day. For me anyway Simon Pegg is great I think he was meant for comedy and this show really shows how funny he can be and also is friend Nick Frost his hilarious. A great show a master in its era.
  • Nothing comes close to this for originality.

    First of all if you haven't seen this please go out and buy it straight away, you won't be disappointed i promise you. I never watched it when it was aired except one episode that I caught the end of, when i found out what it was called I bought it straight away and watched it all in one sitting... It's that good! It really stuck a cord, I felt like this program was made for me it was that current and relevant. The acting / characters are broad and very realistic, each episode has enough variety to appeal to most age groups ant the plot likes are sublime. If you want to watch a British classic that had cult status the very second that the first episode had aired, this is it. Simon Pegg deserves a medal for his contribution to this series and is destined to be a legend.
  • Really cool!

    This sitcom is one in a million, so unique as to be in a league of it's own, yet drawing on dozens of film and television references per episode, like a blend between The Royale Family and Family Guy.

    London - we are introduced to Tim (Simon Pegg) and Daisy (Jessica Stevenson), two twentysomethings searching for a place to stay. With the perfect flat limited to "professional couples only", they don the guise of just that, brushing up on life history and snapshots from a 5 year relationship in 5 minutes.

    Adding to the ensemble is army-nut Mike, landlady Marsha, next door neighbor Brian, and a host of other oddballs.

    With top-notch camera-work, precise editing, a sizzling soundtrack, quotable dialogue, and an expert blend of the mundane and surreal, makes for one of the TV shows to come out of the UK in 10 years.
  • I love spaced more then i love the air we breathe. And i do like that quite a lot! A very influential show, there has been nothing like it since.

    This show is one of the most influential comedies of all time. It's deffinatly my favourite sitcom ever! The characters are truly amazing and i think that is because the actors had worked together previously and knew each other so well which is what made it so real and so raw to watch. It took comedy to the next level with it's memorable one liners and subtle references to films etc. The way the show has been filmed cannot be copied, it is completley original and only works for Spaced because of the sometimes surreal storytline. Will deffinatly go down it history. A true classic.
  • An excellent show

    I love Spaced. It is a very funny show.

    It's all about two flatmates, Tim and Daisy and their incredibly strange friends. There's Marsha, the landlady, who's an alcoholic chainsmoker, Brian, an artist, Mike, Tim's best friend who was kicked out of the TA for invading paris in a stolen tank and Twist, who's Daisy's best friend.

    The show is laced with pop culture references including Star Wars, the X-Files and even Grange Hill. You'd have to never stop watching TV to get them all.

    Best episode would have to be the second episode of the second series. Tim's hatred of The Phantom Menace was pure brilliance.

    ten out of ten.

    They really should bring it back.

    Man I miss this show! Spaced is easily one of the greatest shows of all time, no exaggeration. It's star, Simon Pegg (also known for Shaun of the Dead) is a comic genius! this needs to be brought back, it was just great!

    The shows style was a little more subtle then most shows, but thats what made it so great! The plots were so odd, but original! One of the best eps has to be the Robot Wars episode, anyone who hasn't seen this show should go watch it now! It's great, and if your not a fan right away, you will be after seeing a few more episodes.
  • Maybe the best British comedy of the last 10 years. No, really.

    Spaced is great. It just is. Following the slightly uneventful life of 20 something underachiever Tim Bisley and his friends,
    Brian Topp, the troubled artist, Daisy, his procrastinating writer flatmate, Mike, Tim's best friend, TA Sargent and gun-nut and Marsha, their alcoholic ex-groupie landlady. Basically, the episodes follow normal activities, but with a zany twist. Paint balling turns into Viet Nam part II, a bad job interview turns into a demonic interrogation and a night of clubbing and too much Resident Evil 2 fills the flat with zombies. The cast, crew and direction behind Spaced is the same as in Shaun Of The Dead. Many of the jokes used there were put here first, some of the in jokes can only been understood by watching Spaced. The great thing about Spaced is the way that characters interact. The way that Tim and Mike talk to each other and the things that they talk about are scarily reminiscent of my own life, and i know people that feel the same. They all have their problems and it doesn't always have a happy ending. Season 1 ends on a downbeat note and relationships don't get mended within 25 minutes. The characters feel like real people, with real feelings and you love them even more for it. The only really sad thing about Spaced is that there is not enough of it. Only 2 seasons were made, leaving fans gasping for more. I personally feel that the end of Spaced was a mixed bag. By finishing on a high, Spaced will never be dogged by "The crap third series" or convoluted plot lines. Watch Spaced. Buy the DVD's, get some friends over with some beer. Put in the first disc at 10pm and you are guaranteed comedy gold until well into the morning.
  • Spaced is an amazing British comedy, cruely side-lined because of the success of The Office

    When I first discovered Spaced I was, firstly, amazed that such an incredibly funny and intelligent show had not been heard of by most people. It comes to light that Spaced was nominated for Bafta's..."why didn't it win?" I thought to myself. I then discovered that one of the other nominee's was in fact...The Office(British version). It was then clear to me how a show like Spaced could have been passed by.

    Don't get me wrong, I love The Office, it is one of my favourite shows...but I think Spaced is better. However, Spaced was never really going to meet a mainstream audience like The Office did.

    Spaced is a real "intelligent television/film geek's" comedy.

    It references countless pop culture in an amusing, understanding way. You can tell that it's writer's are passionate about brilliant programmes and movies.

    The humour itself is very surreal, wacky and off-beat. Frankly, stupid people are never going to "get" this show and rightfully so.

    Pegg is brilliant as Tim. And there is definately a breed of British guys like him. Intelligent, slightly middle-class men who have under-achieved in life because they don't want to conform to the 9-5 **** wearing a suit and tie and turning out like their fathers. They want to stay in their youth, basing their opinions on Star Wars, Babylon Five or The Simpsons and Monkey Island. Personally, I love guys like this. Like Spaced itself, they are often interesting and painfully funny, not taking life seriously.

    Jessica Stevenson is great as Daisy. Thank god a comedy has created a funny female role. She can hold her own, she really makes you laugh. She's cynical, self-deprecating and just plain hilarious. The supporting roles are also brilliant. Mike is stupidly funny, along with Marsha, Bryan and not forgetting, Colin the dog.

    Spaced is a cult-comedy classic. It's one of those shows where, in the normal world you instantly click with someone if you find out that they are a fan too. You know that they have taste, because Spaced really only reaches one type of person. Someone who loves sheer brilliant comedy.

    Watch it NOW!
  • Best british sitcom ever made, maybe best sitcom ever period.

    From the first exchange between Tim and Sarah, intercut with Daisy and the homeless guy this show is packed with laughs and references that always hit the mark. The writing is top drawer here and all the characters are really well realised and excellently acted. Nick frost as Mike and Mark Heap as Brian are particularily superb. The way the plots move along is great, the characters seem to stumble blindly from one event to the next all the while providing infinately quotable and hilarious gags. Even if you don't want to see it everyone should see the instinctive shootout scene in season two at least once. Classic.
  • For those of you who loved Shaun of the Dead, this is something you have to check out.

    So after I saw the exellent film \"Shaun of the Dead\", I decided perhaps I may just like British humor after all, so one day I\'m watching BBCA I see a comercial come on for Spaced, I recognized Simon Pegg as Shaun and I instantly knew I had to watch it. I thought it would be some sort of Friends-esque show, but oh it was so much better.

    The story follows two people so desparate for a flat, they\'re willing to pose as a couple to get it. This show is for those with an obscure sense of humor and those with a somewhat extensive knowledge of pop culture. Its a show that will have you laughing so hard tears will come to your eyes.
  • This is just too great!

    Wow. I never thought that I would laugh so much watching a comedy without backround laughs. This is just so amazing. I was hooked watching the first episode and it just cracks me up! The only thing I did not like, was that they finally didn't make the third season. But I'm okay with this and enjoying the 14 episodes that they have made. I can't decide which season is better, but maybe, just maybe it's the second one. My ultimate favourite episode is 2x05 Gone. You just can't do it much better. I've only watched this with my friend because I haven't got my own DVD, but maybe the next DVD I'll buy will be this. Yea!
  • Brilliant

    This show is one of the best of it's time, the characters are all oddballs and they also have a chemistry. Simon Pegg is one of the funniest men ever to grace our television screens and Nick Frost is just stupid. I had never heard of Jessica Stevenson before this, but now I watch every program she is in. Almost. Genius.
  • The most brilliant and funniest shows of it's time!

    I first learned of "Spaced" from a friend who is a Simon Pegg fan. She raved about it and i thought i would watch it just to see what all the fuss was about. I was most pleasantly surprised that this show has turned out to be my most favorite show. Even though there are only 14 episodes, each character is unique and you can't help feeling as though they are long lost friends. This show is like no other. Even watching it by yourself you can't help but laugh out loud, a very rare occurance with many shows on the air today. This show needs to be aired in the U.S. so americans can witness the splendor of "Spaced".
  • I Love This Show

    As the title of this review suggests, Spaced is (at this moment in time) my personal favorite sitcom of all time. The characters, the situations and the filming is / are brilliant and the lifestyle the show focuses on will probably be quite a good prediction of what my life will be like immediently after University life ends.

    The characters are comic creations of real life and the situations are on the ridiculous side of real life, occasionally falling over into absolute madness, but in a very good way. It is the ultimate fanboys show - there are hundreds of nods to other TV shows and brilliant films and you can tell that the writers are just as huge fans of quality entertainment as most of the fans of Spaced are. The music is inspired. Although some aspects of the show look slightly dated already (even though it was filmed from 1999 to 2001) it is well worth discovering if you've never watched an episode.

    Also the second series is better than the first and just as fresh as the first series. The characters are developed further and the direction and stylistic features are even more sharp than the first series. The main characters (Tim and Daisy) are great, and the charactures of Mike, Brian and Marsha are wonderful in supporting roles, and provide much of the comedy.

    If you've seen Shaun of the Dead and you havn't seen Spaced, you're missing out. You will love it.
  • A solid mixture of drama and comedy, sometimes blurring the lines between them.

    This show seems to function on two levels, one is an adept but typical drama filled with romantic intrigue the whole time, and at times a little too typical, reminiscent of shows like 'Who's the Boss' where the love between the two main characters is obvious and we all wait for it, yet it never comes, but teeters on the brink for the duration of the series.

    The other level is the comic side of things. This side is very new and cutting edge. The entire series is layered and saturated with references from all across the board, different mediums, different genres, and can be seen almost like a patchwork or other works. Some are just momentary verbal references, while others, such as the 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,' almost take over the episode.

    All of these references are brought to light using the superb artistic vision of Edgar Wright, and the result is a series of visuals that are both easily identifiable yet maintain their own quality that is unmistakably his own. Apart from the references, his general style is unique, and contributes as much to the success and style of the show as the characters in it, if not more. Several times one of the characters will say something and there is a cut away or an aside to the event or thing they are talking about. Many of these probably required a lot of time, effort, and hours of filming, just for 30 seconds here and ten seconds there, but the results are more than obvious! There is a strong sense of creative energy and dedication to the work, and even when the story is not too interesting, the visuals and method in which it is told remains compelling.

    What made this show most compelling for me personally, and perhaps many others who watch it, is its dissection of the modern mid to late 20 something culture. Aimless, daydreaming, and unwilling to grow up, but content to be surrounded by good times and good friends. It represents everything 'Friends' isn't... the anti-Friends if you will. 'Friends' was a squeaky clean 20 something program that represents the type of people who come to see the house in the final episode of Spaced. Both shows have moments of drama that span a wide palette of emotions, however only Friends adds in the twinkling piano during the soft sensitive scenes and pop music in the bubbly scenes.

    Therein is its success: a highly stylized and brilliantly styled drama comedy, that captures the generation very well, both in humour and in attitude, yet never venturing too way out there and never becoming self indulgent. Easily accessable and interesting characters that are so well acted, it's as if they aren't acting at all. Brilliant!
  • Only 14 episodes but each is a jewel

    This show is simply great. I would really love to see another season because we only got 14 episodes - but maybe one should just treasure these few. There are so many things about this show that makes you want to watch them again and again. First of all each episode is rather short and therefor easy to consume. Being short doesn't mean that there is less in it - they just filled it up with excellent situations and jokes. Second great thing is the amount of references to known movies which are always fun to make out.
  • Spaced is set in the middle of London in a flat. I know what your thinking now, 'That must be one s*** show already'. But this show, despite its classical and oover-used setting, is the most cutting edge comedy.

    He was a broken-hearted skateboarder, she was a direction-less, wannabe journalist. Fate kicked them onto the streets to find each other for the first time in a greasy North London café. Defeated by the horrors of flat hunting in the big city, they conspire to share accommodation under the guise of a professional couple, when they discover a bargain flat that might just save them both. These then are the adventures of Tim Bisley (Simon Pegg) and Daisy Steiner (Jessica Stevenson), two disillusioned twenty-somethings occupying a world in which reality is as subjective as their taste in shoes. There Land-lady Marsha Klein (Julia Deakin) is the Drunk, intoxicated mother of 1 demonic teenager Amber (you never get to see her face). And the strange perceptional artist Brian Topp (Mark Heap) rents the flat downstairs (but that dosn't mean he is gay)

    Having finally tackled the task of unpacking and faced with the prospect of having to do some work, Daisy persuades Tim to agree to a house warming party. What follows is an explosive mixture of sex, guns, fist fighting, tin foil and celery and all beneath the spectre of a younger, better, louder party raging in the flat above. Tim's Freind Mike Watt (Nick Frost) handles the security (for some reason to bring his Glock 17 pistol) and Twist Morgan (Katy Carmichael) come to Tim and Daisy's house warming party. These two episodes introduce you well to the main characters.

    I personally think this is one of the best Bristish comedys ever made and should be more noticed by the public and the press.

  • Brillaint, sublime, excellent!

    Even if it only has two seasons, spanning 14 episodes, it manages to be one of the best sitcoms of recent times. Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson manage to make reference to so many films and TV shows and entertainment in general, yet stay so original and funny, that it\'s mad.

    I\'ve watched this comedy so many times, and me and my friends constantly quote it, in our daily lives, which is how much its affected us.

    To truly understand the genius of this show, you have to watch it from the start and watch it right through. Like a lot of programmes, you just won\'t \'get it\' if you don\'t watch it from the start.
  • Daisy needs to find a flat and meets tim finds an ad in the paper for the perfect flat but for couples only. They pretend to be one to earn the flat and meet many strange friends.

    My favorite tv show. Filled with great characters Brian(my fave) an artist, Tim(graphic artist), Daisy(journalist),Mike(weopons specilist), Marsha(land lord), Velva(Brians cross-dfressing art friend),Twist(Daisy's friend) and many more. I love the way the show looks the snipits and flashbacks and GREAT wrighting (by the show's main characters). And David Brents in it.
  • One of the weirdest shows I have seen!

    This is definitely one of the weirdest shows that I have seen. Most of the cast also appeared in Shaun of the Dead. I am not sure what to think of this show most of the time, it's funny but also goes a little far sometimes. My husband loves it.