Sparks - Season 1

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  • A Day in the Life II
    Just as Maxey and his girlfriend Deidre are about to leave town for a getaway, Alonzo gives him a dog of a case involving a family friend who has 36 chihuahuas and a court order telling her to get rid of 32 of them.
  • Too Hot Not to Cool Down
    Maxey's intimate relationship with the beautiful opposing counsel affects his legal objectivity, as well as his behavior in the courtroom handling the divorce of an old pal; Floyd Pitts is called in to investigate items missing from the office.
  • Love in a Cop
    Love in a Cop
    Episode 20
    Wilma tries to help La Marr win back his ex, and Maxey takes a case against a fertility-clinic doctor who's impregnating patients with his own sperm.
  • The Great Indoors
    The Great Indoors
    Episode 19
    The Sparks are accused of being slumlords after Maxey accepts the deed to an apartment complex---sight unseen---as payment from a client. Meanwhile, Wilma's left in charge of the office when the trio is forced to spend 24 hours in one of their dilapidated units.
  • Hoop Schemes
    Hoop Schemes
    Episode 18
    Actress and singer Nell Carter guest stars as the mother of a high school basketball whiz who may be headed straight for the NBA. Maxey uses his masculine wiles on the mother in hopes of representing the young would-be superstar. What Maxey doesn't know, is that he is also being used to entice her admirer (watching from afar) into making a commitment.moreless
  • Self Defense
    Self Defense
    Episode 17
    Maxey is sent to jail for refusing to produce privileged documents in court. One of his cellmates is a former client seeking revenge from the lawyer who lost his case - Maxey!! He puts Maxey on trial in front of a mock jury composed of the cellmates.
  • Love Conquers All
    Love Conquers All
    Episode 16
    Maxey represents an old friend of Alonzo's who has written a very successful advice book about old-fashioned, honest love, Love Conquers All. Wilma comes to work still dressed in the evening gown from the previous night's date, but absentmindedly changes her clothes in front of Maxey, driving him to fall madly in love with Wilma. As they continue to work together, Maxey gets converted to the ways of the book. His efforts to try and woo Wilma meet with hilarious results.moreless
  • Won't You Be My Neighbor
    Greg gets rid of his roommate and moves into his own apartment. Alonzo praises him for going out on his own, ends up selling his house and moves in across the hall. Alonzo becomes a major intruder in Greg's life, and it's up to Maxey to help him.
  • I Spy
    I Spy
    Episode 14
    Maxey recruits Darice and private eye Floyd Pitts to entrap the cheating husband of his client, but the plan backfires when the man reveals his true feelings about his wife---on audiotape.
  • It's the Gospel
    It's the Gospel
    Episode 13
    Maxey thinks he's hit the big time when a large corporation hires him as counsel on an inner-city development project. But he soon realizes that he's been duped into evicting a community church.
  • Maxey Gets the Bird
    Maxey Gets the Bird
    Episode 12
    Maxey is caught in a sting operation trying to solicit clients in front of a hospital emergency room, and must appear before a review board. But the surprise is on him when he finds out the chairman of the board is none other than his own father. The two then have to put aside their differences at the family's Thanksgiving dinner, where Maxey is supposed to bring the Thanksgiving Turkey.moreless
  • Porky's Revenge
    Porky's Revenge
    Episode 11
    Alonzo's enthusiasm for his Federal Court case is quashed when he learns that his courtroom opponent is a law-school professor who once humiliated him.
  • Good for the Gander
    Good for the Gander
    Episode 10
    Maxey gets his comeuppance after he tries to play up to a judge who's gay during a case involving a burglary suspect, and Alonzo takes on the case of a rapper with a contract dispute.
  • One on One
    One on One
    Episode 9
    Maxey is challenged to a quick game of basketball by the judge who dislikes Maxey as a lawyer, and who Maxey wants to get on his good side. During the heated game, the judge keels over dead on the court, and Maxey feels that he is responsible, and decides to resign from the profession.moreless
  • Pillow Talk
    Pillow Talk
    Episode 8
    When a beautiful paralegal walks into the office looking for a job, Maxey is immediately smitten. He asks her out, and they begin a very close personal relationship. But before long, the team realizes that information regarding the firm's cases is somehow being leaked to opposing counsel. Could the new love interest in Maxey's life be the culprit?moreless
  • No Sweat
    No Sweat
    Episode 7
    The firm represents a sweet but sweaty man accused of robbery.
  • Penal Envy
    Penal Envy
    Episode 6
    Wilma gets a doozy of a malpractice case after griping about her workload.
  • Sid, Lies and Videotape
    Maxey faces jail unless he can find his prison-bound client.
  • A Day in the Life
    A Day in the Life
    Episode 4
  • How Papa Got His Groove Back
    After learning that another one of his old classmates from school has passed away, Alonzo goes into a deep slump. The gang decides that he needs a woman in his life to make him feel alive again & get his groove back. Wilma offers to play matchmaker for Alonzo with her aunt Clea. But Clea has different ideas after she's left alone with Maxey.moreless
  • Palimony
    Episode 2
    The Sparks try to defend a client who is being sued for palimony by his former live-in mate of 12 years. Their case begins to fall apart when Maxey has one of his "bright ideas", and tries to lay a trap for the lyrically endowed woman.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    What happens when a bright and beautiful female attorney joins an inner-city Los Angeles law firm run by a ready-to-retire patriarch and his two bickering sons? Sparks! Two polar-opposite brothers manage the law firm of Sparks, Sparks & Sparks, founded by their father Alonzo Sparks While each son is dedicated to the family profession, the flashy, womanizing Maxey is just as interested in the pursuit of beautiful young women as he is in the pursuit of justice, while younger brother Greg is serious, straitlaced and a seeker of the high road. Imagine their surprise when the one thing the brothers find they can agree on is their mutual affection for Wilma Cuthbert, the Stanford Law graduate who Greg has just hired to join Sparks, Sparks and Sparks as the firm's only associate -- after an extensive three-year search. Both brothers vie for her affections, but Wilma -- caught up in the jitters of a stressful new job and an engagement to a high-profile sports figure -- basketball star Jason Kidd -- is oblivious to either brother's interest.moreless