good idea bad show

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    i've seen the first two episodes and it is nothing but garbage. it seemed to be a carbon copy of 300 but worse. i enjoyed 300 as i knew it was a graphic novel style to begin with. the dialogue is utter nonsense that no one would ever speak and the fact that the cgi scenes make it seem like the horizon is 6 feet away from the actors make it unwatchable. if they would stick with real-world dialogue which rome had and then threw in a couple cgi scenes it wouldnt be bad. the best part about rome was that the writers could make it that anyone could watch it. watch deadwood and you'll know what i mean. another great show with almost shakespearish dialogue. the story was good but you needed a thesaurus to translate the episode! i believe in the first 30 minutes of s:b&s there were 3 over the top sex scenes. its almost like they are trying to compete with porn but have forgotten that we can view it online already! if starz wants to save money, they should put more emphasis on dialogue and less on special effects! i dont know who thought of this series to begin with, even though it has been renewed i'd be surprised if it will be alive in the fall.
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    Keep on watching, I was about to quit but it is getting very interesting.
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    I felt the same way when i first started watching but for some reason i kept on watching.....the story is definitely getting better in my opinion. I just finished watching the 5th episode and i can't wait to see whats gonna happen next. I think this one one of those shows that started off bad but is getting better and better with each episode.

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    what i'd do to see your face when the fall comes and SBS is even more successful

    now is the idea realy that good? it might have been once, but it has been done many many times that it lost it's glow. SBS presented the idea in a unique way, it is not as much documentary as Rome, not as much story as Gladiator, not as much porn as, well, a porn movie.. it's all those elements together in realy very fine proportions.

    i can't remember when was the last time my heart raced watching a movie/tv show, but the final fight in ep5 (Shadow Games) almost gave me a heart attack!

    and no one dare trash the actors, they are ALL **** awsome, with Lucy Lawless (not desappointing me personally) and giving one of the best characters on TV currently

    finally, if you like it watch it, if you don't don't, i'm satisfied either way.

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    As a lot of people will tell you the show did not start off really well but it grew and they learnt from their mistakes. The CGI is not as bad in the later episodes. The show gets better and better with each episode. The proof is in the finale which was the best one yet (in my opinion). If you don't like it don't watch it. End of story.

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