What is Spartacus' real name?

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    Billmacd wrote:
    This Spartacus is based on the historical figure, who was a slave /Gladiator trained in a ludus in Capua and led an uprising around 73BC. Check the historic references to people like Crassus, who was sponsor to a young Julius Cesaer, in the series.The uprising was eventually put down in 71 BC by Pompey, who later became joint pro consul of Rome with Cesaer about 20 years later and was assassinated when fleeing from him by the Egyptians he sought shelter with

    Historicly A Gaul named Crixus was also an important part of the slave rebellion led by Spartacus
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    I'm not totally sure, but I'm pretty sure his wife and his men use his name in the first episode, I've been meaning to re-watch the ep cuz I can't seem to remember either lol but if you go to srufthechannel.com the megavideo links work great

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    OK OK... People are getting all confused here...

    In History (real history) there are TWO people who were KNOWN as Spartacus.

    One was a Thracian King

    The second was a gladiator slave who led a revolt against Rome

    This series is about the second one....


    The leaders of the slave revolt were Spartacus, Crixus, Gannicus, and Oenomaus.
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    the Spartacus depicted in the show is the "real" Spartacus, who led the slave uprising in roughly 73 bc. the show conjectures his being named after an old thracian king of the same name, who has no bearing, or direct connection to the gladiator Spartacus.

    Spartacus, Sura, Batiatus, Crixus, and Doctore (Oenomaus), and Claudius Glaber are all based on actual people bearing the same names who existed, and were involved in the third servile war.

    The reason you do not hear Spartacus' birth name, is because no one knows what it was. The show portrays him as a Thracian, which is comonly accepted as fact. but it also portrays him as an auxiliary soldier, under the command of Glaber, which is not fact, but could have happened. It is often accepted, that Spartacus probably served in the military previous to becoming a gladiator, but to suggest he served under glaber is very convenient for the show, and creates tension, and adds drama.

    Also, while Oenomaus Doctore is portrayed as an African in the show, in real life he was a Gaul, same as Crixus

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    In this link we discover that there was another called Sparticus

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    it's never been said. it's the on-going joke/they don't know

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    according to wikipedia Famous Thracians and people from ThraceIn Ancient Greek mythology, Orpheus was the chief representative of the art of song and playing the lyre. Democritus was a Greek philosopher and mathematician from Abdera, Thrace (c. 460–370 BC.) His main contribution is the atomic theory, the belief that all matter is made up of various imperishable indivisible elements which he called atoms. Herodicus was a Greek physician of the fifth century BC who is considered the founder of sports medicine. He is believed to have been one of Hippocrates' tutors. Protagoras was a Greek philosopher from Abdera, Thrace (c. 490–420 BC.) An expert in rhetorics and subjects connected to virtue and political life, often regarded as the first sophist. He is known primarily for three claims (1) that man is the measure of all things, often interpreted as a sort of moral relativism, (2) that he could make the "worse (or weaker) argument appear the better (or stronger)" (see Sophism) and (3) that one could not tell if the gods existed or not (see Agnosticism so from 800 bc the first greek colonists came to the south part the thracians were mostly helenized the name spartacos means from the town sparta and also another thracian king orpheus is famous as one of the argonautes a bulgarian guy comfuzed of his propaganda said that his name was sparadok cutting the greek -os from the end of the real name sparadokos of another thracian king but nothing to do with the king spartacus the gladiator was named after bulgarians came to the balkan at 600 ad 700 years after spartacus was dead

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    To clear it all up: Spartacus is the "stage name" of a gladiator that lead an unsuccesfull slave uprising.

    It is not even certain that he was from Thrace, as "thracian" also is a type of gladiator. He could have been spanish for all we know.

    As well, Onomaeus was not black, he was a gaul like Crixus and Gannicus. Which might also indicate, that Spartacus might have been from there as well.

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    I'm pretty sure I heard them mention on the show that Oenomaus was a Gaul. I know the person he is based off of was, but I think I heard him mention it as the case for the character too, could have been in the prequel or S2. I could have misheard though.
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