Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Season 1 Episode 13

Kill Them All

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2010 on Starz

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  • Blood Stained Sands

    starting this show I had low expectations, I knew that Andy Whitfield had tragically died after this season and the more I watched the show the more I liked him. it is truly sad that we never got to see Andy Whitfield fulfill his full potential.
  • spartacus blood and sand

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  • Revenge is a dish best served cold -- and everyone got their 'slice'.

    Every storyline introduced throughout the season has come to a crashing finale. Very few shows have finales as memorable as Spartacus B&S. A show that first started out as unoriginal and generic, has finally shaped itself into one incredible series.

    Spartacus is starting to rally all of his fellow gladiators in helping him overthrow the house of Batiatus. However, there are still a select few who are still reluctant, including Crixus. Spartacus and Crixus have to set aside their differences in order to break their bondage from their masters. Meanwhile, Batiatus and Lucretia invite many people of honor to their house and to gain favor for their transition towards working in government. All of these events come together into a powder keg ready to blow.

    Every single episode of Spartacus keeps getting better than the previous one. With a season finale this good it will make it hard for fans to wait for the second season. It will be hard to imagine how the writers plan to top this first season.
  • Enough with the raping of the ratings! One of the best finales television has ever seen!

    So we all know, for about a week and half after the episode aired, it remained at a constant 9.9 rating, but then someone or some people decided that they weren't going to let that happen. So what we see here is NOT a legitimate score of the episode. The episode was spectacular. The show started off disappointing, but each and every episode got better and better to the point where I couldn't believe what I was watching. The storyline was so well created and the finale drove everything into one massive bloody ending. This is my second favorite finale of all time (sorry but I'm a Lostie) and it deserves a rating so much higher than what it has. You can even look at every review on this website and there are only two that are below a 10 and they're a 9.5 and an 8.5. I would heavily recommend this show to anyone who loves good and treacherous story telling, blood, sex, and violence. A well crafted story that gives you the most satisfying of endings. FIX THE RATINGS!
  • An Experience That You'll Remember...

    Multiple Accounts: I've seen it in the forum that eps rating reached 9.9 after 100 votes.(what it deserves) After that this number decreased in a rate that no show can reach. There are nearly 900 votes. (OMG) Only shows like Lost (extremely popular) were rated by 900 voters. In every ep. of spartacus they get at most 300 voters. (usually around 8)
    So some guy(s) who has a vendetta against Spartacus or or just idiot(s) who was bored created dozens of accounts and voted 1 (I guess) so the ratings could fall.
    Someone has to come up with a solution here like force voters to write a 30 word review or something. But this must never happen again.

    I wish to write here that I gave 10/10 just to raise the score but that would be a lie. Thats really what this ep deserves. Seriously nothing less.

    It's so effective that after watching it. I wanted to scream Kill Them All and beat up someone.

    There is really no review that can give / tell you what this ep feels like. You have yo watch it to understand.

    But for what it's worth it was marvelous.
  • What an amazing finale...*spoilers*

    What an episode. Mindblowing stuff.
    At first I did have my doubts about this series, thinking it would just be blood and gore flying everywhere with no purpose behind it, but man, has Spartacus outdone itself; the very fact that every episode has built itself up to the ultimate climax is proof.

    The method of narration worked perfectly as well, with flashbacks intertwined with the present day, unlike a more recent show, The Event, that simply overuses flashbacks.

    Manu Bennett (Crixus) IMO saved his best acting for this episode, as we saw a man torn between glory and his love, finally give in to Spartacus' wish to escape with him. The scene during their battle was unexpected, as I had anticipated that Crixus join him before their fight, so that was clearly a surprise.

    And Spartacus' last line made me shake: Together we shall see Rome tremble!
  • Tough, cunning and it was great to see some really bad people get their come-uppance.

    I love me some Spartacus and of course Crixus is it for me. I was very surprised to see such a low rating for this episode because I loved this episode. This episode was compelling and the acting throughout this whole series was superb, it was compelling and we could see everyone trying to find their own reasons to support the final rebellion.
    I can't wait for the DVD and the prequel, if they show it in my country.
    I wish Andy Whifield all the best and that his recovery goes smoothly.
    The real fans of this series know that we have seen and experienced something exceptional.
  • Spartacus leads a rebellion

    It's been thirteen episodes in the making, and I'm glad the writers didn't wimp out and let the bad guys get away, letting our heroes yearn for vengeance heading into the next season. There was more blood in this episode than all of the episodes combined (arguably) and the amount of violence, cruelty and rage shown here was enough to satisfy any action fan.

    What made the finale work so well is the way they combined the little moments.. Crixus waits nearly thirty-five minutes into the episode to change his mind, and that leaves the final twenty minutes for fighting. We get some resolution with plotlines, such as Batiatus, who let his own greed get ahead of him, resulting in his death. We also see Crixus becoming a friend of Spartacus and Doctore allowing the gladiators to rebel upon learning his master was so devious.

    Everything was clicking in this episode, and it's truly a shame that Andy Whitfield cannot return for Season 2. He gave Spartacus a simultaneous rage and heart, something that will be hard to replace (I say they cast Sam Worthington, but I doubt he'll have the time). At least there's plenty of plots to follow in the show when they do decide to return: the survival of Ashur, the new slave rebellion, Ilithyia's escape and the vengeance Spartacus still has to unleash upon Glaber. There's also the possibility that Lucretia died, along with her child, so that could open up some possible plots.

    Although it's truly sad that Andy Whitfield had a relapse in his cancer, one can only hope Season 2 will bring the same quality that he brought to the show this season. The show quickly went from a ridiculous idea to a great and entertaining show.
  • AMAZING FINALE!!! The episode begins with the final battle between Spartacus and Crixus and flashes back to the days leading to their battle. Spoilers ahead!! Basically the first 35 minutes is leading up to the murderous rampage that occurs in the

    The end is AMAZING!! Almost all of the nobles/masters die and a few gladiators die (most major is the younger german brother.. very sad scene). Crixus kills lucretia and his unborn son (which is reveled that her baby is Crixus's). Spartacus kills batiatus, Aurelia kills Numerius. Ashur and ilithia escape alive. Naevia does not make an appearance so I guess she will be back in season 2. It ends with the gladiators escaping. O and if your wondering how I know all this, if you have netflix they post the episode there early so I already watched it there.
  • When I first started watching this show, I never thought I'd say something like this, but...this finale is one of the best episodes of anything. Ever. Congrats, Steven DeKnight: You have a hit series.


    ***SPOILERS AHEAD, if you haven't seen the episode yet***

    This season finale was incredible. The moment we've all been waiting for. When Spartacus and Crixus would lead a rebellion against the ludus, killing nearly all the people who have deserved it all season: Batiatus, Lucretia, and even Numerius and his mom. I was happy to see Aurelia finally learn the truth (and believe it, of course) about her husband Varro's death. One of the most satisfying moments of the episode was watching her kill Numerius for ordering Varro's death. So emotional. I actually found myself cheering, as I also did when Crixus killed Lucretia and their unborn child and Spartacus killed Batiatus, revealing that he knew Batiatus ordered his (Spartacus') wife dead.

    I will say this now: I did not expect the rebellion to go so smoothly, to see all these people die.

    And maybe it's disturbing that all this death excited me so much. But I think it's a testament to how wonderful the acting has been this season. All these evil characters have been so well portrayed and so filled-with-venom that it was a pleasure to see them finally silenced. And cheers to Ilythia for locking the doors of the ludus! It reminded me of when Angel locked a roomful of lawyers in with Darla and Drusilla to be slaughtered. DeKnight (the series' creator) was clearly recalling his roots as a writer for Angel in this moment, granted he wasn't on the staff at the time that episode was written. ;-)

    All this leads me to one question: What the heck is going to happen next season? All the slaves and gladiators have been freed, even Doctore. The Dominus and Domina are dead. The only villains left are Asher, Ilythia, and her husband. Perhaps a broader rebellion? Against Rome? That's what Spartacus hinted at, in the final shot (which was perfect by the way: the entire slave staff of the ludus walking out the front gate, free at last).

    In any case, it's going to be amazing. Thank you, Starz, for having faith in this show, despite a rocky start; and thank you for renewing it for a second season. I look forward to seeing what happens next. For now, I'd like to read some history books, to find out what happened to the real Spartacus!
  • I can't believe I'm using this word but... Perfect.

    This will probably go down as one of my favorite episodes of any show ever. When this series started, I, like many others, almost wrote it off as a superficial blood-and-boob-fest; all flash, no substance, no real reason to keep watching. But as the episodes passed, we began to see that the blood and sex were used to enhance the tone and add a hyper-realism to the world, strangely making it seem more real. The title character almost faded into the background as supporting characters were developed, the intricacies of their personalities and motivations explored, and the world became more and more vivid. With this episode, everything comes to a head, everything the fan has been waiting for happens. I mean, the story of Spartacus is pretty clear: everyone knows that they riot and break out, but knowing it and seeing how this show chooses to make it happen is absolutely fantastic. Unlike many other serialized dramas that excel at building atmosphere and tension but not really giving viewers the answers they deserve, (*cough*Lost*cough*) this episode fully responds to every single event brought up in the show up until now. Excellent.
  • Spoilers ahead, beware: Everyone dies, the slaves escape!

    Oh man...oh man. That was quite possibly the most intense fifty plus minutes of film I have seen in a very long time. I was actually cheering and getting our of my seat. It's not often that storylines come to fruition in such an exact manner. There was no intent to draw out the drama for its own sake, but rather to build to a crescendo of most appropriate magnitude, with potent finality. Bravo to the cast and production team, you have outdone yourselves. It's too bad about the delay in the production of season 2, but I will wait patiently to see more!
  • WoW, just WOW.

    Wow, just wow. this show has not only deliver constantly but has shown us what a real season finale looks. Perfect was almost an understatement. Great ending, now lets go and start the "revolution". Even though it is gonna take a while for that to happen, given the main character real life sickness, but still with that ending they ensure "some" will wait , Hell I know I will. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • What Comes Around Goes Around

    I wasn't surprised to see Ilithia escape alive. I believe that come Season 2 she'll report to her husband Gaius Claudius Glaber, what has happened and he'll send as many legions of Roman Soldiers he can round up to crush the revolt. Historically speaking the Gladiators and the Slaves were eventually rounded up and crucified along the main road leading into ROME - over 300 of them. To live under Roman rule back then truly must have been living in peril!!! The Roman Empire was so vast and powerful - They were of course also responsible for the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ as you may already know. I do hope before all that happens though Crixus with the help of Spartacus and maybe even Doctore that he'll be re-united with Naevia.
  • Bang! Now this is how you end the season; sweet revenge, mixed with lots and lots of gore.


    Now that Batiatus has the support of Glaber, it looks like nothing can stop the guy. He even plans to free to Doctore so that he can take Batiatus's place in running the camp. To mark Glaber's patronage, Batiatus plans to throw a celebration for the city's big shots at the ludos and as a main event, have Spartacus fight Crixus. A fight many want to see, but reserved for the big shots so that they would remember Batiatus's ascension.

    Spartacus is also trying to garner support from the gladiators but many still see Crixus as their champion and without his support very few back Spartacus. Spartacus decides to talk to Crixus about this but before he can, Doctore tells Crixus of Batiatus's plans and tell him that together they can restore honor to the ludos, and find Naevia. Spartacus however does find out that Crixus is to be drugged so that he would lose.

    On the appointed day, the fight starts and Spartacus realizes that Crixus is drugged and points that out to him, and from that point on its absolute carnage, so much that it would put many of the most violent movies out there to shame. It was like every gladiator had only one thing on their on mind: spilling roman blood, and spill they did, lots and lots of it. Many viewers might consider all that killing a bit excessive, even unnecessary but you have to remember that all this actually happened and so justified. I only wished Spartacus could have been broadcasted in 3D, something the producers should definitely consider.

    In the end everybody gets their chance at revenge. Doctore corners Asher about Barca's death but he manages escape, Orillia stabs to death Numerious for killing Varro, Crixus runs Lucretia with his sword for separating him from Naevia, and Spartacus finally finds a little peace for the murder of his wife by slitting Batiatus's throat.

    For those of you who remember your history, what follows is what Spartacus is really remembered for; the slave rebellion. However tt is going to be a while before we will get to see season 2 as Andy Whitfield is still recovering from Cancer but I am sure many of you will agree with me on this; CANT'T WAIT!
  • This is the best season finale I have ever seen. Never have I watched a finale that was so satisfying yet also left me begging for more!

    You can tell that this episode was created in such a way. There are more then enough loose ends to create a more than appeasing second season, but just incase there wasn't a second season, a lot of storylines came to an end and were promply resolved. Without giving anything away, the main course for this episode was Revenge, and there was mroe than enough for everyone involved. I have been enjoying this show from the start, but the build up they had been brewing since episode six finally came to the pay off, and man did it exceed all expectations! This one episode makes the entire season worth watching, a pay off that really leaves one full and content. This one was all that and then some... I can't wait to see season two!!!!
  • Alright.. couldn't get better than this..

    What can I say about this episode? It was simply marvelous!

    As I have said in previous reviews, I was afraid Spartacus would end up lacking gladiators as they died like flies over the season. Mostly because I thought writers would stuck Spartacus as a gladiator for many, many episodes. So after most of the cast was written off, it would something like Spartacus planning how he'd off Batiatus and other drama related stuff..

    I couldn't be more happy to be wrong! Hell yeah.. fast paced episode and showed me the writers weren't planning on wasting more time than needed. Remembered a bit about Prison Break. They developed the cast so much that you even missed them when they were left behind (or killed).

    Anyways, guess next season is gonna be all about taking on Rome!! oh yeah baby!!

  • Probably the most bold and satisfying season finale I've ever seen. There are some unforgettable moments.

    I don't get worked up over TV shows often, but this episode in particular was amazing. There are some unforgettable moments, moments that will still be replaying in my head for weeks to come. Spartacus: Blood and Sand's season finale blew me away with how truly bold it was. So many issues were resolved and conflicts came to a head but left just enough to anticipate for the future. "Kill Them All" lives up to its billing. To me, the entire season of this show culminated in one moment that I'll just call 'the shield jump'. The two gladiators finally joining forces to take vengeance on their oppressors. Directly after, hearing Crixus yell "Kill Them All", game me goosebumps. Leaving me slack-jawed was the killing of Lucretia. I wasn't sure how far the show and this episode would go, but Crixus stabbing Lucretia meant there was no limit to this episodes consequences. I admit it, I am a sucker for this show. I am not usually a fan of shows with particularly explicit content, but for me, Spartacus: Blood and Sand ears every bit of it. Is this the BEST show I've ever watched? I'm not quite sure, but it sure is the most enjoyable season of television I've experienced in my 30 years.
  • "Kill them all" has killed all others shows ending. 10/10

    God has given me birth on this earth to watch this show

    When this series came out and i watched the first episode that time i knew it will be big but i had no idea that it would go that big and huge, now spartacus is bloody hell damn TV series.

    this season finally is epic the way the audience wanted mostly TV shows don't end like this they keeps on stretching that particular desired moment in the story but "Kill them all" has finally killed all other shows ending. i would definitely 110% recommend this series a must watch show on earth.
  • kill them all ... woow

    This is godlike season finale!! all theese episodes i have swollowing bitterness. thru kidnaping and killing Spartacus wife from roman hands, surviving his fights in arena and underground, death of his best friend, ordered from little sleazebag Numerious...I have wishing death to all roman aristocracy. finally iam satisfied 100%. my breath is light like feather ;). When Cryxus place his shield and Spartacus fly i was in nirvana, and when i saw Batiatus shocked face with drops of blood... Fantastic.Sad is only watching kill one of brothers, and escaping snake Ashur. Congratulation to all scenario writers, u make me happy, and iam assured that i am not alone. Spartacus! YEA!
  • this show is amazing!Episodic 300 with more blood,sex and drama... ahh the sweet taste of testosterone. :)

    I have to say that this first season couldnt have ended on a higher note.somehow,before watching the last episode "kill them all", i knew what i was in for.The episode is not called kill them all for no reason,thats exactly what happens...blood flows all over the screen, revenge is had,new stories are set to take place and who knows where they'll take it and how.hopefully , the lead actor to this series will recover from his illness, whether or not he continues the show,hope he makes a full recovery.
    if and when the second season airs,ill be waiting for this show!
  • the finale was great!! whoever rated it anthing less than 9 is simply out of thier mind!! kill them all was brilliant!

    the finale was great!! whoever rated it anthing less than 9 is simply out of thier mind!! kill them all was brilliant! at the begining of the episode i was very curious as to how everything is gonna turn out, but the writers did justice! how it panned out was simply exciting to say the least! everybody needs to watch spartacus! apart from the blood and sex, the fight scenes and the story is just great! its a shame to hear that the main actor has Cancer, but we all wish him a speedy recovery! i cant wait for season 2 to air!
  • It's very strange that the best episode of the season, get the lowest score, of all other episodes. and it's 2 points less than the average.

    It's very strange that the best episode of the season, get the LOWEST score, of all the other episodes. and it's 2 points less than the average.

    Plus, all the lower rankers, haven't wrote ANYTHING! Doesn't make any sense. Seems to me like some kind of organized attack.

    anyway, it's been the perfect ending of the first season. while watching, I was sure that they will try "save" many things to the next season, and therefor ruin it. so I was happily surprised on how they closed almost all the loose ends, while still making you want more.

    Too bad Andy Whitfield got sick. I wish him the best health. and we get 6 prequel episodes soon.
  • Agreed! it deserves A LOT MORE!

    Simply the best episode of this season, and among the best endings i've seen in a show of this kind. Everything we've been seeing for past 12 episodes, and this whole brilliant season, is unraveled into this MARVELOUS Season Finale that left me personally amazed and definitely wanting more. Indeed it is not a show most can suffer (hence perhaps the low ratings), but only because most are used to same stereotypic shows they've been feeding us. I ask you, how often can you see so much of....Everything in one show, make season? To be honest i remember one only, and that was Rome, Spartacus is the next best thing, so let's make the most of it and enjoy it for what it is, a brilliant, bloody, incredibly told story of one of the most memorable gladiators in our hystory. Peace!
  • Wow

    As a history buff I knew that the slave revolt was coming, but wow, I didn not see this. That leap from the shield was just awesome and the ensuing 25-30 minutes of pure bloodshed was absolutely awesome. I didn't know this show had it inside itself, but that was incredible television there. It takes guts to kill off half your cast like that.

    Now, Season 2 should be incredible as we see this group of slaves on a Moses like journey in search of their freedom. I just hope that the next group of villains are as good as these guys were.

    If you like action and bloodshed and jaw-dropping special effects, this show is for you.
  • simply EPIC!

    By far this was the best season finale any series ever filmed! I say filmed because the episode was of epic proportions and had a movie like feeling. To be honest this final season episode had more content and value compared to the slaughter movie 300.

    The build up of the series was pure genious. The first few episodes had a little to much 300 like fx in them with the overdone bloodspatter etc but that became less and less with each episode (besides the final one ^^ but the episode kinda needed that extra bit of blood again). The chemistry between the cast also seemed to work better and better with each episode.

    It's a shame a season 2 is delayed because of the illness of the leadrole but I for one will be patient and wait for it to come, wishing Andy Whitfield all the best and hope to see him fully recovered and healthy again.

    On a side note, it was nice to see Lucy Lawless back on tv in such an epic role. The first few times I had that Xena feeling when seeing her but as the series went on she put down such a good role I totaly forgot about that and will remember her now Lucretia. She did get an open end since Batiatus was killed but she was still on the ground showing signs of life. No idea if they have plans for that in a second season but it does leave some nice angles to bring her into that story again. On a Vengeance path to Ilithyia :)