Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Season 1 Episode 11

Old Wounds

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2010 on Starz

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  • Great one..

    This episode was truly great. Not only because they didn't have to rely heavily on nudity and sex scenes to grasp viewer's attention but the development of Spartacus.

    Asher betraying Batiatus. I really thought it was real. Just thought it was off near the end, when the plot became crystal clear to me.

    Crixus is on top form again. It's weird that Batiatus is so blind to his wife's affection towards the gladiator. Oh well.. Just hoping writers don't put Crixus against Spartacus anytime soon. Otherwise, we'll be lacking any real gladiators. Varo, Barka.. and a few minor ones. They're all gone. Now it's just Crixus, Spartacus and the german brothers.

    Now back to Spartacus.. He had to kill his best friend. The way it changed him was very well portrayed. Especially at the end when he finally learned the truth about some stuff. He found himself again. Can't wait for the next episode!

  • This show has come a long way...

    I remember watching the first three episodes, finding it watchable yet altogether forgettable. My views soon changed when Spartacus entered The Pit, stopped feeling sorry for himself and started developing as a character. Since then the series has gained momentum and has stepped into its own.

    "Old Wounds" acts as a lead in for the last two episodes of the season, and it does that job perfectly. The sexual content is scaled back and comparatively, the violence. There's only a few minutes devoted to the arena, and hoo boy they are sweet. Crixus makes a triumphant return and gets his sandals pretty messy in the process. We realize how skilled Ashur is at deception, and find that Batiatus is more devious than he seems on the surface.

    Finally we come to Spartacus himself, who finally comes to the realization that his enemy is not himself but instead those who hold him as a slave. I enjoyed that this revelation came not from an outside source, but within his own mind and reason. He has really formed into a solid character.

    Here's hoping that when the revolt comes, Crixus is on board and Mira becomes his new love interest. Well, one can dream.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Mesmerizing surreal dark journey, literate visuals and delicate writing, entertaining quaking free arena but itchy Batiatus arc, spiking dialogs and enchainting ending

    Mens sana in corpore sano. A healthy mind in a healthy body. Healing can be a complex and painful process. Even the most superficial wound can't close if your mind is not sane. Weakened by Sura and Varro's deaths Spartacus had to find the strength to put one foot in front of the other. But how can you achieve such a simple task when your mental health is compromised ? In some way his condition was similar to Crixus battle between life and death. However the new Champion of Capua's journey was far much more inspiring and tortured. Were the surreal nightmares an astral projection of his inner demons ? What about the polymorphic characters he encountered ? Of course his hallucinations were driven by something but I can't help thinking that what he experienced was a challenge. A mind game he could either win or lose. Witnessing him playing it was mesmerizing and I watched his every move, like a friend he can trust. You should be the voice in the dark that shadows his doubts, the hand that helps him uncover the truth behind the veil.

    So the show is a little inspiring. Watching Old Wounds was as captivating as reading my favorite novels. It was a visual ride beyond reason. Moreover with so obvious references to Legends and "Great and Unfortunate Things" I'm sure Brent Fletcher is behind it. Beside these philosophical delusions the story was also quite entertaining. First some blood was shed in the arena and that part was as excellent as in Party Favors. The fighters were fierce, the choregraphy brutal and the visual effects immersive. It wasn't as martial as in The Thing in the Pit but I found the approach refreshing and most respectful of the gladiators spirit. Second the dialogs were both cunning and lethal. From Batiatus dreadful comments to the numerous spikes nailed by other characters they were plenty of doomed words to cradle your ears. Third the smart and disturbing writing reminded me how literate the show actually is. They don't just pour blood and dump sand to appeal the audience, they shake our soul to make us feel more alive. From the mask metaphora to the coins fountain it's just mesmerizing to watch so much creativity in motion.

    However as much as I would like things to be perfect there was still one major element that slightly disappointed me, the Batiatus arc. I wish they had twisted it in a more subtle manner, specially considering how Ashur was cleverly used in the past episodes. Still it was intriguing and its ending should puzzle you even if I found it a bit incongruous. In fact it's amazing the number of patterns applied to reinvent the wheel every single episode. With Mira's exotic beauty it's even more appealing. And like if it wasn't already enough the ending was more intriguing than the most wicked cliffhanger. You won't watch the show anymore, you'll breath it like if it was pure filthy oxygen.

    Note : For once I would like to dedicate this review to the few readers who were kind enough to give me some feedback and encourage me. Your kind words touched my heart and motivated me. I'll try my best not to disappoint you. May the Gods spare your mere mortal souls !
  • Half of the episode was great.. the other half? Not so great.

    This episode had moments that continued the winning streak the show has been on as of late and moments that frustrated me to death. I'll start with my irritations. The moments where Spartacus was seeing Varro felt extremely cliche and below this sort of show. We've all seen moments in a show where guilt overtakes the hero when they're responsible for something, but this episode seemed to be driving the point home relentlessly. Add that to the fact that it was way too convenient for Spartacus to figure out the little clue about the man who brought his wife back.. he figured it all out in a fever dream? Perhaps it could happen, but it seems highly unlikely.

    I also cared little about Crixus. I've never liked his character, yet we get pointless scenes about how great he is and we have people lauding him as if he were God himself. Less Crixus, more Spartacus. And more Graber! I want to see Spartacus lopping some heads off in rage!

    That being said, the hostage situation with the Magistrate was brought to an end, a bloody end, and I must say, Batiatus is one of the vilest characters on TV right now, yet John Hannah plays him as a charming gentleman who went from rags to riches. He's a character worth hating, but Hannah does a fantastic job with him.

    There's only two episodes left, and it appears we're going to be getting some incredible resolutions here.
  • Old Wounds

    Was this Spartacus: Blood and Sand or an episode of Ghost Hunters International? The show seemed to be finally getting its act together and becoming a must-see for me every Friday, but this was a huge step back.

    We get it, Spartacus killed his friend. Get over it, don't have an entire episode devoted to him seeing his ghost and struggling to get back in the groove of things.

    And that there was that whole hostage thing which was just really forgettable and one of the lamer side storylines the show has done.

    This is a very generous 3 out of 10 from me.
  • Great episode, can't wait for the next one

    This episode was truly great. I gotta say I didn't expect what happened at the end at all until the last few minutes.

    The way they portrayed Spartacus suffering for what had occurred the episode before it was done superbly. I almost felt his pain and anguish.

    This series just keeps going up on my rating scale and I hope it doesn't stop. I can't think of one single episode that I didn't like and I'm dying to see what happens in the upcoming episode!

    This episode will be liked by some more than others as you can see by the other review... I guess if it's not all blood and skin during the whole episode some wont be happy, heh.