Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 09, 2010 on Starz

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  • Wow!!! Just Wow!!! SPOILERS AHEAD!!! This episode sets in motion the events, that will lead to the historical slave rebelion by Spartacus and his second in command Crixus.

    Spartacus realises he can't have his revenge against Batiatus without risking the lives of the other slaves, especially the wife of his close friend. This conundrum makes Spartacus think twice on how to achieve his goal. Further character development occures here, since Spartacus has to think strategy, rather than the tired old "heads on confrotation". Because that's the only way he'll beat a man as canaving as Batiatus at his own game, and he will need help.

    Crixus is betrayed, in his mind, by Batiatus, who hands his love to another man, wich finally reveals Crixus true emotions and what he is really fighting for. Lucretia is devastated to find out the truth about Crixus, and she takes her own steps for revenge. Alot of character development happens here, Crixus is now a man who knows that love matters more than being Champion of Capua, and Lucretia's heartbroken spirit really shines through. The deviousness of Batiatus just keep on reaching new hights(he knew all along about Crixus & Lucretia's affair), apparently he wanted Crixus to father him a child. Now he is ready to take on the world even if he has to threaten a legatus to get there.

    This episode really builds up to the season finale, and it's a culmination of how far, Spartacus Blood and Sand, has come as a series. There is truly alot a revelations, and Iam glad I kept on watching, because right now Iam getting every penny worth of time spent watching this series grow.
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