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  • Lizstanley90

    The main character actor passed away from cancer. :(
  • Quo vadis

    I admit I watch this show, but in spite of its shortcomings, which are many. The fact that it depicts Rome as a place where men shave their groins and women don't--preposterous as that is--is a mere annoyance. The big problem is that the obsessive passion which supposedly motivates Spartacus' every action never really rings true. It's just a plot device to have him make one stupid decision after another. And being stupid is not exactly heroic. I watch for the sex, really there's nothing else to watch for.
  • season 2

    How could you change the main actor half with 2 seasons to go? This is why I do not like the show as much as before.
  • True Nature

    As I watched Spartacus planning to betray Bariatus once his wife arrives, it became clear that in this version Spartacus is absence of any loyalty or gratitude for those who help him. He was to reward the first Roman to help him with blood and betrayed his relationship with the task master by drugging him. Then the twist as Bariatus betrays Spartacus first which is an attempt to justify the slaughter that will follow. So the true nature of master and slave is to betray each other.
  • Spartacus!!!

    Blood and Sand!! The best TV series that had ever been Made!!! I give my utmost props to the creators of Spartacus and wish more seasons with this show than Dexter! I don't know about everyone else but this show made me overlook Breaking Bad! Spartacus #1!!!
  • My favorite series!

    I love history, and history heroes, my favorite movie is Braveheart, so i cant believe i wasnt intrigued with this show before!

    I knew of Spartacus from history, but when i heard of him it was in junior school, in boring history class, so i wasnt much intruiged with it, then few years later i watched some movie with i think Goran Visnjic and Rhona Mitra, and it wasnt anything special, so those two images in my mind were connected to name Spartacus, so when i heard of the show i didnt want to watch it because of those experiences!

    Also i watched movie Gabriel! i liked the movie, but really liked the actor! He just had something!

    Than two weeks ago, i was watching Tv changing channels, and i stopped when i saw guys in boat, with chains, i watched the episode i got really intruiged, so i downloaded all the episodes and started watching, i really loved the show, altough some scenes were brutal, there was alot of nudity and sex, but i guess thats what made the show realistic! Last episode of first season is best episode of whole show! ITs amazing episode, especially that part when Spartacus jumps in the air, with help of Crixus and the whole thing begins, it gave me chills, and i dont remember watching anything before that gave me chills! When i found out that Andy died, i couldnt believe it, i think he was and would have been a great actor, i watched trailer for his "Be here now" documentary, and i cried, and i cant remember the last time i cried! after that it was hard to watch the show, with time i got used to it, it was still amazing show, fight scenes through whole show were amazing to me!

    I love a lot of actores in the show, Andy as Spartacus offcourse, but also i love Crixus, Onomeus, and all others but especially those three! Through the last two seasons, in every episode i thought to myself, this show is awesome, and it would much more awesome, if Andy was there, i really liked the other actor who played Spartacus, but cant get over Andy death! I would loved that Andy lived, and that that actor Liam played some other role in the show, also it would be much better if original Nevia stayed, the other girl was okay, but when you get used to someone its weird to see someone else to take their role!

    RIP Andy :( !
  • Great Show..

    There is a no any TV series or Movie like Spartacus. Its the best show ever. 10000/10000...
  • OMG!!!!!

    No words to express this television show.

    I tried to find faults... but still

    Jupiter`s cock!! this show is better than a million movies out there!!

    Enough said!
  • Give these Gladiators a chance!

    It was the boring December-January season (TV-wise) that made me give this series a chance. I wasn't much impressed by the first episode (I thought the effects were too "300" - a lot of slow motion, flying blood - and the story didn't interest me enough either) but got hooked after episode 3. The intrigue, betrayals and schemes were great and the cast really got their act together as it went (everybody's great but I especially love John Hannah and his Batiatus). The violence and the gore took turns between the graphic novel style of "300" and the pure gore, no frills, more real-life effects (especially after Spartacus goes to the Pits). It is not recommended for everyone, though, the most sensitive and puritan might feel offended (there's also sex galore). However, if sex and violence is not a problem for you, you should definitely give this series a try, because it is highly entertaining!
  • Draws you in and doesn't let go.

    I was originally not going to watch Spartacus, saw it on Netflix and I will admit... The thing that drew me in was the knowledge that Lucy Lawless was in it. And I am so glad that I didn't overlook it. The actors, writers and crew do a fantastic job portraying the time period. And the filming style and blood gives a nice nod towards 300.

    So many strong and well written characters for both genders, had plenty of favorites and was sad to see some of them meet an untimely demise. But every death for a major character was well thought out. RIP Andy Whitfield, you did a fantastic job and are definitely missed.
  • Love of Violence

    This show is a bloody mess of guts and fun. Sex, cruelty and absolute action. I truly recommend this to those who like to turn off their brains and just enjoy a ride.

    If you liked the two seasons of Rome and enjoyed the action brought from the movie 300 then this is up your alley. Easily offended need not apply.
  • "by jupiters cock now thats what i call script writing lol

    "by jupiters cock now thats what i call script writing lol what other show could ever use such language. the blood and gore a cgi wow. i wish they would make more tv shows like this.
    hopefully it returns for a 3rd season and that the prequel doesn't finish it off. they are taking a chance but i am sure john hannah and lucy lawless would be worth watching. also crixus will be the main character i am guessing. i wonder who the new baddie is gonna be. perhaps doctorae will even be a gladiator for this season now that would be cool
  • ALSO, for however is reading this. This show Spartacus, is a real event that happened in History, in 39 BC! Spartacus, Crixus & Doctorian are the names of the three main real-life rebels that lead the slave revolution! HA!

    Oh man! I love this show soo much! I recommend it to everyone! It is like the movie 300, but on a much bigger budget, & rated R! I love how detailed everything is! they are very into authenticity. I love Spartacus, he is my hero! I am extremely in love with Andy who playes him! I honest to God hope he gets better! Even if he can not come back, he needs to stay alive & healthy!

    Alos, I love Crixus! He would be my 2nd choice as a lover! ^-~

    ALSO, for however is reading this. This show Spartacus, is a real event that happened in History, in 39 BC! Spartacus, Crixus & Doctorian are the names of the three main real-life rebels that lead the slave revolution! HA!
  • Give it a chance. The pay-off is worth it! I'll try to be as vague as possible yet some spoilers may be present.

    I had my doubts about this show after the first couple of episodes. The dialogue and writing appeared weak, the action unoriginal, however I stuck with it and I must say I am glad I did.

    The writers really built up a tense and engaging first season ending in a bloody and unbelievably satisfying finale.

    The show at first appeared as nothing more than a mindless action show filled with gratuitous sex and violence. However if you can get past these things it is something truly worth watching. The characters are well developed each with an agenda or purpose that is explored in great depth without making the show convoluted and difficult to follow. Each action scene is well shot, with great special effects considering the budget. The action also does not distract from the story. You end up becoming involved in these characters and their situations. You care if they succeed or fail. You'll also find yourself rooting for characters you may have dismissed a few episodes earlier.

    Towards the end of the season the tension begins to mount and you find yourself on the egde of your seat as Spartacus gets closer and closer to his revenge. In the end you are not disappointed. I have not been this satisfied by a season finale in a long time. While satisfied you are still left wanting more. I hope Andy Whitfield makes a full recovery and is back on our screens before long. He carries the show well and I think we have seen just a peak of Spartacus: Blood and Sand's full potential. Bring on season 2!
  • This show is my drug, I can't get enough of it!

    A show of this calibre is hard to find this day and age, and this show definitely proves it's worth from episode to episode. The plot is always perfect, the twists welcomed as well as cringed at, it pulls you into the characters as well as the story. Right from the get go this show was amazing, and it just gets more so as it goes on. The character development is extremely exciting and interesting as the characters we come to love tend to be slaves of people we dislike. So their actions tend to be conflicting, and sometimes choices we don't want our beloved characters to make are thrust upon them. I love how things play out, it's pure excitement and entertainment from the start to the end. The length of the episodes is also perfect. It is like watching short length films, each episode having enough substance to continue the story without losing any interest. To be honest, this show brings to the table a very unique thing to me, a movie would not do it justice, as the content is better spread out in the form of episodes. It allows more content in less time, as well as a much bigger story to be told. The effects are also perfect, though the blood is not always real, the way they do everything in this show adds to the effect, it's simply amazing. Also, it seems as if we get an unfiltered view of what it might have been like living in this time period, there is no lack of nudity or provocative language, as well as violence. I really enjoyed movies set in this time period, and this show is the first to portray it so well. I can't wait to see what this show will bring as it continues to progress forward, and I most definitely will be tuning in for some time to come.
  • I love this show so much that I made this drawing for Andy and his recovery

    I hope you like it. This is one of my best drawings that I have done. It has so much positive feeback that I am hoping to get more. My wish is that Andy would see and hopefully it would make him feel better. But thats always a prayer. Anyways, I would really appriciate it if you guys took a look at it. I am making more pictures from the show, at LEAST one of each character. I will be posting them on my youtube channel as soon as they are done so dont forget to check it out. Thanks
  • The Perect Soap Opera for men

    In essense its got all the stuff we hate about the avarage soap opera...backstabbing, deception, afairs. However it does it in an absolutly aplorable way that any normal guy will love, and it doesnt hurt that they have lots and lots of violence, blood, and gore, and to top it off lots of sex to go along with it. But it also noursishes a story that is well thought out and brilliant from start to finish.... so once again...In essense it is a perfect soap opera for men. Of all ages, shapes, and forms. (oh and for all the women that like to watch a show where every guy has a washboard stomach too)...So go check this show out if your not allready watching it religiously. And enjoy
  • The epitome of all action series

    Blood and Sand is the best series i've ever laid my eyes upon. The action is out of this world, and is well equipt with a script to go along with it. Great acting, but perhaps a bit too much language and skin for younger audiences. The story follows the life of Spartacus, a man whose people are betrayed by the romans. Spartacus is captured sentenced to die in the arena, but as the story proves time and time again, Spartacus refuses to die.
    The series features renown actors such as Lucy Lawless from Xena, warrior princess, as well as fresh faces like Jai Courtney who plays Varro, Spartacus' only friend.
    Again, this series really isn't so suitable for younger audiences as it earns its TV-MA rating with full marks, but it is truly a ride worth the while.
  • Great Show. Great acting. Great storyline. Great special effects.

    I joined this site just to give this show a great review because never have I seen a show this good since True Blood on HBO. This show and True Blood are now my favorite shows I anticipate eagerly. The season finale was just pure awesomeness. I was literally at the edge of my seat at times and at a loss of breath and words. This show really kicks butt and it just incredible. I can't believe it's all based on actual historical events as well! Well done on this show. Well done.

    If you have any doubt going in on this show in the first 1-3 episodes realize it gets really good real fast once all the characters are introduced and the main story begins to unravel as secrets are unleashed. This show will definitely keep you wanting to watch episode after episode.
  • I love Lucy!!

    Sooo.. this show is about spartacus!.. everybody knows a little bit about the history... rome, gladiators, yada yada yada..

    But.. What is the new in this particular tv adaptation of the story?.. well.. a lot more exciting fight scenes, tons of blood and body part slashing, a decent acting (still yet not good enought quality work of all the cast members.. specially from the guys), aaand.. softcore sex scenes plus complete nudity of almost the entire regular cast! (yes girls!.. and some guys!, full frontal male nudity.. finally something for all kind of audience!. hehehe).

    But what i like most... Lucy lawless is really back!.. and naked! wooooo hooo!

    The best new show this year, i cant w8 4 the next season!.
  • KILL! KILL! KILL! them all!

    The gods favor these new show blessed by It's protagonist... Spartacus. SPARTACUS! The only Champion worthy of all ratings.

    It's THE show that innovates, and carries out the audience to somewhere other show never brought them.
    Raising all the brutality and cruelty lying in each of them.

    And they do it for not much. Check a show like flash forward, (a name which should be replaced by "fly downward") they use an incredible amount of money, to tell a story no one cares about.

    And now check a simple story, with not much invested in it. And see it how it becomes stronger every day.

    In the Arena of ratings, other shows will soon have no more chance against the champion of Capua.
  • this show is too good to be true...

    I watched Spartacus the movie and watched so many Tv Mini series about the same subject, ancient rome, etc etc, and this tv-show is awesome...

    Its the best adaptation of ancient rome i`ve ever saw, and even with the CGI of the arena and the cities being too "computer made", the cgi effects are flawless.

    Much better than The Tudors for example...

    The cast is perfect!! i enjoyed watch Xena again in a ancient role...The writers are very good, pure excellence. One of the best shows this year along side with flashforward and the too soon to tell "V"...

    GO GO Spartacus

  • Good review from a female!

    TO be honest, I was straight pi$$ed off when my husband started watching this show because of all the nudity but after I started watching it I realized the nudity only enhances the story. This show is like a "no holds bar" view of what the past was like or could have been like. The battles are definately not for the weak of heart or child but it allows adults to experience intense emotion and debate. I honestly enjoy watching Spartacus and feel that it needs more support. The only thing I can suggest that would bring more viewers would be to make it a little more "female friendly". Females dont enjoy watching shows where they see boobs everywhere. Approx. 75% of women who have nothing better to do then watch TV are self concious about their appearances and when they see their spouse staring at healthy double D's, ratung will go down and not only will you have lost the female viewer, but the guy too. We all know who's boss in the household. ;)
  • terrible writing, and acting but still entertaining

    i have watched the whole first season of the show and it is somewhat entertaining but at the same time it got old quickly. the writing in this show is absolutely garbage, every writer should be fired immediately. for some reason the word cock is used about 30 to 40 times in each episode. i don't know why they choose to keep using the same word over and over again. i highly doubt in the time in which this show is based off of that the word cock was a staple in roman vocabulary. the writing is just completely bland and it makes me think that the writers did no background research of how people talked at the time.
  • Can't get enough of it!

    This new show has got it all. Rush, brutality, sexuality, romance, gore, action, and lots of boldness. It has a very strong start, characters simply connecting easily and impressing all the way, with witty lines and the strength and courage to do and exploit every nature of being a good actor. Lucy Lawless came as a surprise after a rather "good" break, and impressed me personally for what she's put herself up to in this show. As for the new fresh stars i that i haven't heard much of. HATS OFF, you guys/gals are wicked great. In all the mayhem that you can find pretty much by little bits in each episode, you soon get to see the big idea. I enjoyed each episode more and more, it's peak being the last one of course which left me in "aw". The ascension of Spartacus is here, better and closer than ever. Bloody damn good show, im gonna keep a close eye on, hoping it will last. Peace!
  • You get not many shows like that these days...

    I think the show is great, you have everything... big budget drama with all going to the smallest details... yes sex just a touch away from porn... which is great not like some 90210... why not to show everything???... I say go for it... story line is brilliant... special effects for fighting scenes its also very good... kind of reminds me of 300 movie...
    I definately will be watching... not only for sex or figting scenes... but for all the drama going on... and no predictability... also for the acting... which very good... it doesnt feel like cheap TV show...
  • Starts of rocky, but get's sooooo much better.

    The first few episode's were kinda of blah. As the first season wore on the show found it's direction and quickly became one of my favorites. More nudity and sex than a person is used to seeing on t.v., but it serves a purpose. As does the brutality. Showing the flaw's of Roman society and why it fell. Spartacus isn't some valiant, pure hero. Like we're used to seeing. He's just a man driven to be more by the hardship's inflicted and brought on by himself. Sam Raimi doesn't have the restriction's of network t.v. this time and it seems to serve him well. Being able to go over the top when the situation calls for it. Much better than his last t.v. series "Legend of the Seeker". If you saw it you'll probably recognize a few familiar faces. This is not your father's Spartacus.
  • Utterly disappointing,

    the whole thing is just awful. First, the sex scenes, completely useless, or maybe used to lure in the voyeur side of the viewers. Second: the action scenes, a bad replica of 300, every slashing and spraying of blood was ludicrous. The whole show rely on this two aspects and I hate them both. A lost chance to cast a light on the Roman republic (every aspect concerning politics seem to exist to justify the sex and the blood). here's a cue how to rename the show: Spartacus: Just Blood and Sex.

    Sorry, Starz, but you'll stay out of my radar for the time being.
  • This show makes my day each week. Wow!

    I can not wait to see the next show every week, this shows has it all, sex(beautiful women), great bloody fights...that looks real not like Hollywood fights, no bruises, no blood looks so fake, the story is not original but honorable, a man fighting for the love of his wife hoping he can climb the mountain of being free as a gladiator by fighting his way out which would be almost impossible, to reunite with his lovely wife.
    Best show in his class by far, hope so much from this show, they can take the story to different direction and plenty left for years to come....if you want ideas let me know. keep it up writers, that's the good stuff and I like it very much!
  • It was about time, I am Love in it

    At the first 2 episodes i wasnt sure if this show is gonna be a hit but there was something that kept me watching and now i am sure that it will be a hit.
    the acting is getting better each episode, the story of each person is getting more interested. the fights are great specially episode 5 so far was the best for me. I still think think that the nudity is a little bit much, but still like it :)
    I like Lucy's acting she still great and beautiful.
    If you love fight and blood with one of the best effects this is the show your looking for
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