Spartacus: Blood and Sand

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  • My favorite series!

    I love history, and history heroes, my favorite movie is Braveheart, so i cant believe i wasnt intrigued with this show before!

    I knew of Spartacus from history, but when i heard of him it was in junior school, in boring history class, so i wasnt much intruiged with it, then few years later i watched some movie with i think Goran Visnjic and Rhona Mitra, and it wasnt anything special, so those two images in my mind were connected to name Spartacus, so when i heard of the show i didnt want to watch it because of those experiences!

    Also i watched movie Gabriel! i liked the movie, but really liked the actor! He just had something!

    Than two weeks ago, i was watching Tv changing channels, and i stopped when i saw guys in boat, with chains, i watched the episode i got really intruiged, so i downloaded all the episodes and started watching, i really loved the show, altough some scenes were brutal, there was alot of nudity and sex, but i guess thats what made the show realistic! Last episode of first season is best episode of whole show! ITs amazing episode, especially that part when Spartacus jumps in the air, with help of Crixus and the whole thing begins, it gave me chills, and i dont remember watching anything before that gave me chills! When i found out that Andy died, i couldnt believe it, i think he was and would have been a great actor, i watched trailer for his "Be here now" documentary, and i cried, and i cant remember the last time i cried! after that it was hard to watch the show, with time i got used to it, it was still amazing show, fight scenes through whole show were amazing to me!

    I love a lot of actores in the show, Andy as Spartacus offcourse, but also i love Crixus, Onomeus, and all others but especially those three! Through the last two seasons, in every episode i thought to myself, this show is awesome, and it would much more awesome, if Andy was there, i really liked the other actor who played Spartacus, but cant get over Andy death! I would loved that Andy lived, and that that actor Liam played some other role in the show, also it would be much better if original Nevia stayed, the other girl was okay, but when you get used to someone its weird to see someone else to take their role!

    RIP Andy :( !
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