Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 28, 2011 on Starz



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    • Batiatus: A man of ambition is capable of anything!

    • Gaia: (About Vettius) I've witnessed greater spine, within a snail.

    • Lucretia: Quintus why are you from bed? The medicus gave plain instruction you are to rest.
      Batiatus: A week upon my back sees advice well heeded. More and even my cock will cease knowing how to stand.
      Gaia: His spirit returns.

    • Gaia: I always follow the wine. Your wounds, they are less gruesome.
      Batiatus: Has she not yet found some fool's bed to fall to yet? Or is her sole intent in Capua to drink us dry?
      Lucretia: She has been of great comfort.
      Batiatus: And seeks the world for herself.

    • Tullius: Varus is but a stream leading to an ocean of coin. One I would see break wave upon our steps.

    • Gaia: So easily made to blush. A sign of tragic inexperience. I have not turned such a colour since before you were born. How I envy your youth. And all the wonders you have yet to discover. Do not be afraid to pursue every delight this world has to offer.
      Naevia: Melitta cautions patience. Plucking flowers too quickly will bruise the petals.
      Gaia: Words from a mouth that has only known her husband's cock.

    • Oenomaus: Crixus is undisciplined but not without promise.
      Doctore: Brings to thought a wild fuck I schooled when we yet called Batiatus' father Dominus.
      Oenomaus: I yet feel the sting of your lessons.

    • Batiatus: He brings word and gift from Tullius, who yet seeks Gannicus to swell his ranks.
      Lucretia: After what he fucking did to you?
      Batiatus: Let us sweep aside such petty grievances in service of reason and reward, he offers twice the sum refused. And what, I wonder, does good Solonius receive for convincing me to spread cheeks and accept deeper ramming?
      Solonius: I would share equal position in the games.
      Batiatus: You are in remarkable condition to claim my reflection.
      Solonius: Our fates move towards similar end, despite outward appearance. Refuse Tullius' offer and I shall join you in exclusion from the arena.

    • Batiatus: (After getting beaten up and sending one of his training gladiators to the mines) We do not surrender in this fucking house! I'll see these walls fall to ruin before missio is given!

    • Batiatus: Gannicus will one day stand the champion of Capua for the house of Batiatus.
      Lucretia: How do we manage such honor, if excluded from the games?
      Batiatus: Tullius but brokers interest. If a man of wealth and position such as Varus requested my men, even he would be unable to refuse.
      Lucretia: He meets with Vettius. You expect that fucking child to make introduction?
      Batiatus: No, I expect him to bleed as I rip Varus from his grasp.

    • Crixus: A man is condemned to the mines and they all fucking jest?
      Ashur: If it were a brother lost you would find the mood solemn. We must earn the fucking mark to gain respect.

    • Crixus: I will not die a faceless slave forgotten by history.

    • Melitta: One day we shall face each other upon the sand and have true decision. What would really happen? If you had to face each other, sine missione? No quarter given, no mercy shown?
      Gannicus: I would give your husband a glorious death.
      Melitta: You joke of killing a man you love when someday you may be asked to.
      Gannicus: Oh, you two are a perfect match, are you not? Both always fretting about what tomorrow may bring. We are slaves. Burden of choice and conscience equally removed. We are truly free when we fight.
      Melitta: It is you and my husband who are of a perfect match. One hides true thought in brooding silence. The other in boastful jest, meant to hold all at a fair distance.

    • Melitta: And what happens brave Gannicus when presented with circumstance you cannot laugh or fight your way clear of?
      Gannicus: Well, I may have to fuck my way clear of it.

    • Crixus: It is not the brand that concerns me. It is becoming champion.
      Gannicus: There is only one way to become champion. Never fucking lose.

    • Doctore: With respect, Dominus, I am the Doctore. The men are my only concern.
      Batiatus: A duty awarded you by my father.
      Doctore: A man who would not condemn a promising recruit to the mines out of a mood.
      Batiatus: Recruits, gladiators, even you are but slaves. Mine to command, despite my fucking moods.

    • Batiatus: (After instructing them how to kill Vettius) See this act to successful completion and earn the mark of the brotherhood.
      Indus: Without proving ourselves in the test?
      Batiatus: This is your test.

    • Batiatus: I risk all to lure Varus to our house only to find I am no longer the fucking master of it...
      Lucretia: She knows the man more intimately than we do. We must lend her our trust.
      Batiatus: Let us pray it is not soiled upon return.

    • Doctore: And the Syrians, are they to be rewarded as well?
      Batiatus: With the mark of the brotherhood.
      Doctore: The mark? Without proving themselves in the test?
      Batiatus: They proved themselves in my test. See it done.
      Doctore: Your father would never approve...
      Batiatus: I am not my fucking father!
      Doctore: A fact well known.
      Batiatus: See to Gannicus. Brand the fucking Syrians. And inform Oenomaus that he is to assume mantle of Doctore.
      Doctore: Dominus...
      Batiatus: You are a relic as is my father. Shadows from the past, soon to fade from memory.

    • Batiatus: (About Quintilius) Pleasing this man must now become your sole fucking purpose.
      Gannicus: Please him? In what manner?
      Batiatus: I have had my fill of being questioned by slaves. If Varus wishes you to suck his cock dry, you will savor every drop. Are we of a singular mind?

    • Quintilius: My interests are grounded in what I can see, what I can touch (Touching Gannicus up and stopping at the groin area) Now that is... impressive. Are you as skilled in its use as you are with a sword?
      (Gannicus quietly nods)
      Quintilius: I would have demonstration.
      Batiatus: The man is yours, we will lend privacy.
      Quintilius: You mistake intent. No I have had too much wine and other pleasures for such rough exertion. No, I would prefer a feast of the eyes. (Pointing to Melitta) Have him fuck this one and I shall watch.

    • Crixus: The Syrians receive the mark.
      Oenomaus: Absent the test?
      Ashur: Wait, are we not to recite the oath?
      Doctore: I will not see more shit heaped upon sacred rites. You may bear the mark but don't ever think yourself a gladiator, you little cunt.

    • Gannicus: (As he is forced to have sex with her) Melitta I...
      Melitta: See it done.

    • Batiatus: The man is dead?
      Oenomaus: I did not want it. He forced me to fight. And I do not know the reason for his anger toward me.
      Batiatus: The reason falls to my own tongue. Earlier I revealed intent of raising you to position of Doctore.
      Oenomaus: I am not to return to the arena?
      Batiatus: You are beyond such things now.

    • Quintilius: (To Batiautus) Oh, your man, Gannicus. I would see him perform again. In the primus of my games.

    • Batiatus: (To Gannicus) You have elevated this house. Yet speak of how we came by such honour and see brotherhood shattered and a husband lost.

    • Oenomaus: I have done a terrible thing...
      Melitta: We do what we must in this house...

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