Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2011 on Starz



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    • Batiatus: We have won many victories in the arena, sent many an unworthy opponent to the afterlife. Yet self important men hold us to lesser matches of the morning, absent both eyes and prominence. Such time has found its end! Two days hence, our champion will take to the sands to face another of Vettius' shit-eating dogs. Not in the streets, but in the fucking primus!
      (Gladiators roar)

    • Batiatus: This is but glorious beginning! Soon you will litter the sands with the blood and bone of all who present challenge! (About Oenomaus) Instructed in the ways of death and glory by a former champion! One of our very own!

    • Batiatus: (Hands him the whip) This has been wielded with pride by each before you since the time of my grandfather bestowed only on the most loyal and honorable of men.
      Oenomaus: Your will. My hands.

    • Oenomaus: The primus. To gain such position, Varus must truly have been impressed with your prowess. As am I.
      Gannicus: It was nothing.

    • Melitta: (To Oenomaus and Gannicus) Both of you bring honor to this Ludus. Each in his own way.

    • Oenomaus: (About Gannicus) Did you note how he could scarce meet my eye? He must now heed my commands, and does not embrace it. Will the other men share sentiment towards my 'honored' position?
      Melitta: It is his position that stirs troubled thoughts. He sets mind to the primus. As you must to training the men.

    • Melitta: I know this is not what you wished for.
      Oenomaus: And yet here I stand. Elevated.
      Melitta: As you deserve.
      Oenomaus: For taking a life? For betraying hand that forged the man before you?
      Melitta: There was no betrayal in what you did. Some acts cannot be avoided when stripped of choice.

    • Batiatus: (About having Gannicus fight in the primus) Your place in this will not pass without much fucking gratitude.
      Gaius: The kind I favour most.

    • Titus: I leave this house in your care and this is what greets me upon return?
      Batiatus: I was not expecting your arrival.
      Titus: Am I to announce myself to the walls that I own?
      Batiatus: Of course not. Yet if I had known of your return from Sicilia...
      Titus: The knowledge would have produced what result? Huh? Flowers and scented oils laid to meet me, masking sight of a son gone to shit?

    • Titus: Nothing with a man such as Tullius is ever minor. A fact obvious to the simplest of minds.
      Batiatus: Then it is a blessing a greater one than mine has arrived.

    • Batiatus: Here I stand. A lanista. Like my father.
      Titus: Not like him at all. You have never been able to look into the eyes of a man and gauge his true heart.

    • Titus: Varus has never employed a lanista not blessed by Tullius. Why now break tradition?
      Batiatus: Because I possess what Tullius does not. Gannicus.
      Titus: Gannicus? (Laughs) The man is a jest, inciting more laughter than awe. And now I find him desired by half of Rome?
      Batiatus: Much has changed in your absence.
      Titus: And much has remained the same. I would review my men and see how they have fared denied proper guidance.

    • Lucretia: (About Titus) He is the paterfamilias! One word dropped from his tongue could see us both to the streets. We must be beyond reproach, or fall to ruin.
      Gaia: Very well. I will be a vision of demure obedience and propriety. On the outside at least.

    • Lucretia: We are honoured by your return to Capua, father.
      Titus: I am certain your heart swells.

    • Gaia: (About Titus) Withered old fuck.

    • Ashur: We bear the fucking mark!
      Auctus: Received absent the test. A fucking goat may bear the mark. It does not make him a brother.

    • Gannicus: You should not eat with lower men. You are Doctore now.
      Oenomaus: A title I did not seek. I would not have events absent my control come between us.
      Gaius: Nor would I.

    • Batiatus: The way they fawn over him! Falling to knee to lick his fucking ass! He takes over my house. My gladiators. My fucking bed!
      Lucretia: Did he give voice toward length of stay?
      Batiatus: He gives voice only towards considerable faults of un-fucking-worthy son.

    • Batiatus: I secure the primus and he acts as if I shit upon the name Batiatus.
      Lucretia: Oh, you raise it, beyond anything he can imagine. He will see this and bitter tongue will turn to praise.
      Batiatus: He would sooner bite it off than have it betray him so.

    • Batiatus: Apologies. You rise earlier than expected.
      Titus: I rise at proper hour. An attribute neither you nor your man Gannicus seem to share.

    • Batiatus: (About Tullius) You would have me sit with this fucking man?
      Titus: I would have you silent while I attempt repair of damaged relation.

    • Crixus: Each blow a lesson never to be repeated.
      Gannicus: You should be quite the scholar by the time he has beaten you to death.

    • Gaia: Your Gannicus appears in fine form.
      Lucretia: As he will in the primus, elevating the house with glorious performance.
      Gaia: My heart yet races at the thought of his last.
      Lucretia: We'll place such memories behind us.
      Gaia: A difficult feat when so enjoyed by all (About Melitta) Some more than others.

    • Varus: I was not regaling Cossutius with tales of your men. But of your house's more... intimate delights.
      Lucretia: I fear that was a... special consideration.
      Varus: Was it? Perhaps Vettius will be more accommodating then. Concerning this and my primus.
      Gaia: It would be unfortunate to have come so far and find hands empty. Would it not?
      Lucretia: I would not have it so.

    • Varus: What do you offer?
      Lucretia: A gladiator of your choosing, paired with a slave as yet untouched?
      Cossutius: Untouched? A delicacy no longer present at the moment in my house.
      Lucretia: Then it is fortunate you find yourself in ours.

    • Tullius: Your patience and reason recalls joyous times, when business was conducted by those who shared respect for it.
      Titus: I fear we are a dying breed.

    • Titus: Solonius. I hardly placed you. The years weigh heavy on a man, do they not?

    • Batiatus: Whatever Tullius and the boy may think, I gained the primus on merit of Gannicus' prowess.
      Titus: Even if true, it is of no matter now. Gannicus will not appear in the games.
      Batiatus: But Varus has made personal request!
      Titus: A necessary sacrifice, towards levelling unequal ground. You will make apology to Varus, relaying Gannicus found injury in training and that Vettius is amply capable of seeing the primus attended.
      Batiatus: You give away the primus and now ask that I tongue the fucking boy's ass?
      Titus: I ask nothing. This is how it will be.

    • Titus: A few of our men will be paired against each other after mid-day sun.
      Batiatus: Our men fight themselves?
      Titus: The only plank salvaged from such wreckage.
      Batiatus: Then we must choose the men with care.
      Titus: They have been chosen for us.
      Batiatus: Tullius now selects my fucking men as well?
      Titus: An unavoidable concession. Barca and Gnaeus, Auctus to face your Gaul, Crixus.

    • Titus: This is price due for attempting to manoeuvre men above your station. Be thankful it was not more costly.

    • Cossutius: This world is filled with the grotesque and the divine. They exist together, two sides of a coin. You cannot have one... absent threat of the other.

    • Varus: Oh, your absence has been missed in Rome since your husband's passing. Your charms will brighten darkest night.
      Gaia: I long to return and crest dawn upon a husband yet of this world.
      Varus: How does your dowry stand? I was under impression you were absent family of means.
      Lucretia: Gaia is a treasure within herself.
      Varus: One to be coveted by a man untethered to the burden of position and appearance.

    • Auctus: Crixus begins to show promise.
      Barca: Upon his back?
      Auctus: The man always rises. A trait to be admired.

    • Gannicus: Crixus, you do not help your friend?
      Crixus: This is a fight between brothers. I do not yet bear the mark.

    • Titus: (Upon finding his gladiators in a brawl) Is this what my house has fallen to? Brother setting upon brother, so far removed from the honour of the arena where such contest holds meaning?

    • Gannicus: So you fight in the arena, I do not. The gods truly punish me.
      Crixus: I long to be of the brotherhood. To become a gladiator. But to be awarded position it is an honour I have not earned.
      Gannicus: There are many things given to us in this life for the wrong reasons. What we do with such blessings that is the true test of a man.

    • Gannicus: Auctus, Gnaeus... return victorious, brothers for I am out of wine.

    • Titus: Today presents rare opportunity. Auctus, a man forged beneath my rule to face Crixus, forged beneath yours. The outcome to prove if son has learned anything of worth from father.

    • Oenomaus: Your time has come.
      Crixus: Gratitude. For all you have taught me.
      Oenomaus: Fight with honour. And if the gods will it... die the same.

    • Batiatus: You have shown great promise. In practice. In exhibition against Gannicus. Yet this is the arena. This is where men become gods. Legions with far greater training and skill than you have fallen upon this sacred ground. Many beneath Auctus' spear. But I do not think that you will be one of them. You have the blood of a champion to rival any my father has ever heralded. Do you wish to behold such miracle come to pass?
      Crixus: It is all I desire.
      Batiatus: Then seize fucking glory and see us both proven worthy.

    • Lucretia: Have you set Crixus to purpose?
      Batiatus: I stoke the flame as best I can. It is now up to the man to ignite. Or be forever extinguished.

    • Lucretia: Soon your father will attest your worth or decay into the afterlife. Either way, we will be free of him.

    • Varus: Auctus wields spear to rival Mars himself.
      Titus: Well he has been well trained.
      Tullius: The same cannot be said of Crixus. Perhaps he should have remained a hauler of stone.

    • Auctus: (As he dies at Crixus' hands in the arena) Barca has taught you well.

    • Crixus: I swear to be burned, chained, beaten or die by the sword in pursuit of honor in the arena.
      Batiatus: Welcome to the brotherhood.

    • Lucretia: Crixus proves himself.
      Gaia: Perhaps even as match for Gannicus one day. In and out of the arena.

    • Barca: (To Crixus, who has killed Auctus in the arena) You fought well. Brother.

    • Titus: Your Gaul, still yet a recruit, defeated a gladiator I considered among the best of my men. It would appear I underestimated Crixus. As I did my son.
      Batiatus: You honour me, father.
      Titus: Oh, you honour yourself when cleared of plots and schemes.
      Batiatus: Thoughts far removed, never to return.

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