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Spartacus: Vengeance is the Starz epic series which continues the story of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. The rebellion continues, and Gaius Claudius Glaber rallies his troops to Capua to stop Spartacus and his band of freed slaves. Will Spartacus choose vengeance or keeping his army together?


    News Briefs: Nathan Fillion Is Heading to Greendale

    Plus: Starz is re-airing Spartacus in its entirety, a Breaking Bad alum is heading to ABC Family, and MTV has renewed The Challenge.


    News Briefs: NBC Sets More Summer Premiere Dates, Including the Burn-off for Save Me

    Plus: Zach Galifianakis is bringing his friend to Comedy Central, Heather Graham heads to Showtime, and Da Vinci's Demons is good to Starz.

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    • Andy was best!

      I started watching Spartacus few days the begining he is running only with a shield and sword at the diferent weather type's,killing enemy's(greeks) with no problem,and he was a perfect guy for that had some angry perspective in his eyes,killing anything that step's at his way,but at the other side he would give anything to protect his wife he arived at the Capua as a deserter,and survived a battle against a four experienced gladiators,I tought he would never along the show he kiled all enemy's,other gladiators from the brotherhood,anybody who bothers him and I was hopefully that the season 2 and the other seasons are going to be great as first two:at the begining there are a bunch of peoples and somebody called the guy showed his face and answered,I almost was so mad,he was the only guy who give that special effect to the came here to read reactions on character swap and read on the Google:"he was an realised he was I'l continue watching other seasons in his you were best,hope I'l get used on new guy! :((((moreless
    • Different View

      I personally loved the first Spartacus. He was perfectly picked for the part. I do not agree to the new pick because I feel he did not capture the same affect that Andy just seemed a whole new character as did the new Navea.

      So I decided it was best to think of season3 as a whole new show. It helped me to accept the inferior actors and give them a chance. I do not imagine the new Spartacus the same as the Champion of Capua. I think him the leader of a slave army having no connection to the man in season one.moreless
    • New Spartacus - for those that don't know why season 1 Spartacus was "replaced"

      Andy Whitfield - Died at the age of 39.

      It was reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

      I only post this because I saw a fairly recent post about how the directors were "stupid" for replacing Andy with Liam.
    • the new spartacus not ok

      I just can't watch this new pretty boy prance around in the shoes of the once great spartacus from season one. How can you go from Andy as a tragically flawed, infinitely dimensional, gritty man hero to Liam a physically inferior dial tone who is as much predictable as he is dispassionate. As far as I'm concerned the show ended with season 1. I'm sorry Andy but you left to high of a standard behind. man.moreless
    • season 3

      I was in love with this show until they replaced the real spartacus with the scrawny ugly dude in season 3. Uggh!! I'm over it.....

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