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  • Hard to watch....

    I absolutely LOVE this show! Well season 1 and Gods of the (RIP) can never be replaced, and brought such a charming rugged sense to his role. Watching the new Spartacus(Liam) try to play his role is frustrating! I keep trying to imagine Andy playing it, and I feel like if he was it would give such a feel. Liam portrays Spartacus in such a different way from Andy that it makes it seem like they are not playing the same role. Watching Liam and thinking of Andy playing certain scenes makes me sit there and think Hoe much better the show would have been with Andy still there and how different and better the scenes would have played out. It's hard for me to and don't even get me started or the new cannot stand watching her! She irks me! Bad acting and her crazy eyes and her I just can't handle it! I hate every time she comes into a me want to knock some sense into her and put a sword into her back ;)
  • Andy was best!

    I started watching Spartacus few days the begining he is running only with a shield and sword at the diferent weather type's,killing enemy's(greeks) with no problem,and he was a perfect guy for that had some angry perspective in his eyes,killing anything that step's at his way,but at the other side he would give anything to protect his wife he arived at the Capua as a deserter,and survived a battle against a four experienced gladiators,I tought he would never along the show he kiled all enemy's,other gladiators from the brotherhood,anybody who bothers him and I was hopefully that the season 2 and the other seasons are going to be great as first two:at the begining there are a bunch of peoples and somebody called the guy showed his face and answered,I almost was so mad,he was the only guy who give that special effect to the came here to read reactions on character swap and read on the Google:"he was an realised he was I'l continue watching other seasons in his you were best,hope I'l get used on new guy! :((((
  • Different View

    I personally loved the first Spartacus. He was perfectly picked for the part. I do not agree to the new pick because I feel he did not capture the same affect that Andy just seemed a whole new character as did the new Navea.

    So I decided it was best to think of season3 as a whole new show. It helped me to accept the inferior actors and give them a chance. I do not imagine the new Spartacus the same as the Champion of Capua. I think him the leader of a slave army having no connection to the man in season one.
  • New Spartacus - for those that don't know why season 1 Spartacus was "replaced"

    Andy Whitfield - Died at the age of 39.

    It was reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

    I only post this because I saw a fairly recent post about how the directors were "stupid" for replacing Andy with Liam.
  • the new spartacus not ok

    I just can't watch this new pretty boy prance around in the shoes of the once great spartacus from season one. How can you go from Andy as a tragically flawed, infinitely dimensional, gritty man hero to Liam a physically inferior dial tone who is as much predictable as he is dispassionate. As far as I'm concerned the show ended with season 1. I'm sorry Andy but you left to high of a standard behind. man.
  • season 3

    I was in love with this show until they replaced the real spartacus with the scrawny ugly dude in season 3. Uggh!! I'm over it.....
  • the 2 spartacus's

    is it just me are these 2 actors the same ? ive only just been watching it and the 2 are so identical its hard to tell em apart ...

    ive gone back to season 1 again to watch again they just seem like the same actor to me ...

    im struggling to understand how no1 else is seeing the same
  • Revenge is sweet!

    This season starts just after Spartacus and his group of freed slaves leave the House of Batiatus. He's revenge-oriented but ends up realizing he won't achieve much on his own and understands he has a role to play now - that of a leader. The series obviously departures from the arena and the gladiator's story to explore new scenarios and angles, but that doesn't mean lack of adventure or action - there's actually plenty of both! The writing on this show never ceases to impress me: it is cohesive and purposeful, you never get the feeling that the plot is not getting anywhere or characters are being wasted; and it was nice to realize how the big theme of this season, vengeance, guides the whole story and other characters, not only the obvious Spartacus-wants-to-kill-Glabber aspect. Everyone seems to be seeking retribution somehow, which is made clear with a great and grand finale. Not to be missed!
  • Different but good.

    Liam stepped into some big shoes but I think he pulled the role off well.

    This season honestly had one of the best finales I have seen, ever. I was blown away. The filming and stylistic blood that has become a trademark of the show was definitely improved upon. They got some flashy new equipment that allowed for some great slow motion shots. The storyline for me was also not lacking, the villians and heros were both well written.

    Lucretia especially just... Was amazing. Her death had me feeling sad but at the same time completely in awe. It was just really, really well done.
  • Just what you need

    Blood, death, boobs,arse and more blood and death, good show lol
  • This Is Spartacus !

    I think the first season was the best ! A solid acting , great script and an amazing story .

    with the next season , things got a little bit disappointing , the acting was not passionate enough .

    Overall , It's still a great series to watch , I hope the last season will bring more surprises and add some passion to the show !
  • Good but not as good

    Yes it's an absolute shame that Andy died. In saying so I will also say that I won't base this season due to that fact.

    It a good follow up overall but many things did bother me. I didn't like the departure from the arena but it was needed to move the story. I also had many moments where I ask "wtf, just escape and live your life's". Maybe it's because I know what will happen in the long run since I know my history as well. I was also surprised to see the journey go about half way and not to the eventual end. I never looked up if they will make the conclusion season for this. If it does they will need to pull many rabbits out of many hats to make it more compelling to watch.

    Over all it was fun to watch and I would still recommend it, just not as much as the first two seasons.
  • Spartacus Lite

    There were many things that were missing in this latest season. . Liam was a poor choice for Spartacus, he's not that good of an actor, he's not in ripped gladiator shape. In fact did they stop with their Spartacus Boot Camp workout? Most of the cast looked a lot softer this season, maybe too much freedom and not enough training for the freed slaves to add a little authenticity.

    The acting all around was a bit off to say the least, part because of poor script but the director should be to blame. A director is supposed to be the quality control of acting and it just wasn't present. Crixis became a wuss, Naevia was just terrible (I was upset that Ashur didn't kill her actually). The addition of the Germans was extremely irritating, didn't like them at all

    . Kudos for following history pretty close, albeit the troop numbers are waaay off. There were thousands on both sides of this conflict and you see a hundred at most. If they can't get it right for a following season they should just stop and forget this past season with a vengeance. I wanted a full flavored beer and only ended up with the horrible after taste of this 60 calorie crap. Hence the reason my girlfriend renamed this latest casting as "Spartacus Lite".
  • Lets hope writers get on the ball with Season 3

    The prequel and Season one were great, I loved every episode and never had a complaint about anything.

    I didn't know what to expect from season two with Liam McIntyre as the new Spartacus. I really don't think it would of mattered who was chosen, noone could replace Andy for that role, but I watched it anyways.

    The first few episodes were ok, I think Liam did a great job playing his part, he had huge shoes to fill, but it never felt like I was watching the same character as I was the previous season. I think this was the fault of the writers more than anything. He played his part well, but he was too kind, too boring, not passionate enough etc etc.

    Throughout season two, Crixis was made out to be a bedhead (wtf with his nappy hair) love struck wuss, Naevia was just plain annoying, not the cute girl from season one. I think what made it fun to watch, was the fact that Crixis was such tough gladiator that wouldn't think twice about killing someone, but was so gentle and in love with her, this season he was just a wuss in every episode and it annoyed me to even watch him. I don't even recall Crixis killing anyone other than a guard, he got his ass beat when they were going to trade Illithia for weapons, Agron even stood up to him, he just wasn't the baddass from season 1 and the prequel.

    Bring back the old Crixis!

    This really annoyed me. Agron, the almost nobody from Season one seemed to have a bigger part in Spartacus than the once champion of capua. Crixis would of dropped him in a second in season one, yet he was some sort of badass right hand man for Spartacus all of a sudden.

    Doctore, who could of taken on Spartacus and Crixis at the same time, somehow managed to loose and eye and get killed to yet another nobody thug.

    Ashurs part wasn't bad, he was the typical sneaky, backstabbing Ashur he has always been, I was sorry to see him go.

    Ilithyia, Lucretia and Glaber seemed to have great parts, I was really pleased with their characters although I'll miss Lucy Lawless next season.

    I am really glad they decided to bring Gannicus back. I thought the prequel was great even though I didn't have very high expectations of it. I found myself looking forward to scenes with Gannicus in it more than Spartacus.

    Overall I wasn't happy with Season 2, not because Andy wasn't in it, but because there were so many changes to characters and roles and the storyline sucked. If Season 2 had been the first season I watched, I probably wouldn't be too excited about seeing it again.

    Lets hope the writers do better next season.

  • They were sooooo close...

    Blood and Sand absolutely blew my mind. I started watching the series because I was curious to see Lucy Lawless in this new role, expecting to be mildly interested at best given that I normally don't like this genre. And then - WOW! It became my favourite show hands down. The prequel was just as amazing, if not more, and I felt the cast carried the story well in Andy's absence. I drove my friends crazy chattering on about season 2 and how excited I was for it. And I have to say, I was thrilled to see it back on the air. Yes, I missed Andy, but I was willing to give Liam a chance and I felt like he brought an interesting new energy to the show. So what happened? I really believe the writers got scared. They weren't ready to let the new guy carry the show, so we ended up with a lead who felt like a secondary character at best. Season 1's Spartacus was a complex, multifaceted character, and that not just because of the brilliant acting, but also because of the writing. The character was FLAWED. He had a big ego and took stupid risks, not to mention he was selfish enough to risk the lives of every slave in the house just to kill Batiatus (until he saw Varo's wife, of course). But we forgave him because of the trauma he had suffered and the rough road he took to redeem himself. And we loved him because he was unpredictable: we knew he was the hero, but he didn't always act like the hero, just a man trying to survive unimaginable tragedies. But this season? Spartacus was 'the hero' and nothing more. We knew EXACTLY what he was going to do because 'it's the right thing to do'. I wanted to see him screw up! The writers had a BRILLIANT opportunity to show the flaws in Spartacus when he chose not to kill Illythia - he spared her because it wouldn't give him his vengeance, not because he didn't want to be like the Romans - but instead he cited the latter as his true reason for releasing her and used it to deliver more speeches. The supporting cast was amazing, especially Ashur and Lucretia, and I loved seeing Ganicus again. The distinct style - I especially love the dialogue, although I think I might be in the minority - that we've come to know and love was definitely there in full force. And, surprisingly, Glaber made an excellent antagonist and I actually didn't miss John Hannah's presence much at all, which really shocked me. But the overall storyline just didn't seem to come together as seamlessly as the previous two seasons (1 and a half, I suppose), although we did get some nice climactic moments (the arena collapse CGI could have been better, but you have to admit that was awesome) and the writers dropped the ball with Spartacus - and you just can't do that with the leading character! As much as I wanted to love this season, I just left feeling unsatisfied and not particularly excited for season 3.
  • Get right Spartacus and bring more colors, light.

    II agree with those who says that this Vengeance Season is worse than previous two. The main reason is they couldn't find proper replacement to Andy. The second reason: this season is less colorful, always in the darkness, and producers always tried to hide the weaknesses of new Spartacus (Liam). We didn't see anymore that variety of events in terms of roman lifestile, that took place in the first and especially in the next season. I enjoyed watching th Blood and Sand because of Andy, Manu, Hannah, Doctore etc. I enjoyed Gods of the Arena mostly because of Ganicus, intrigues and interpretation of roman life of that period like how Bathiatus (Hannah) goes to the public toilet or construction site of the Arena. Alas, this last season is awful though producers tried to freshen it with the return of Ganicus and brining in the Egyptian.

    Producers should change present style of this series otherwise it will be an awful show. And it is still not too late to replace Liam with someone more masculine like Dominic Purcell.
  • They talked like cavemen

    Well season one definitely caught my attention. I was drawn in by the rawness of the show and it's different characters. Season two introduced a new character that ended up being my favorite til the very end of the Vengeance series..Gannicus! This dude was just awesome. And I thought the ending to Gods of Arena was perfect, where Gannicus after earning his freedom in the arena is eventually set free. The only thing that REALLY bothered me about this show didn't come to my attention until Vengeance began. THE DIALOGUE WAS HORRIBLE! Was it always like this and I just never noticed because I was just so caught up in it all? I mean some lines just sounded super corny, like they were written by kids. Sentences were just chopped down to like 3 words. Just totally ruined it for me. Well anyways, the end of Vengeance was respectful. Lucretia got her payback (which we all saw coming) as far as Ilithyia was concerned, and my boy Gannicus finally put an end to the ruthless Egyptian. I'm hoping the saga will continue!
  • more crixus

    The show is still excellent however alot has changed since the first series. One: Liam is alright... he's not on par with Andy however he's portraying a different Spartacus. One that is free and leading a rebellion, not a slave that is conniving to gain freedom.

    I think the show is lacking in some major ways however... one is the badassness of crixus. This season he appears to have been tamed. I don't see the brutal animal that was the former champion of capua. Onemaous also appears to have lost his furosity. They need to bring back what this series was known for... Animal Instinct. I mean Illithia is more cunning and brutal than all of the male leads.
  • From Awsome to just Barely Mediocre

    Although I think that the series is still alright, and I believe that Liam is a really good actor - he is not the right cast for Spartacus - in particular not in comparison. Liam is missing the animalistic power displays that came quite natural for Andy. When Liam is talking he does not pull the viewer into his cause and action. His movements don't have enough power and his emotions are too subtle and only seem to touch the surface. Liam is missing the display of raw instinct, anger, passion and determination in his expressions and motions.

    And what happened to the sexual tension and electricity between Mira and Spartacus? Katrina slowly crept into Andy's emotions and it was mirrored in his expressions and glances at her it was acted so perfectly!? This is totally lost between Katrina and Liam there is no chemistry and that is very unfortunate. In 'Vengeance' the relationship between Mira and Spartacus became a lukewarm love story that is missing sincerity.

    When Liam is talking or fighting as Spartacus I often forget that he is actually portraying Spartacus and not just one of the men his acting as a true leader is not very convincible.

    And then of course I can agree with majority that Lesley-Ann Brandt as Naevia really does not make it as well.

    I am so sorry that this show that started so awesome, strong and great became something just mediocre.

  • what the Andy Spartacus would have done

    Andy spartacus would have killed Ilithia and definitely not whip away a tear.
  • It's not the absence of Andy that makes this season so bad.

    I loved Andy! But they could have found someone better to replace him. I thought the obvious choice would have been Paul Bettany. Alas they picked a boy! Liam is too young and two clean cut for the part. Andy was 10 years older and much more rugged looking. This however is not the reason this show is not as good as the previous two seasons. The decision to kill off John Hannah's character was not a good one. He added support than cannot be replaced or forgotten. But now the show is missing both of its bets characters! Any good show would struggle to survive under such circumstances. I honestly don't see this show continuing longer than 5 seasons.
  • Give the guy a break...

    I think Liam is doing a great job as Spartacus...I wish people would give him a break. Andy approved him for goodness sake. I respect the fact that Liam doesn't try to imitate Andy, instead, he's being himself and he gets better with each episode. The show is still as addictive, if not more, than it used to be. If it wasn't, people would stop watching it. Andy is gone, and I think they did an awesome job recasting both Spartacus and Naevia. The writing is still tight and the characters and action are still exciting. Characters, such as Glaber and Asher have expanded and they are brilliantly portrayed. The series could have all gone downhill when Andy died. Instead, they persevered and kept it going. Sure, the show isn't perfect; there are a few technical flaws here and there; but overall, it's still a great show. Andy's role as Spartacus was a little different from Liam's. In Season 1, it was more about Spartacus losing his wife and his fame in the arena. This was competently portrayed by Andy who brought a very emotional touch to the character. Liam's role is more about showing Spartacus' leadership qualities in the fight against the Romans. It calls for the character to be less emotional and more inspirational, which I think Liam has executed very well.
  • Still Loyal to the Cause

    ok heres the blunt reality of the situation, andy is DEAD and he aint comming back , i like all the other fans do deeply miss him and wish he wasnt but it is what it is , as far as liam i believe he is a phenomenal actor , he's not andy at all but he has completely captured the role of Spartacus in his own way and to the point that i am convinced that he is spartacus , nothing cheesy or corny about it i am 100% convinced that he is spartacus , it took me awhile to get used to the new naevia but i have come around to it

    now to guys complaining about liam know this ,andy actually helped select liam himself before he passed so you would be pissin on his memory to insult him like that , my only thing is that i wished he wouldve pumped some iron like the rest of the gladiators

    now as far as the series itself i dont find it quite interesting as the last two seasons but i dont dismiss it as a debacle and still praise vengeance as an excellent series (one that ive waited 2 years to see lol) and also spartacus is series with twists and turns and it make it hard to predict what is gunna happen next so i think of different possibilities one of em become true and probably in turn why i think of it a little of a let down , however i still get goosebumps in watching it as i see the dramatic character development and the action scenes still send chills down my spine, also the plot is still amazing as i see the the events that the characters have been through have caused them to take up different turns in direction in life to better themselves ,which really i believe all of us can relate to in life all in all i am still love in with the series and watch it faithfully , i just pray gods dont part cheeks and ram cock in ass and remove crixus too soon from the show lol , i know it happens eventually (damn history) but as long as i see him everyweek im fine lol
  • Not too bad

    Spartacus was one of my "had to watch" type shows. The original Spartacus actor was unique and had much more depth than the new one. Not as into it as I used to be partly due to change in actors and partly due to the plot lacking as much direction as it used to - ie not as much drama it would seem to start off the season. I will continue to watch it though.
  • Still pretty awesome

    I'm not going to give the ultimate rant about Spartacus: Vengeance. I enjoy the series, I watch it religiously, the new guy in the title role isn't awful, more dialogue equals less sex which I'm neutral about because the sex was hot and I wouldn't mind seeing it..... I like the direction the

    series has turned being that the characters must evolve due to the predicament they are in. great seeing the emotions and desperation of these characters, sympathizing with those you once hated. Can't wait til next Friday!
  • best series yet

    There are so many n00bs whinging about this series not being on par with the previous two. I completely disagree, it's as good as, if not better. Andy is gone, it's not good, but get over and enjoy the show for what it is.
  • Raise the Titanic.

    The show is certainly bogged down with dialogue, that, "by the gods and my honour!" is getting a tad repetative at this stage. Like most tv shows, they're squeezing as much out of it as they can, and like most tv shows they always stretch things too far for too long. Spatacus, much like the Titanic, has an ending we all know, but I sense they wish to drag it out for a third series. Hence the full-on, jam-packed dialogue to fill in the whole of Vengeance, before we have "The Empire Strikes Back," for a third and final series.

    Terminus a quo, terminus ad quem. if they carry on like this, the journey from start to end will be slow. Bloody, but slow. Andy as Spartacus could say more with less words, (RIP) but John Hannah aslo brought a darkly indulgent, ever-so-subtle comedy to the brutality that is sorely missed.
  • Horrible script

    Ok, I'm not going to discuss actor replacement. It's tough to loose a star actor and then find a replacement. But new script in my opinion is very poor. They talk too much, their don't use every day language, language is even outdated for a Theatre. And then there is Bollywood effect. Spartacus was a smart guy who outsmarted stupid Roman commanders, he was not a superman. Actually all Gladiators are superman. Common, Spartacus ( trained by a Roman system) is killing two Professional Roman soldiers with one hand movement. Three Gladiators and one crazy woman kills twenty Roman soldiers in a forest? Six gladiators somehow get in to arena in a middle of the city, destroy huge arena, save couple of other Gladiators and then get away without loosing anyone? Maybe Spartacus should take twenty slaves he has and just go and sack Rome itself? First two seasons were believable, this one is a disaster with horrible script and poor acting. It seems like Roman soldiers are only capable of killing good actors. I guess this is how the Romans are trying to defeat Spartacus series.
  • Something's just not right.

    Spartacus, as a whole series, is wonderful. However, the new series seems to be lacking and not in the obvious way. The new actor, who replaced Andy, is not terrible. He does the best job he can. The writing is below par, for me. There's too much dialogue at times. Andy's Spartacus did not need a lot of words. He had a wonderful presence and it showed on screen. I feel like the writers are trying to make up for that fact. Overall, this is good show that is dealing with a terrible loss the best way they can. Give it a chance.
  • OK SHow.

    Andy is gone and we will never see the true Spartacus again. But I believe that people associated with Vengeance has done a gr8 job maintaining the interest in the series.

    For those who feel that the Spartacus is not the same anymore.

    At least it didn't go the way of the 2 & 1/2 men show!!!!! What a disaster....
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