Spartacus: Vengeance

Starz (ended 2012)





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  • Spartacus Lite

    There were many things that were missing in this latest season. . Liam was a poor choice for Spartacus, he's not that good of an actor, he's not in ripped gladiator shape. In fact did they stop with their Spartacus Boot Camp workout? Most of the cast looked a lot softer this season, maybe too much freedom and not enough training for the freed slaves to add a little authenticity.

    The acting all around was a bit off to say the least, part because of poor script but the director should be to blame. A director is supposed to be the quality control of acting and it just wasn't present. Crixis became a wuss, Naevia was just terrible (I was upset that Ashur didn't kill her actually). The addition of the Germans was extremely irritating, didn't like them at all

    . Kudos for following history pretty close, albeit the troop numbers are waaay off. There were thousands on both sides of this conflict and you see a hundred at most. If they can't get it right for a following season they should just stop and forget this past season with a vengeance. I wanted a full flavored beer and only ended up with the horrible after taste of this 60 calorie crap. Hence the reason my girlfriend renamed this latest casting as "Spartacus Lite".