Spartacus: Vengeance

Season 1 Episode 10

Wrath Of The Gods

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 2012 on Starz

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  • Spartacus

  • spartacus

    Love movie
  • Kill Them ALL

    I think this phrase should had been used in this serie also! when i was watching, i was saying to myself KILL THEM ALL!!! ARRRGGGHHH. Gannicus should had a more intencive role, on killing romans, because he is A HELL OF A FIGHTER! Say that bring more series please!!!
  • Amazing Through and Through

    I have to say the first episode through me, I didn't like the flow of it and I hated the end. The rest of the series just grew from strength to strength. Each episode and cliffhanger had me begging for more. I found episode 10 truly amazing, the fight scenes we're flawless and the pace of the episode had you on the edge of your seat.

    I Can't wait for another series, Liam McIntyre and the cast have done a good job. It's very sad that Andy died but Liam respectfully has done a great job. Andy Whitfield would be proud (R.I.P.). We all miss Andy and know he would have had an amazing career. Andy will not be forgotten. Long live Spartacus!!!
  • best show ever !!!!!!!

    the fights, blood, creativity , actors and plots are amazing never saw Lucretia insanity coming god! cant wait until season 3. love that they didn't move away from the original but kept his image he has done the role justice.
  • great episode

    this episode was great since if u watched the discovery channel and learned the history of spartacus u knew what was about to happen, and what will happen in future seasons the only thing that surprised me were some of the deaths and for crixus's wife great job..........aka that was the best scene in the episode
  • Wrath of The Gods

    Wrath of The Gods was a spectacular episode of Spartacus: Vengeance and I really enjoyed watching. There was a lot of character and plot development along with many surprise death scenes. It was great to see certain characters get what they deserved, while devastating to see the loss of other beloved characters. The story was well written and the directing, editing and special effects were phenomenal and the acting was perfect. I couldn't believe my eyes as the episode progressed. It seems there could be another season and I certainly hope there is because I just can't get enough!!!!!!!!!
  • Stunning episode...

    I must say, after watching closely the first episode I was somewhat disappointed...A lot of the scenes and the theme seemed a bit dull...However this episode was incredible, the fighting scenes being the most valued ones by me...Spartacus proved his worth as a great leader by transforming a sure defeat into a victory...Being on Mount Vesuvius with little resources and demoralized group he manages to find the most accurate solution in avoiding a sure defeat, by a surprise attack which leads to the death and defeat of its enemies especially Glaber...The second season will be better I am sure
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