Spartacus: War of the Damned

Season 1 Episode 5

Blood Brothers

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 01, 2013 on Starz



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    • Nasir: Agron. I would share a moment.
      Agron: I have no time nor desire. Perhaps Castus is less taken.

    • Agron: (About Crixus) I do not care for the way his eyes fall upon you.
      Spartacus: A gaze I grew familiar with when we were yet slaves to Batiatus.
      Agron: I fear return to days of old.

    • Agron: There are many who believe Crixus holds higher ground with the slaughtering of the prisoners.
      Spartacus: And where do you stand, in such regard?
      Agron: With you. And always shall upon field of battle.

    • Spartacus: I'm done with words.

    • Lugo: (To Saxa) You must learn our tongue. You know what curses she rains upon you.
      (Saxa curses in her tongue and Gannicus winks an eye to her)
      Gannicus: I prefer the bliss of ignorance.

    • Tiberius: (To his men who are fighting each other) You wish to fight now? Where was such lust for blood when stood against Spartacus? We are mired in piss and shit because of you. Because you turned and fled like frightened children in the face of our enemy. It is cruelest fate that you yet draw breath while the man who stood ground beside me was struck from this world for your fucking cowardice!

    • Senator Metellus: Why did the Senate grant you an army only for it to stand idle half day's march from Sinuessa?
      Crassus: The Senate did not grant me an army. They granted command. Every horse, every sword, every man your eye lays upon was purchased with coin from my own vaults. Shall be set to purpose by the will of Marcus Crassus alone.

    • Crassus: Spartacus will not be put to grass by brute force, as Pompey would surely attempt. He's a man of keen intellect and must be dealt with in kind.
      Senator Metellus: You speak as though you admire the man.
      Crassus: He came from humble beginnings and now even the Senate trembles before him. I find no greater cause for admiration.

    • Senator Metellus: You would seek to order my men to do what you will not?
      Crassus: I would seek to include you in glorious victory. If thought does not appeal, return home and leave matters of war to the men who wage them.

    • Agron: You and your people would have us all for the afterlife. As we would have you... (Puts his hand on Laeta's throat only to remove it within a couple of seconds) ...but for the mercy of Spartacus.

    • Crixus: I thought more of Spartacus than a coward of secrets and schemes.
      Agron: As you schemed to slaughter these Romans against his command?
      Crixus: They are the enemy. No different to the ones we suffered beneath as slaves. Or the ones who took your brother's life. There stood a time when you followed your heart in matters of blood. What does it tell you?
      Agron: That we are different men now.
      Crixus: Not all of us.

    • Gannicus: I have born witness to many of your mad plans. Never did I believe they would lead us across the seas.
      Spartacus: Last I found myself upon them, I was in chains bound for Roman soil, my wife taken from me. A thing they shall eternally regret.
      Gannicus: Of that I have no doubt.

    • Gannicus: Crixus runs wild within the city, Crassus threatens growing storm without. Time ill considered for assault towards wheat in Sicilia.
      Spartacus: Heracelo tells of shipments large in the gathering.
      Gannicus: I would sever a blow to the man himself, not his purse.
      Spartacus: The food is meant to feed his army. Seizing it will aid in weakening them and force Crassus to fall to desired path.

    • Gannicus: A man must do what he can to brace against the shit of a simple day.
      Spartacus: I hold you towards loftier esteem. As would most loyal to our cause... if I were to fall.
      Gannicus: You know my thoughts towards the subject. I am no leader.
      Spartacus: You proved yourself more one than Crixus when streets flowed with unfortunate blood.
      Gannicus: Had Naevia not put me to ground I may have spilt the same.
      Spartacus: No. You would not.

    • Spartacus: Perhaps one day you will find reason closer to heart to assume deserved mantle.
      Gannicus: And perhaps I will fall this very night and leave you to weep with the other women.

    • Crassus: I look into his eyes, and no longer gaze upon the boy I knew. I have witnessed cold distance in his stare.
      Kore: You should break words and draw him near, where he belongs.
      Crassus: Nothing do I crave more. Yet he has to find his own path or be forever lost.

    • Crassus: When you are within my arms the world falls from concern.
      Kore: You will forever find me there until the gods tumble from the heavens.

    • Heracleo: I came about winnings easily, I would part with them hard.
      Lyciscus/Caesar: Would that all profited so in dealings with Spartacus.

    • Heracleo: To set upon holdings of the richest man in all the Republic is invitation for calamity and collapse.

    • Nasir: I would have much need of words.
      Agron: I yet have none to break.
      Nasir: Is it a common trait among men east of the Rhine to run from a fight?
      Agron: No. Yet I have learned it one of a Syrian to shit lies from mouth and deem them sweetest nectar.

    • Agron: I have not broken trust with you.
      Nasir: You were with Castus. After I commanded you remain absent his company.
      Agron: Commanded? The collar that once bound my neck is but distant memory. Do not think I will slip it around again for you!
      Nasir: Do not raise fucking hackle. If I had been discovered with the Cilician after promises made to you, you would be of equal passion.
      Agron: I came upon Castus in the street while Crixus and the others were seized with madness. We broke for you and Spartacus, absent time even for even words to pass between us.
      Nasir: And I am to believe of all within the city he miraculously appears by your side?
      Agron: As I would believe you. In all things.

    • Agron: Spartacus would not allow foolish attack on Crassus.
      Crixus: Whilst he lays assault on the man in Sicilia?
      Nemetes: He moves towards Crassus. And yet we're to sit here stroking cock?
      Crixus: Let us show Crassus that all the coin in the world will not stay his blood upon fucking ground!
      Agron: You do not lead these people!
      Crixus: Perhaps it's time I should!

    • Spartacus: Crixus! Why are you assembled with rising intent?
      Crixus: To meet those of Rome, gathered upon hill.
      Agron: He's given order to throw open gate!
      Spartacus: I would see it opened as well.
      Crixus: At last he falls to fucking reason!
      Spartacus: Well you mistake me. I do not give command to see Crassus' men engaged.
      Crixus: Then what moves purpose?
      Spartacus: I would see what remains of our Roman guests released.

    • Crixus: You have lost fucking mind!
      Spartacus: As you have lost voice in all decisions of worth! Attempt to raise gate in advance of my word and you will find it forever shut behind you.

    • Kore: It seems another life when we were embraced by the warmth of your father's villa.
      Tiberius: For some a place of equal chill.

    • Laeta: You have suffered but annoying scratch. Do not seek to place it upon level with severed fucking limb.
      Spartacus: I seek nothing, except the parting of ways. From you, and those who would break from my command.

    • Spartacus: I am for Sicilia with those yet loyal and points beyond.
      Laeta: The mighty Spartacus. Turning from noble cause.
      Spartacus: I but choose another path.
      Laeta: One slick with blood, as any you travel.
      Spartacus: One Rome set me upon. Be thankful I leave its shores. And pray to your gods I never return.

    • Crixus: Laeta and the others have been among us too long! What they might have heard, or laid eyes...
      Spartacus: They laid eyes upon two brothers divided. A chasm we must bridge!
      Crixus: One widen by your schemes in Sicilia!
      Spartacus: A thing Crassus will believe as well when Laeta tells him of it!
      Crixus: You release her, so that he will know of your plans?
      Spartacus: And when he moves to halt them... we shall see the man and his legions to their end.

    • Spartacus: I held only Agron to confidence. Gannicus being brought to knowledge during return from sea. I could not risk Laeta and the others discovering true intention.
      Crixus: You fucking shits!
      Gannicus: You have been disagreeable of late. Any wonder you and your woman were left from fold?
      Spartacus: We must move past it. Or fall to ruin.

    • Sanus: (To Spartacus) I shall try not to kill too many Romans short of your presence.

    • Gannicus: It is a mad fucking plan. The sort I most favor.

    • Laeta: Spartacus and his men move against Sicilia.
      Crassus: What of the remainder?
      Laeta: They have fractured from the man and yet hold the city.
      Senator Metellus: Now is our chance. Sinuessa stands but partially defended.
      Crassus: So it would appear.

    • Crassus: You gave aid to the man that robbed you of husband's life in order to save your own?
      Laeta: To save as many of my people that yet drew breath. A thing I would do again, if so needed.

    • Tiberius: Would that I had drawn this stone and had fallen in Sabinus' place.
      Kore: You do not mean that.
      Tiberius: Would the world not still turn absent my presence? Would the Imperator not still march towards desire's end, absent dragging weight of constant disappointment?
      Kore: Your father loves you, Tiberius.
      Tiberius: It appears he loves you more.

    • Tiberius: He took something from me... and I would have something in return...
      Kore: Stop this Tiberius!
      Tiberius: You forget your place. Despite fine appointments and elevated worth you are yet a slave and shall do as I fucking command! (He rapes her)

    • Saxa: (Gathering weapons) All we could lay hands. No more in city.
      Nasir: I pray we hold enough.
      Gannicus: I pray we hold enough wine.

    • Naevia: We forge journey towards new beginnings. I would have one between us as well.
      Gannicus: Would you now?
      Naevia: Your friend, the blacksmith. Though he forced my hand, I know now, he did not deserve such a fate.
      Gannicus: And your hand so forced when you made assault upon me?
      Naevia: Would you not have done the same to protect one you love?
      Gannicus: You are a true warrior now, Naevia. Lay hand upon me again for whatever reason and I will treat you as one.

    • Nemetes: Have you lost your fucking mind, Lyciscus?
      Lyciscus/Caesar: It has always been my own. That of Gaius Julius Caesar!
      Nemetes: You stand Roman?
      Lyciscus/Caesar: As you stand for the afterlife.

    • Nemetes: You would turn against your people? These... these are not my people! I come from lands east of the Rhine and I would draw breath to return to them upon a day. I can see you close to Spartacus and together we can end the mad fuck.
      Lyciscus/Caesar: An offer much appreciated... yet I have made other arrangements.

    • Sibyl: Before you came to the city, I prayed to the gods that they would deliver me from the hands of my Dominus. And in you my prayers were answered.
      Gannicus: I have heard this tale before and found it equally misguided.
      Sibyl: I do not ask you to believe it true. Only to accept that it is what I hold to heart.
      Gannicus: I accept it. Now on your way.
      Sibyl: May the gods watch over you.
      Gannicus: And you, if I can not.

    • Spartacus: Their return stretches hour.
      Gannicus: Cilicians are not known to be of such concerns. Nor of good manners nor proper bath.

    • Agron: You fucking traitor!
      Lyciscus/Caesar: No, a fucking Roman!

    • Spartacus: You come to aid most fortunate moment.
      Crixus: As you have often done.

    • Agron: Whatever your plan... it dies with you, Roman.
      (The Romans crash through the door using a battering ram)
      Lyciscus/Caesar: Now would be time to run.

  • Notes

    • Dan Feuerriegel ‘s reading of Agron’s reaction to Castus taking an interest in Nasir derives from the fact that he can’t deal with the possibility of having his love taken away from him after losing Duro. The thought of having Nasir being ripped away from him brings a whole set of emotions and Agron’s way to react to them is by showing jealousy, anger and violence. It all comes out of love and fear of losing somebody else who is meaningful to him.

    • According to writer and creator Steven S. Deknight the mid-season episode is usually one where they try to do something very epic. Episode 5 becomes then a turning point where all the storylines are brought to a boil.

    • The historically driven parts of this episode are:
      -Spartacus taking a Roman city (even though it wasn't Sinuessa en Valle or that close to Sicilia).
      -Spartacus striking a deal with the pirates.
      Pure fictional parts are:
      -Caesar infiltrating the rebel camp. TPTB wanted to give him a juicy storyline in a way that he could interact with the rebels so that he has a personal vendetta against them.

    • Writer and creator Steven S. Deknight's favourite parts of the episode are:
      -Spartacus and Crixus' moment where Spartacus thanks Crixus for coming to their aid and they grasp bloody arms, coming back together.
      -The Crassus / Tiberius / Kore triangle.

    • Charlie Bleakley (Ulpianus) is credited at the end of the episode but he doesn't appear in it (he was killed in episode 4 Decimation).

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: March 3, 2013 on The Movie Network and Movie Central.
      USA: March 1, 2013 on Starz.
      Turkey: March 17, 2013 on CNBC-e.
      Czech Republic: April 16, 2013 on HBO.

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