Spartacus: War of the Damned

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2013 on Starz



  • Trivia

    • Death in Spartacus: War of the Damned:
      Romans: Sabinus, Fabia, Cassius, Ulpianus.

    • The episode title derives from Latin and means 'removal of a tenth'. It alludes to a brutal form of military discipline. The unit selected for the punishment was divided into groups of ten men, regardless of rank between them. By drawing lots, one in each 10 men was chosen to be put to death by being clubbed or stoned by the other 9 men in the group. The 9 surviving men were forced to sleep outside the camp and given meager food lots.

    • After Kore says: 'He has fought and bled for the glory of Rome. For his Imperator. Does he not deserve to be treated as any other beneath your command?' Simon Merrells looks directly at the camera for some seconds, breaking the 4th wall.

    • Goof: During his fight with Gannicus, Lyciscus/Caesar can be seen throwing his sword aside immediately before falling to the ground.

  • Quotes

    • Crixus: There stands greater worry than grain carried to port by Cilician shits.
      Spartacus: What would you have us feast upon? Promise of better days?
      Crixus: I would see bellies filled with the death of Romans. Crassus is certain to dispatch more soldiers. And we should be preparing to greet them.
      Spartacus: We are. By ensuring our own do not go into battle weakened by hunger.

    • Crixus: We should not be wasting what little food we have on fucking Romans.
      Spartacus: You know my mind upon subject.
      Naevia: I stand with Crixus towards it.
      Spartacus: I have given Laeta my word. It will not be broken.

    • Saxa: Show brand.
      (Woman bares her breasts)
      Gannicus: The most fearsome weapons yet exposed.

    • Spartacus: Gratitude for assistance.
      Lyciscus/Caesar: There is no greater glory... than the death of your enemy.

    • Tiberius: You have given Caesar mission?
      Crassus: One always intended. He secrets himself among the rebels to hasten their fall.
      Tiberius: The reason you ordered he remain unshorn. To assume guise of errant slave.
      Crassus: One must appear as wolf to be welcomed by the pack.

    • Crassus: Rest, allow wound to properly heal.
      Tiberius: I am your word and your will, Father. A position not commanded from upon back.

    • Spartacus: Crassus does not move as the others we have faced. He adopts our strategies in effort to twist them against us.

    • Gannicus: If you are struck down by one of your errant flock, how would they fare absent guidance?
      Spartacus: Crixus would see them upon proper path. With aid of wise council, gathered at this table.

    • Crixus: I held sole command I would move swiftly against Crassus.
      Agron: On this we share thought.
      Crixus: We are men of blood and battle and the streets grow restless with idle purpose.
      Spartacus: We must stay course agreed upon. We hold advantage of city walls. Crassus' legions will suffer on open plains while we train swelling numbers to see weakened foe to the afterlife.

    • Gannicus: Would that Attius was still alive to forge more weapons.
      Crixus: You would see traitor live and Naevia with brains upon fucking sand? Let Attius stand as promised fate for all who would see Roman slaves from shackle!

    • Spartacus: Fix mind upon the present, gauge prowess of those newly among us.
      Crixus: Escaped Romans yet to be found, Crassus upon our gate and you would have me play fucking Doctore?
      Spartacus: I would have you observe with watchful eye. Any that measure beyond expectation may reveal themselves more than they appear.

    • Naevia: We waste fucking effort. If there is a Roman among them, would they not feign ignorance of the ways of fighting men?
      Crixus: An animal cannot hide truer nature. When pressed to corner, it will expose teeth and snap jaw.

    • Lyciscus/Caesar: (To Gannicus) I shall have rematch, upon a day.

    • Lyciscus/Caesar: (To Nemetes) A city such as this holds great opportunity for those brave enough to seize it.

    • Agron: (About Laeta) She turns from offer of villa for straw and the smell of shit?
      Spartacus: For reason fallen upon understanding ear.
      Agron: The mind of a woman. A foreign thing.

    • Spartacus: You are pleased with the man Rome has sent to kill me.
      Laeta: Crassus stands as no other in certainty of intent. He will not stop short of your end.

    • Laeta: (To Spartacus) You have struck fear into the very heart of the Republic. Imagine the glory that awaits the man who defeats you.

    • Crassus: The first battle in my campaign forever etched in history. As a victory for Spartacus.
      Tiberius: Father...
      Crassus: He was not to be engaged until I arrived with proper force. Was command not fucking clear?
      Tiberius: It was. Yet opportunity presented when Spartacus moved beyond city walls. I thought it greater offense not to seize moment. Apologies for disobeying your command, Father.

    • Tiberius: You stayed at my side while the others ran. I am yet from this world because of you.
      Sabinus: Place it from mind. And pray I draw well.
      Tiberius: You do not deserve to be placed at risk among cowards. I will talk to my father and beg your removal from Decimation.
      Sabinus: The act would only diminish you in his eyes. A thing I would never allow.
      Tiberius: You stand most honorable in his legions... and this is fucking reward!

    • Nemetes: (About Castus) You wish to fuck the man, make introduction and present cock.
      Lyciscus/Caesar: I would sooner caress shit and call it lover.

    • Nemetes: (About Cilicians) Spartacus calls them fucking ally.
      Lyciscus/Caesar: You do not share opinion?
      Nemetes: It would hold no fucking matter. I am but humble servant to the will of our glorious leader.

    • Laeta: You were one of Laurus', were you not?
      Sibyl: Many nights I laid prayers to be free of him.
      Laeta: If only city did not need to fall in their answering. Embrace what you have. All can change in sudden moment.

    • Brictius: (About the Romans) All their fucking heads should be set upon pike!
      Cassius: Gratitude.
      Gannicus: Owed to Spartacus. I tend to agree about the pikes.

    • Kore: We have taken to each other's arms many times. Yet never have soared so high.
      Crassus: We are far from Rome and tethers that prevent such flight.

    • Crassus: Tiberius has given all to please me, to become honored soldier. Yet when eyes are greeted there stands only a child before me. Playing at the games of men.
      Kore: He has fought and bled for the glory of Rome. For his Imperator. Does he not deserve to be treated as any other beneath your command?

    • Spartacus: Our numbers have unexpectedly swelled.
      Heracleo: My men and I can only provide what we ourselves can lay hand upon.
      Spartacus: It is not enough!
      Heracleo: Perhaps it would be if resources were not drained by undeserving mouths... (Spits)
      Spartacus: You stray from subject.
      Heracleo: As you from reason. Do you think they would treat your people with such kindness?
      Spartacus: We are not Romans. Nor shall we become them by acts of unnecessary cruelty.

    • Nemetes: (About Lyciscus/Caesar) The man holds no love for Rome through weight of his words.
      Lyciscus/Caesar: How do you balance them against truth?
      Nemetes: I believe his loyalties mirror my own yet I will set final test and gauge action against words.

    • Lyciscus/Caesar: A common thing, to be so rudely handled by a brother?
      Nemetes: He stands no brother to me. Nor any man that has not earned my trust.

    • Nemetes: This precious jewel once stood Domina to many slaves within the city. They attended her every need as she now attends ours...
      Lyciscus/Caesar: Spartacus allows this?
      Nemetes: Fuck the Gods, no. He helped himself to my fucking coin, I returned favor... with one of his little pets. Prove yourself no friend to these people. Use this Roman for untold pleasures and when you have finished, leave fresh mark upon her as we have so often done.

    • Fabia: Free me...
      Lyciscus/Caesar: Soon Crassus will come. You have my word.
      Fabia: (Reaches for his knife and points it towards her) Free me...

    • Nemetes: What have you done, you mad fuck?
      Lyciscus/Caesar: (After killing Fabia) I set her free as I would all Romans yet held by Spartacus.
      Nemetes: You truly do stand one of us. Come, brother. Let us see it done.

    • Crassus: Those who stand before me turned from field of battle. Retreated from the rebel Spartacus and his army of slaves, fearing them more than their own commander. An error this night I shall see corrected. And in the lesson, lay fear upon proper name. Marcus! Licinius! Crassus!

    • Crassus: Those who survive Decimation shall be banished to the followers camp to live among slaves and whores until such a day I deem you worthy of proper company.
      Tiberius: Father, I would have word...
      Crassus: I am not your father in this. I am your fucking Imperator. I have too long considered you a child, Tiberius. Apologies. You stand a soldier now and deserve to be treated as any other. Join your men. Fall to command.

    • Gannicus: (About Ulpianus) This man. He is the one Attius helped free?
      Laeta: The blacksmith held no knowledge of it.
      Saxa: Your friend dead, because of her.

    • Crixus: Break fucking words, and knowledge of what you carry!
      Nemetes: (About Fabia) One of the missing Romans! She came at me out of the shadows half dead from attempted escape. If it had not been for Lyciscus...
      Lyciscus/Caesar: You spare their lives, and this is fucking gratitude!

    • Naevia: (About the Romans) All should be struck from this world.
      Gannicus: As you struck Attius from it?
      Crixus: Subject has been laid to rest, Gannicus.
      Gannicus: Along with fucking truth.

    • Naevia: Attius was a Roman who fell to deserved fate.
      Gannicus: He was my friend, you mad bitch!

    • Nemetes: (About Gannicus) He protects the Romans as does our mighty fucking leader!
      Lyciscus/Caesar: Is this what we have risked all for in joining cause?
      Crixus: Spartacus gives command!
      Lyciscus/Caesar: And I would give my life to feel enemy's blood hot upon cheek.
      Naevia: We owe Spartacus our own lives. Yet he is wrong in this.
      Crixus: A thing known by all. For every unwanted touch placed upon you. For every chain around neck, and every lash upon back! Take Roman blood as payment... and let us see this city truly ours!

    • Tiberius: (To Crassus, after having killed Sabinus in the Decimation) Your lesson well learned. Imperator.

    • Spartacus: Does it lie within possibility what I seek to do?
      Heracleo: All dreams are possible... it is but effort and cost that keeps it from waking grasp.
      Spartacus: See this last thing that I ask of you to its end and I will fill your ship with all the riches this city yet holds.
      Heracleo: Let us see it done then, brother!

    • Saxa: Take from fucking path!
      Brictius: I do not see Gannicus among you. Nor cause to heed his bitch!
      Saxa: (They fight and she puts a knife to his neck) I give cause. Bitch!

    • Spartacus: You will regain sense or fall where you stand!
      Crixus: It is you who has lost sense. And the Aedile's wife who has seen you tumble from perch.
      Naevia: She is the one who helped these Roman shits slip bond and smiled at you through fucking lies!
      Gannicus: A thing of truth. Attius held no part in it nor did he deserve the end that he met.

    • Spartacus: This is return for the mercy I grant you?
      Laeta: Mercy? You robbed me of my husband. Your people slaughtered thousands within my city. And I now stand condemned for trying to save but a handful from such cruelty?
      Naevia: Learned at the hand of our Roman master.
      Crixus: Take her life, brother and in the act let us become as one again.
      Spartacus: A thing deserved. Yet I will not see us become the very thing we fight against.
      Crixus: There are many who question your mind in this.
      Spartacus: I question mind as well... placing faith in you as a leader.

    • Spartacus: (To Crixus) Make further attempt against my will... follow those you have struck down this night.
      Naevia: The man has helped us more than anyone. Yet I now doubt path he travels.
      Crixus: Then perhaps the time has come to forge our own.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 24, 2013 on The Movie Network and Movie Central.
      Turkey: March 10, 2013 on CNBC-e.
      USA: February 22, 2013 on Starz.
      Czech Republic: April 9, 2013 on HBO

    • Writer and creator Steven S. Deknight's favourite part of the episode is the decimation scene which he defines as brutal, powerful and painful together with the Caesar / Fabia moment.

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