Spartacus: War of the Damned

Season 1 Episode 1

Enemies of Rome

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2013 on Starz

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  • enemies of Rome

    Welcome back Spartacus! this serie must continue!
  • enemies of Rome

    enemies of Rome was hey fantastic and exceptional start to the next season of Spartacus and I really enjoyed watching because there is tons of action character development and plot progressions. it was awesome to see the battle scenes and also to meet the newer characters. Crassus and his family were introduced and it seems that crassus has a knack for battle and a cunning mind as well. his son, Tiberius, is an interesting character and seems to have some intrigue brewing. I like tell Spartacus learned that those tool are with him don't live as well as he may have thought and I look forward to seeing how he rectifies this problem. I can't wait to watch the next episode of this amazing series!!!!!!!!!
  • A Brilliant Beginning

    Enemies of Rome may prove to be the best beginning episode to a series ever: breath-taking battle scenes for a show based on battles of good vs evil and the acquisitions of power, continuations of solid characters and the development of new characters to pique interest, and believable directions of the story/plot, and all of this was done with some great dialogue and writing!!! Critics of the show cite fake-looking blood, bad backgrounds, unrealistic looks on the show, and replacement actors - of all of these I can agree with only the last one as I still miss the charm and grace of Andy Whitfield (who will never be bested as Spartacus and earned his peaceful rest) over the straight-forward power of Liam McIntyre, and the original Naevia's charming beauty Lesley-Ann Brandt over the new tigress seemingly learning how to act as the series progresses. But the slicing bodies in their death throes oozing blood, is part of the allure of the series, and is a large part of why fans watch the show, so criticizing it is mindless and not credible; the backgrounds to me, are completely believable: Roman baths, cities, grey skies over battles, bodies scattered over plains and stone edifices are what historically made up the Roman empire, so criticizing those seem nit-picky and ticky-tacky commentaries. This episode in short had fantastic dialogues and scenes (the opening battle, interactions between Spartacus and his brother Gladiators while planning and celebrating, and their BATTLES, along with a surprisingly brilliant "final test" between Crassus and his slave-trainer) lots of gore and incredible fight scenes, wonderful sexy scenes, and superb character interactions. (Although we all could use less romantic interludes between men, even though that did happen in those days and is correctly portrayed - could young Tiberius be gay in fact?)

    I didn't see anything that could have been done much better in this episode, did you, honestly?

    And I can't wait for Fridays to come and the series to continue, even knowing that Spartacus will probably fall short of his goal to free the entire world of domination and reunite in the end with beloved Sura in heaven!!!
  • horrible

    bring back spartacus from the dead... this new guy is a skinny loser!!!
  • S P A R T A C U S !!!

    The best show of all time.
  • Glad spartacus is back!

    Pretty good season opener. Damn this show is ambitious. A bit of swashbuckling, a little romance and a slave's unquestionable honor. Spartacus rarely disappoints.
  • Final season

    I am so sad this is the final season... My husband and I love thus show!!!
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