Spartacus: War of the Damned

Season 1 Episode 1

Enemies of Rome

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2013 on Starz



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    • Crixus: The Romans have sounded retreat!
      Naevia: We have won the day.
      Spartacus: We have won nothing. Cossinius and Furius again slip from grasp.
      Gannicus: The same cannot be said for many that stood with them. The field is thick with the dead.
      Spartacus: Deserved fate. For all who would see us again to shackle and whip.

    • Metellus: It confounds the fucking senses. How could a handful of errant slaves continue to vex us?
      Furius: I fear their numbers have been sorely underestimated within the Senate.
      Cossinius: Spartacus' mongrel horde has swelled with each passing victory since Glaber's defeat at Vesuvius. They added thousands to rank liberating the mines of Lucania. Slaves across the Republic, humble and grateful to their masters for so many years, have broken to treachery in the wake of ever expanding legend of Spartacus.

    • Metellus: Such chaos and death at the hands of a fucking slave.
      Cossinius: You will discover this fucking slave at the very gates of Rome itself if reinforcements are not dispatched.

    • Spartacus: What of Gannicus? I would have his report as well.
      Crixus: You well know the man. He favors celebration after a victory. Often for many days.
      Spartacus: A thing I would gladly give blessing. After Cossinius and Furius fall from concern.

    • Agron: You give those shits credit beyond due.
      Spartacus: Underestimating your opponent is a Roman trait, Agron. Do not fall prey to it.

    • Metellus: The rumours prove true, Crassus. You take instruction from a slave.
      Crassus: Hilarus stood a champion of the arena for many years. I paid his lanista more coin than you'll ever see in your life to purchase the man, and impart what he's learned of the games.

    • Crassus: (About Cossinius and Furius) Their asses must be sore from the ramming Spartacus has given, to come begging to me.
      Metellus: No one is begging. They are asking assistance from a loyal member of the Senate.
      Crassus: How much assistance?
      Metellus: Ten thousand men.

    • Metellus: (After Crassus agrees to serve beneath Cossinius and Furius) To voice truth of it, I had expected you to extort inflated title at the very least, as Pompey did to take his charge against Sertorius.
      Crassus: My interest lies only in title and honour earned.
      Metellus: Apologies for ever suspecting less.

    • Crassus: Spartacus must fall and I shall set upon what path I must to see day hastened. For the glory of Rome.

    • (Saxa walks in eager to celebrate a new victory)
      Gannicus: Out. Out!
      Totus: It's my fucking tent!

    • (After having sex)
      Nasir: Is it imagining or do we rise to heights unknown in wake of battle?
      Agron: As all men do, when bathed in blood and victory.
      Nasir: When Rome falls, I fear we shall split the heavens in celebration.
      Agron: And fuck Jupiter as he plummets to the earth.
      Nasir: Oh, you believe you fuck as a god now?
      Agron: I boast but upon evidence given.

    • Agron: I have always believed in you, Nasir. Even when you were yet a contrary little Syrian slave boy.
      Nasir: My eyes were yet shrouded. I am forever in Spartacus' debt, for parting veil.
      Agron: A debt shared equally by all. One we shall repay with Roman lives.

    • Gannicus: My attentions were called by pressing matters.
      Spartacus: Of women and drink?
      Gannicus: Are there any more so?

    • Spartacus: Take rightful place beside Crixus and myself, as a leader.
      Gannicus: I will give life to your cause in honor of Oenomaus. I may even believe in it myself upon a day. But I am no leader, nor seek to be one.
      Spartacus: There are many that already look to you as such. A greater number still would follow you in battle.
      Gannicus: You mean die for me?
      Spartacus: For the cause.
      Gannicus: I would not be set above my brothers, and thought greater than I am. As many begin to think of you.
      Spartacus: I do not wish it.
      Gannicus: Yet it is so. They begin to speak of you as a god. And may react poorly when you prove yourself mortal.

    • Gannicus: (To Spartacus) When we have laid waste to the mighty Republic, what will you turn your wrath upon then?

    • Spartacus: A thousand lives would not equal Sura's.
      Gannicus: I dared to love a woman once when I was a slave to Batiatus.
      Spartacus: She yet draws breath?
      Gannicus: I would give the world to have it so.
      Spartacus: A fate too common, for men such as us.
      Gannicus: I had my vengeance, as you did. And stood as empty.

    • Spartacus: I could not save my wife. And I can fight to see a day when no innocent life is so easily disregarded. A day when the Romans and their cruelty are but distant memory.
      Gannicus: May you find peace in its arrival, brother. Let us share wine and women, and set aside such heavy fucking thoughts.
      Spartacus: The offer is much appreciated.
      Gannicus: Then I will drink and fuck in your name. Fight when called upon. The very steps to the Roman Senate if that is where your madness leads.

    • Nemetes: (About Nasir) Your boy grows fiercer by the day.
      Lugo: Soon even I shall fear to call him little man.

    • Agron: (Regarding new recruits) We test the last of those that have joined us.
      Spartacus: How do you find them?
      Agron: Enthusiastic. Yet short of skill.
      Spartacus: Many among us once stood as such.

    • Spartacus: Did you expect freedom to come absent cost?
      Diotimos: No. Yet absent fucking plan to be clothed or fed we must take matters into our own hands. Or risk early grave waiting for the Bringer of Fucking Rain to bless us with much needed shower.

    • Spartacus: (To one of his men, Diotimus, who has unknowingly critized Spartacus to his face) You may not always have full belly or warm cloak, but while I draw breath you have freedom to speak your heart. Even against the great man upon the hill.

    • Roman Soldier: Find fucking tongue, who is with you?!
      Naevia: Death!

    • Agron: (About Cossinius and Furius) They have gone to ground?
      Gannicus: Warm bath and the comfort of women, if my days in Rome are of worth.

    • Gannicus: A few against many. Much as the old days.

    • Spartacus: Gannicus, Crixus, I would have you at my side.
      Agron: I am to stand idle, with arm up fucking ass?
      Spartacus: You are to lead in my absence.

    • Naevia: (To Crixus) Kill many Romans. And return to my arms with their blood hot upon you.

    • Tiberius: You waste hour sparring with a common slave.
      Crassus: Was Spartacus not also once thought of as such? Would you dismiss him so casually as well?
      Tiberius: No. Yet for all his victories Spartacus is still a slave.
      Crassus: He's a man. No better or worse than any sharing title.
      Tiberius: You would place him upon equal footing with a Roman?
      Crassus: In some regards, he's proven to stand even higher.

    • Crassus: You believe wealth and position grant you advantage over those beneath you?
      Tiberius: I believe we tower above a slave in all things, no matter what name he bears.
      Crassus: Then couple words with actions and prove belief.

    • Crassus: Spartacus schools those who consider themselves gods, perched far above lesser men. And laughs as they tumble from the heavens.

    • Gannicus: There is no boast in easy victory.

    • Tiberius: An army not yet raised to maturity. Preparation for long march and campaign ignored. All in favor of playing with this fucking brute. I do not understand his mind.
      Kore: Set aside wounded pride and think as he would. And see shrouded mystery parted.

    • Crixus: We do not know how many await inside.
      Gannicus: Let us pray they are not too few.
      Crixus: I am encircled by mad fucks. And begin to count myself as one.

    • Hilarus: You ask me to kill you.
      Crassus: I command you to try.
      Hilarus: Then you command my death. If you're victorious, it will be at the cost of my life. If you fall to my sword, my life is equally forfeit.
      Crassus: Tiberius, bear witness. If Hilarus strikes me down he's to be rewarded with his freedom and ten thousand denarii.
      Tiberius: You cannot be serious.
      Crassus: A man's true enemy is doubt. A thing I would not carry into battle against Spartacus.

    • Furius: Spartacus does not hold the numbers for decisive victory. What is his mind in such attack?
      Cossinius: Let us see his skull split open and read his fucking thoughts upon the ground.

    • Crassus: Knowledge and patience. The only counter to greater skill.
      Hilarus: You have been well schooled.
      Crassus: Know that your service will not pass unremembered. The coin I promised had you bested me shall be set towards monument to the storied gladiator Hilarus.
      Hilarus: It has been the greatest of honours to have served you, Dominus.
      Crassus: The honour was mine.

    • Cossinius: The mistake is mine. In not foreseeing you would attack in the night, as the thieves and cutthroats you prove.
      Spartacus: A mistake you shall not make again.
      Cossinius: Name terms of surrender and let us be done with this.
      Spartacus: There are none I would trust a Roman to honour (Kills him and Furius)

    • Metellus: Sole command and charge to bring Spartacus to deserved end is now yours. Along with title of Imperator, if you so wish it.
      Crassus: I serve the glory of Rome.

    • Tiberius: You planned this. From the moment Metellus offered command under Cossinius and Furius.
      Crassus: The House of Crassus bows to no one.
      Tiberius: How did you know Spartacus would make attempt on their lives, instead of fleeing when knowledge was gained of your army advancing from Rome?
      Crassus: Because it is what I would have done.

    • Gannicus: The mighty Spartacus turns from unwinnable fight?
      Spartacus: Our numbers have grown beyond wildest expectation. Yet winter will soon be upon us. To face hunger and cold as well as Crassus would drag us to certain doom. We must seek advantage of supplies and shelter. One that can be defended if set upon, until spring warms intent.
      Crixus: There is not a villa in all the lands that could hold such numbers.
      Spartacus: No, there is not. Only a city could hold us now. And we shall tear one from the flesh of Rome, and salt mortal wound with blood and death.

  • Notes

    • Costume designer Barbara Darragh has incorporated certain symbols that identify each character:
      -Spartacus has a snake motif in his chest plate and wristbands.
      -Crassus's ring has a bull insignia.
      -Caesar has wolf related embellishments in his military gear.
      -The pirates have ornaments inspired in extinct animals.

    • The costumes of the characters this season reveal some upper class Roman embellishments that they have been able to collect. Also, Spartacus has incorporated a Roman chest plate and shoulder protection in his own styling.

    • According to writer and creator Steven S. Deknight the opening scene sets the tone for the season: it's a different kind of story, a big battle with an epic reveal of Spartacus charging on horseback and his big army coming up behind him.

    • Writer and creator Steven S. Deknight's describes Crassus as not a two dimensional villain: he is powerful and shrewdly intellingent but at the same time he shows an underlying compassion that you don't expect. Crassus is the one villain who can equal Spartacus.

    • Writer and creator Steven S. Deknight's easier scene to write for this episode is the one where Spartacus and Gannicus discuss leadership and it shows how Spartacus has put his heart aside to be able to do what has to be done for the greater good.

    • Writer and creator Steven S. Deknight's favourite part of the episode is the introduction of Crassus. According to him, Crassus brings new life and blood to the show and he prides himself in the complex villains that the show depicts as they aren't completely villains and the audience hates them but at the same time they root for them and don't want anything bad happening to them.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      USA: January 25, 2013 on Starz.
      Canada: January 27, 2013 on The Movie Network and Movie Central.
      Turkey: February 17, 2013 on CNBC-e.
      Czech Republic: March 19, 2013 on HBO

    • Spartacus: War of the Damned started production in New Zealand on April 10th, 2012. It is the show's final season.

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