Spartacus: War of the Damned

Season 1 Episode 3

Men of Honor

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2013 on Starz



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    • Spartacus: Swords born from shackles. Your hands turn miracle, Attius.
      Attius: Then perhaps you would bless them with additional coin, in reward for such divinity.
      Spartacus: Knowing effort serves higher purpose is reward enough.

    • Gannicus: You chew on fresh bargain, only to swallow stale shit.
      Attius: Suck cock, you long-haired woman.

    • Agron: (About Attius) I do not lay trust in that little shit.
      Spartacus: You do not lay trust in anyone.
      Agron: More so when they carry name of Rome.

    • Agron: We are at war, Spartacus. I would see our enemy struck to the afterlife.
      Spartacus: Women and children counted among them?
      Agron: Were the same not robbed of life in escape from Batiatus' villa? Or the taking of this very city?
      Spartacus: They were. Yet few that remain pose no fall to concern.
      Agron: They pose concern to fucking stomach drawing from our food which runs low from Aedile dousing pitch upon grain.
      Spartacus: Let us gauge our stores. And turn from thought of needless slaughter.

    • Nemetes: Your wife is with child. She should not be absent nourishment.
      Ulpianus: Gratitude.
      Nemetes: You mistake intent. I do not offer charity, I offer exchange. Bread, for whatever coin you may know of yet undiscovered.

    • (Romans are forced to fight to the death for a scrap of food)
      Gannicus: We fall to fucking games now?
      Naevia: The Romans forced you and Crixus to such for their amusement. We but return favor.

    • Gannicus: Attius stands with us.
      Crixus: He stands a fucking Roman.
      Attius: (Taking care of Ulpianus's wound) The man has never raised voice in anger, to slave, or any other. How do your friends differ, from the fucking villain they brand me?

    • (After Naevia stabs Ulpianus assuming that he was reaching for a weapon to attack Crixus)
      Crixus: Was he reaching for the bread?
      Naevia: I did not think it.
      Crixus: And what if you were mistaken?
      Naevia: The result the same. A Roman that shall never raise hand against us.
      Crixus: I have never held love for any of such name yet he held no threat.
      Naevia: Men such as him hold the greatest. True intent, shrouded behind mask of kind and gentle face.

    • Crixus: (To Naevia) I wish I had power to seize memory and with hands strip it from life.

    • Naevia: Knowing, you are at my side gives comfort enough.
      Crixus: I will always stand so.

    • Agron: What shit is this?
      Gannicus: Brigands of Cilicia.
      Agron: Pirates?

    • Heracleo: I would speak with the man that has claimed this city.
      Spartacus: Your words fall upon his ear. What business do you break?
      Heracleo: You are Spartacus?
      Spartacus: I stand so named.
      Heracleo: The same fiend that brought down the arena in Capua? Defeated Glaber at Vesuvius? Wrought untold suffering upon the Republic and its people?
      Spartacus: All deeds claimed with pride.
      Heracleo: Then I call you fucking brother!

    • Mummius: I would leave these boys to their plotting and hear of your adventures with Antonius.
      Sabinus: Impudent shit. He brushes you aside in favour of swallowing Caesar's cock.
      Tiberius: Let us pray he chokes upon it.

    • Heracleo: It is an honor for me to be across from the man who steals an entire fucking city!
      Spartacus: It was the fucking Romans who stole freedom from us. We merely seize what is owed.

    • Agron: (About Heracleo) To shit with this grinning cunt.
      Spartacus: Agron!
      Agron: What threat does he hold? Pissing on us from the sea?
      Heracleo: You would be surprised by the reach of my stream, boy.

    • Gannicus: (About Heracleo) The man swings cock to rival Jupiter himself.
      Crixus: Close gate upon ass and be done with him.

    • Attius: Is that what it was like, before you gained your freedom? Were you made to fight as an animal would as you made poor Ulpianus?
      Gannicus: I prompted no contest.
      Attius: Yet you did not stop it.

    • Gannicus: You hold no love for these people, Attius. Do not now raise vaunted concerns now.
      Attius: These people. Am I not Roman as they were? As some yet are?
      Gannicus: You stand for yourself alone. As I once stood.
      Attius: You are proof then that basest clay may yet be molded into something of worth.

    • Roman soldier: We thought the gate secure. Yet Spartacus is of the underworld, able to spirit himself through wood and stone.
      Sabinus: He is but a man.
      Roman soldier: I've laid eyes upon him bathed in blood and gore. The city trembling in his wake. Spartacus is no man. He's the Bringer of Death.

    • Tiberius: Break camp and return to my father with news of Spartacus.
      Caesar: He gave order to remain at your side.
      Tiberius: I am the word and the will of Marcus Crassus. You are not at my side, Gaius. You serve beneath me.

    • Laeta: You rob me of my husband, lay waste to my city and now you call upon fucking aid?
      Spartacus: We are at war. You and your people stand casualty. My own ranks question sparing a few that yet draw breath. I give chance to prove wisdom of it.

    • Laeta: I took belief in your reassurance once before and now stand widow for it.
      Spartacus: I do not turn from what I have done.
      Laeta: He was an honorable man, forever stricken from this world by you!
      Spartacus: You elevate the dead beyond their worth.
      Laeta: You did not know him.
      Spartacus: Nor I fear did you.

    • Laeta: There are many places hidden to eye among his holdings throughout the city.
      Spartacus: Aid in revealing them and you and your people will share equal portion from what we gain in bargain with the Cilician.
      Laeta: I would have freedom as price for all of us.
      Spartacus: Do this thing and you will be released when we take leave of Sinuessa.
      Laeta: Am I to trust your word?
      Spartacus: The reason is simple. You stand absent choice.

    • Heracleo: You would entreat Poseidon to shun robes and present ass!
      Spartacus: If he stood before me.

    • Spartacus: (To Heracleo) You mistake me for a Roman. I do not trade in slaves.

    • Gannicus: What fucking piss does Heracleo offer?
      Attius: Absinthe, by name. I once drained six cups and found myself in heated argument with imaginary cat.

    • Totus: My cock is magic.
      Crixus: Then see it vanish from sight.

    • Spartacus: I place no stock in your Gods nor any that would seek injury for crimes against those undeserving. I have given command that you are free to move about city. In return, you will lend hand in seeing your people see proper shed and food and carry word to me if any should fall to mistreatment.
      Laeta: (Weighing her just removed shackles) It surprises how such small a weight bears such heavy burden.
      Spartacus: A truth known to all who take up arms against Rome.

    • Laeta: (To Spartacus) Heracleo spoke the truth, at least upon one subject. You are not the man one expects.

    • (Castus is flirting with Nasir)
      Agron: Remove fucking hand.
      Castus: (To Nasir) Apologies. I did not know you were mired in shit East of the Rhine.

    • Agron: Jupiter himself would find cause to tremble if he laid hand upon you.
      Nasir: You would battle a god for me?
      Agron: I would slay all that would lay attempt to wrest you from my arms.
      Nasir: Strike Jupiter and the Cilician from mind. I would have them of no concern to the one that holds my heart.

    • Saxa: (About Sibyl) She does not please?
      Gannicus: She is but a child. And I would have a woman tend to my needs.

    • Sibyl: You've not given opportunity towards gratitude. I yet draw breath because of you.
      Gannicus: Your dominus fell to an act of war.
      Sibyl: He fell to a hero sent by the Gods.
      Gannicus: One that does not even recall your name.
      Sibyl: My name is Sibyl.
      Gannicus: Sibyl. And you feel you owe debt Sibyl?
      Sibyl: I owe you everything.
      Gannicus: Then see it repaid by staying far from my presence. And men of my kind.

    • Nemetes: You would claim all that I have earned?
      Spartacus: All you have stolen.

    • Spartacus: Nasir, take position upon wall.
      Nasir: I would stand with you.
      Agron: Go. I shall return shortly.

    • Naevia: Keep watchful eye towards sign of betrayal.
      Crixus: I pray they make fucking attempt.
      Spartacus: If Heracleo and his men prove short of honor... kill them where they stand.

    • Sabinus: Spartacus stands the fool if he risks dealings with such as them.
      Tiberius: They are thieves of equal nature. And if they come to terms it would prevent my father from starving the rebels out. A thing I will not have fall to pass.

    • Sabinus: Your father gave strict order not to engage Spartacus.
      Tiberius: My father desires a wolf of battle, not a well-heeled dog. And this night I shall honor him with blood and death.

    • Heracleo: You stand a man of your word. A very rare thing, in such a world.
      Spartacus: Rarer yet to greet my equal.

    • Heracleo: What are your thoughts?
      Spartacus: That I stand the fool for laying trust in a man absent honor.

    • Nasir: I thought you gone from this world.
      Agron: You will not so easily see me from your arms.
      Nasir: I attempted to come to your aid. Nemetes and his shits would not open gate.
      Spartacus: If the gate had been breached more would have fallen. He but followed command.

    • Gannicus: Confounds why the Romans attacked in such small numbers led by a boy.
      Crixus: It holds no sense.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 10, 2013 on The Movie Network and Movie Central.
      Turkey: March 3, 2013 on CNBC-e.
      USA: February 8, 2013 on Starz.
      Czech Republic: April 2, 2013 on HBO

    • According to writer and creator Steven S. Deknight the inspiration for Heracleo's character comes from a historical part of Spartacus' rebellion where he actually made a deal with pirates. Heracleo's name was borrowed from a historical pirate at that time period.

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