Spartacus: War of the Damned

Season 1 Episode 7

Mors Indecepta

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2013 on Starz



  • Trivia

    • Spartacus translates the episode title 'Mors Indecepta' as 'Death is Undeceivable' when the rebels find it carved on Donar's chest.

    • Goof: Gannicus and Agron shift their position several times in the initial shots as Spartacus and his men watch Crassus' army advance.

    • When Crassus says: 'Spartacus slips from snare?' Simon Merrells look directly at the camera, very subtly breaking the 4th wall. He does it again immediately afterwards when he says: '…the mind that inflicts them' and yet later when Caesar says: 'She has moved to join rebellion?'.

  • Quotes

    • Gannicus: The Gods march us halfway to fucking Olympus, only to piss on us from atop a wall.

    • Spartacus: (About Crassus) We will show the man forged of gold the cost of our lives.

    • Crixus: We must press attack before his army washes over us!
      Spartacus: They do not intend to advance.
      Gannicus: The Gods hold you privy to the future now, do they?
      Spartacus: I am but familiar with unfortunate past. I served in the Roman auxiliary when I was yet of Thrace.

    • Crassus: Gratitude for seeing duties to completion and not falling prey to baser desires of your own.
      Tiberius: A man must choose proper moment to seize pleasure. Mine is forever entwined with your own.
      Crassus: I stand moved by sentiment.

    • Crassus: The hour rushes to Spartacus' end. I would have my word and my will once more at my side upon final battle. I would have my son.
      Tiberius: As I would stand with you... Father.

    • Gannicus: You would move to fuck with Rome's might breathing upon our necks?
      Saxa: If I for afterlife, I take memory of your cock inside me.
      Gannicus: (Noticing that Sibyl is aware of their conversation) Let us turn thought from ourselves and see them towards deeper needs.
      Saxa: Your words sound as Spartacus'.
      Gannicus: They are my own. Heed them as you will.

    • Brictius: If you were not Agron's boy, you would stand as bloodied for shielding this little cunt.
      Nasir: Place Agron from thought if you believe your cock of a size.

    • Castus: For such a little man you speak as if a Titan.
      Nasir: Do not move me to regret coming to aid.

    • Nasir: You wish to fight?
      Castus: Killing Romans was how I gained your trust, was it not? Perhaps if enough fall to my blade your brothers shall one day be so moved... (He presents his bonds so that Nasir removes them)
      Nasir: (Noticing Agron's stare on them) It is a decision removed from my hands. But know that thought is well received.

    • Spartacus: You have known pain. And loss. A misfortune shared by many among us.
      Laeta: How do you move past it?
      Spartacus: That's a question I've asked many times. Live... and help provide answer.

    • Tiberius: I will be tasked with securing my father's concerns within Sinuessa, until I reach proper age for title of Tribune.
      Kore: A duty of great import.
      Tiberius: One you shall aid me in.
      Kore: I am to remain in Sinuessa?
      Tiberius: Within this very villa. My father grants you title of Vilica to oversee all who serve me beneath storied roof. And to see comforting hand continue to guide me in life's journey. One that drew me from edge of dire precipice. I owe you much, Kore. And soon I'll have the leisure of time to indulge repayment.

    • Kore: I have prepared afternoon meal.
      Crassus: I have appetite towards bloodier repast.

    • Kore: I would share with you troubled mind, and cause of it...
      Commander Rufus: All stands upon command, Imperator.
      Crassus: Time conspires against will of the heart. We shall break words again when battle is won.

    • Agron: Crassus erects Pulvinus as if we fight for his entertainment upon snow of fucking arena.
      Crixus: Then he shall behold what miracles of blood a gladiator is yet capable of.

    • Spartacus: We have done the impossible, time upon time... yet by inspired tactic, not brute force.
      Crixus: What are the lay of your thoughts?
      Spartacus: Crassus has become overly bold by advantage he holds. He places his Praetorium forward of proper position to better view anticipated victory. Perhaps we should pay visit and explain fatal error.

    • Spartacus: We must strike as the serpent, fast and sure. If Crassus falls to our venom, his legions will froth and foam absent proper command.

    • Crassus: Spartacus slips from snare?
      Commander Rufus: Along with a small clutch of his men.
      Crassus: Let him feel the sting of his wounds and reflect upon the mind that inflicts them.

    • Crassus: The time for ploy and deception draws to an end.

    • Tiberius: Caesar at last rises from the dead.
      Caesar: As you from spectre of punishment.

    • Crassus: Fall to command beneath Tiberius and join me before moon greets us.
      Caesar: Should not the man who took Sinuessa lead them? Not a boy prone to losing his sword?

    • Crassus: I commanded your placement behind city walls to move as my instrument. I took this city. As I shall take Spartacus' life, with my son close at hand.
      Caesar: And where shall honoured Caesar find himself in the midst of such glories?
      Crassus: At equal distance. If he but removes himself from his own path.

    • Tiberiusc: Here we stand. Title restored to me. And you beneath heel.
      Caesar: You mind your step, boy. Many a giant has tumbled to the afterlife, believing himself too big to fall.

    • Caesar: Does no one ever sleep in this fucking house?
      Kore: Apologies. I was drawn by argument.
      Caesar: And you lurked in the shadow to witness it?
      Kore: It is a dangerous thing to be removed from them since Tiberius is restored to imagined power.
      Caesar: You rattle tongue against your master?
      Kore: I but whisper of common threat. And means of striking it from mutual concern.

    • Kore: The boy that I once held to breast as a child has now grown far removed from the tenderness of youth. The thing he has become now threatens to turn us both from desired position.
      Caesar: How deeply have you been pierced by the boy?
      Kore: It must be enough to know that I stand wounded. As you have been by Tiberius' return to exalted title.
      Caesar: So you have thought, do you? Towards dressing such grievous injuries?
      Kore: One that I should have birthed to action long ago.

    • Spartacus: Is this how it is to be now? Are we always to find ourselves churning against one another as when we were yet slaves to Batiatus?
      Crixus: Forgotten days when you were yet of bolder mind.

    • Crixus: Your plot against Crassus... you have been bested by more devious mind!
      We should place sword in every hand yet with strength to lift it and fall upon the Romans!
      Spartacus: We are bound by canyon walls, absent hope of flanking maneuver! To face superior numbers possessed of armor and discipline will gain us nothing but our own deaths!
      Crixus: Then let the Romans see how we fucking embrace it! As we were taught to upon the sands!

    • Spartacus: Few among us stand as gladiators! They do not pray for a glorious death!
      Crixus: No. They pray to be led!
      Spartacus: I will not march my people to the afterlife!
      Crixus: And I will not die with a Roman sword in my back!

    • Spartacus: You will fall to command!
      Crixus: You are not a fucking God! And I do not heed to voice upon high!

    • Tiberius: (About Kore) You disobey command to bring a fucking woman to encampment?
      Caesar: She was desperate to break word with your father. I could not find heart to deny her opportunity to gain his ear.
      Tiberius: What concerns so move her?
      Caesar: Ah, that's the mystery, is it not? Yet calm rattled nerve. I'm certain father will share with trusted son all she reveals.

    • Crassus: You shall rise as my name does, as Vilica of the House of Crassus in Sinuessa.
      Kore: Beneath Tiberius.
      Crassus: He will be beside you, receiving benefit of your company and wisdom.

    • Crassus: It is true that Tiberius fell to grievous error. And I to wrath threatening to shake the heavens. Yet we now stand as one and I know in deepest heart there is no misstep that would see father withhold forgiveness from treasured son (Kore cries) I'd hoped soothing words to stem tide of overflowing tears.
      Kore: Pay them no mind. They are but lingering shadows of a foolish girl.
      Crassus: As long as the woman stands clear to heart's desire.
      Kore: Yes, Marcus. Everything is very clear to me now.

    • Nasir: If we take in any more our difficulty may be lack of air to breathe, not cold or snow.
      Agron: I prefer the pressing of rancid flesh to having cock become as ice (Spotting Castus) Am I never to be free of this fucking shit?
      Nasir: Add to storm's bluster and see tent blown from strained mooring.

    • Castus: You would see me free?
      Agron: Action born of Nasir's plea. Know that absent them my blade would be slick with Cilician blood.
      Castus: Gratitude.
      (Nasir smiles at Agron, pleased)
      Agron: Do not fucking cast that look.

    • Spartacus: Gannicus will not fall to wind and ice, wine forever in his blood will keep him warm.

    • Spartacus: Your wound gives pain?
      Laeta: It reminds that I yet live. And choose to continue to do so.

    • Gannicus: We again find ourselves in pressing space. Nursing wounds and praying the afterlife does not take us.
      Sibyl: You pray now, do you?

    • Gannicus: I have warned you... to stay far from men of my kind.
      Sibyl: You ask the impossible.

    • (Gannicus returns to the encampment with Sibyl, after having gone missing)
      Spartacus: I had feared you among the dead.
      Gannicus: The Gods took pity and provided us with needed shelter.
      Saxa: Not all so blessed.

    • Spartacus: Nothing is ever as it appears.
      Crixus: Then break fucking thoughts or fall from presence.
      Spartacus: His trench stands barrier enough to halt escape. Why see it coupled with impossible fortification?
      Crixus: To keep our eyes from what lies beyond it.
      Spartacus: Or what does not. A few man placed upon wall would give illusion of thousands beyond it. A deception worthy of the man himself.
      Crixus: And if you are wrong?
      Spartacus: Then we shall embrace a glorious death. Absent Roman swords in our backs.

    • Caesar: (About Kore) She has moved to join rebellion?
      Crassus: An opportunity denied her had she not been brought to the ridge.

    • Tiberius: How could he have spanned trench?
      Caesar: The fucking savage. He fills trench with his own dead.
      Crassus: He but seizes means left to him.

    • Crixus: The mighty Crassus shows fucking ass as he flees from us!

    • Spartacus: Let us see ourselves far from here and honor the fallen with future victories... and the blood of Marcus Crassus.

  • Notes

    • The historically-driven part of the episode is that Spartacus did cross Crassus' trench by filling it with the dead bodies of his fallen rebels.

    • Writer and creator Steven S. Deknight's favourite part of the episode is the wide snowy vista as it looks gorgeous (despite the fake snow).

    • Christian Antidormi's (Tiberius) favourite scenes to film were the moment where Crassus tells Caesar that he is to follow Tiberius' lead and the following scene with Caesar's reaction to the news.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: March 17, 2013 on The Movie Network and Movie Central.
      USA: March 15, 2013 on Starz.
      Turkey: March 31, 2013 on CNBC-e.

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