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  • Thoughts and feelings before the end of the TV show

    Spartacus is a HUGE tv show.

    After the twelve of April, it will be: Spartacus WAS a huge tv show.

    I'm really not looking for it to end because it has been so intense since the beginning, because in some way we get attached to the characters and I'm reluctant to see Spartacus & company die.

    But at the same time, it would not be a good idea for the show to continue and loose itself in countless episodes: this tv show deserves much better than that.

    This last episode (Separate Paths) was very sad. Seeing Crixus & Spartacus, Agron and Nasir saying good bye, and then seeing Crixus and Agron going to the afterlife was hard. And Naevia being back into captivity surely heading for the cross.

    But if the show wants to remain believable, it should remain as close as possible to reality.

    The undefeated gaul had to die and his army had to loose in the fiction as it was in real life.

    Now, what about Spartacus ?

    History says he was defeated, that he was killed when trying to go for Crassus: but his body was never found. If defeated, his head would have been on a spike. I do (and want) to believe that he survived, left Italy and went somewhere else with few of his companions. He was no saint, but ahead of his time.

    Historically, Ganicus, together with Castus, leaves Spartacus and is defeated by Crassus in

    -71. So, will it be next episode ?

    It is very important that the end does not deceive the fans: so one would think that Spartacus should live. This means that he would abandon all his people to save himself; that does not fit with the character in the tv show: the fate of Spartacus is that he will die :-(. Will the hope come from the roman chick who will carry his child ?

    Wait and see ...