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  • Kill them All!!

    Epic,Awesome,Tragic ,Sad,Violent,Bloody and sexy!

    Wish i could see that everyday
  • Legacy

    Because of Spartacus, starz forever solidified itself as a reliable network.
  • A Fitting Finale to a Great Series

    A fitting finale to an impressive series: many shows out there could learn a lesson or two from Spartacus' cohesive and purposeful writing. Short-lived and never wasteful, its three seasons and prequel are a marvelous example of how long a series should run without going stale - I wish future productions followed its lead and tried to keep series short. Shorter seasons and series would mean better episodes and not embarrassing and sad endings to once great shows. Spartacus: War of the Damned was remarkable, with a top-notch cast led by Liam McIntyre as Spartacus, who had a very difficult beginning replacing Andy Whitefield, but turned out to be perfect as the Rain Bringer. We all know Spartacus gets killed and the rebellion, crushed, but it was surprising to see how well the series dealt with reality, giving us a thrilling and sensitive ending. My only complaint would be the(mis)use of the Carmina-Burana-like soundtrack in every fightning sequence, which sounded repetitive. A minor mistake, however.
  • Epic ending

    Great finish to the greatest series i'v ever watched, I will be watching every starz series now with baited breath.
  • Good ending

    There was just so many things that could have been done with the end. I think they took the best route possible considering expectations. Sad to see the show go in many ways. I like to think of this series as a prequel to the Rome series, despite the fact that this one lasted twice as long.
  • Sad to see it Leave....

    its a sad ending for me to this beloved starz original series Spartacus not only to see the series end but thinking of my late father who introduced me to the series shortly before his when he got his first hd flat screen tv i remember him yelling upstairs to me to come down and watch it with him Season 1 and look how clear the picture is and the effects with the gory bloody fight scenes. When the final season was announced it was tough for me because i knew once this series ended one of my final moments of watching this series with him every friday night would be sort of a finale as well. thanks to starz and everyone who worked on this series and brought it to us allowing myself one of the lasting memories and images of my late father. love you dad! great series one of the best ever!
  • Hannibal

    spartacus must have been done as hannibal is a great had defeated rome too many times with his small the history biggest defeat of rome is battle of cannae where hannibal had just 50000 soldiers but rome was used the war tackle and killed all the 85000 men of 1500 were death in hannibal an amazing watch the video go to
  • Huge mishap with Separate Paths.

    So near the end of such a great series and someone really messed up!

    As a viewer I am not thinking about history.

    It should have taken a large herd of Romans to take either Argon or Crixus...

    Ceasar and Tiberius, most definitely not!!! It just didn't make any sense for the show.

    Worst episode of the series, watch out.
  • Are you not entertained?!

    Born from a pit darker than the abyss rose one blessed by the gods to defeat the shadow of death and bring rain to a dried valley. Spartacus is a very intense and brutal show that will end after a nice riegn. I am looking forward to the last few episodes. Though there are definately more storylines the producers could continue with, as seen with Gods of the Arena, it is best this series ends where history dictates so. I think it would be best if Spartacus is fatally wounded, but is not found by the romans. That way he can utter last wishes for his followers to be free, and recieve a pyre funeral. With the closing episodes upon us, I am sure the dynamic between Tiberius and Ceasar will dominate the remaining shows of the series.
  • WTF..

    There is no account of a real son of Crassus. Does anyone know if they made that part up? I know that all the other people did exist but Tiberius as Crassus' son. There exists a Tiberius but he is not the son of Crassus.

    As history says Spartacus body was never found, in the movie, Romans did not know who was Spartacus so is a believable way to say the could never tell if they kill him or not, but in the series they know who he is so to be true to history he cant die in the show, if Romans really killed him they would keep his head as a trophy.

    They could do something about his death, in fact they put Cesar in the show and in real life Spartacus and Cesar never cross paths.
  • Hell yea !!

    What a brilliant show !! Love everything about them.... Is it the final season ? Hope not :)
  • Thoughts and feelings before the end of the TV show

    Spartacus is a HUGE tv show.

    After the twelve of April, it will be: Spartacus WAS a huge tv show.

    I'm really not looking for it to end because it has been so intense since the beginning, because in some way we get attached to the characters and I'm reluctant to see Spartacus & company die.

    But at the same time, it would not be a good idea for the show to continue and loose itself in countless episodes: this tv show deserves much better than that.

    This last episode (Separate Paths) was very sad. Seeing Crixus & Spartacus, Agron and Nasir saying good bye, and then seeing Crixus and Agron going to the afterlife was hard. And Naevia being back into captivity surely heading for the cross.

    But if the show wants to remain believable, it should remain as close as possible to reality.

    The undefeated gaul had to die and his army had to loose in the fiction as it was in real life.

    Now, what about Spartacus ?

    History says he was defeated, that he was killed when trying to go for Crassus: but his body was never found. If defeated, his head would have been on a spike. I do (and want) to believe that he survived, left Italy and went somewhere else with few of his companions. He was no saint, but ahead of his time.

    Historically, Ganicus, together with Castus, leaves Spartacus and is defeated by Crassus in

    -71. So, will it be next episode ?

    It is very important that the end does not deceive the fans: so one would think that Spartacus should live. This means that he would abandon all his people to save himself; that does not fit with the character in the tv show: the fate of Spartacus is that he will die :-(. Will the hope come from the roman chick who will carry his child ?

    Wait and see ...
  • you cannot change history

    you cannot change history, and i find the pleas to try (renew the show) change history and make a totaly fictionaly story line....... misguided

    This ts how the story should end, crixus and his men killed before the final battel and Spartacus slain in a epic battle against crassus, were spartacus is killed in battle, Gannicus,Agron, nemitis and all the crusified along the road to rome, there blood dripping down on the camera, blurting out the picture.

  • 2 requests

    1) Please renew the show. I know history scripts it to end with Crassus and they skipped to Crassus because the network declared this season the last, but forget history. History needs to be changed.

    2) Like I said, history needs to be changed, and if this season is the last, don't kill Spartacus! Make him victorious!

    I've grown so in love with the show that I hate how history pans out what's going to happen.

    Every season's been fantastic, but this season is the best! The show is getting better and better it'd be a huge shame for it to stop now.

    RIP Andy, know that Liam has well and truly served your role justice.
  • Spartacus must not end

    I agree with all that have been said around here! I total agree with stoppeer! This season is amazing, congratz to all pruducers! Just hoping that this is not the final serie! PLEASE CONTINUE!!! SPARTACUS KILL THEM ALL!!!! He deserves to live, and find himself free, and spent the rest of his life resting in peace
  • Even better

    Boy, it's even better than the previous seasons. Emotional, intriguing, full of great characters.

    Fourth season and these guys are still rocking.

    Sad it's the last one. I hope to see a spin-off or something after this one.
  • Simply amazing!

    Every season of Spartacus has been fantastic, but this one (War of the damned/season 4) takes the cake. Never before has Rome been such a credible threat and never before have we rooted for both the slave's rebellion and those seeking to end it. I hope that after this season the directors make a Julius Ceasar/Marcus Crassus spinoff show because their story does not stop here. :) Thank you so much Starz! =)
  • The best

    A show that has everything and conciliates them perfectly... Its awesome one of my favorites tv shows.

    RIP Andy Whitfield and rest in piece. Although Liam is doing a terrific job (love the job he is doing) you will always be SPARTACUS, the bringer of rain!!
  • One of the BEST TV show EVER!!!

    Thank you so much for bringing this great show. I can watch it all day long. The suspense is so goooood!!!

    A thought to Andy Whitfield who was a great actor. God rest his soul...
  • love spartacus

    very nice
  • AWESOME!!!

    lOVE THIS SERIES!!! So Cool!!!