Spartacus: War of the Damned

Season 1 Episode 8

Separate Paths

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 2013 on Starz

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  • Separate paths

    I loved the speech Crixus gave Spartacus. I only wish Spartacus could have been there for Crixus' death.

    I believe Agron could still be alive. I surely hope so.
  • Crixus how could you?

    It is clear to me now that because of Crixus and Agron's ego leads to the defeat of Spartacus. Their will to go out fighting, marched against Spartacus's will to flee to fight another day, and it had to come down to a seperation of the army, with most trained fighters going Crixus's path, and to his and their ultimate end, leaving Spartacus with the bare of fighting men to defend against Crassus's mighty legionnaires.

    The fault of Spartacus losing the battle, is entirely down to Crixus.
  • Tiberius - Gladiator Slayer?

    The way in which the writers decided the fate of both Crixus and Agron was truly unbefitting such great characters and true warriors.

    To be so easily beaten by a little roman boy was such a huge anti-climax and a real disappointment. Even as the sword was descending towards Crixus' neck I STILL expected him to pull a dagger from his boot and end the life of that spoiled little brat before finally falling in glorious death.

  • Julius fucking Caesar !

    this CANNOT happen to the great Julius Caesar -- btw funny, but he will rip Tiberius head off ! all Hail
  • Separate Paths

    I loved this episode for a bunch of reasons but can't give it a 10 because of the reasons I didn't: as utterly surprising as it was for Tiberius to "screw over" Caesar the way he did, I didn't think Caesar as a cunning infiltrator, a very good warrior and the future leader of Rome should have gotten such base treatment from a scheming, lying, pock-faced, and almost worthless son of an Imperator!! Gaius deserves more respect than that, but it was funny to see him on foot looking very humbled, unable to ride a horse into battle versus a now god-like Crixus. That was over-the-top and not well written, even if many viewers gave it a thumbs up. And Agron's death was ridiculous considering the man held off Caesar in the city, and was one of Batiatus' best Gladiators, before progressing to one of Spartacus' best warriors, plus dying at the hands of this again almost worthless son of an Imperator. But Crixus' death, as tough as it was to watch after seeing his elevation as a leader the last episode, made sense by it being at the end of the sword he took, and being beautifully shot as a reflection in his love's eye, plus a probable factor in the downfall of the rebellion from a fatal split in forces. That scene was one of the most well done and poignant scenes in TV series history, in my mind, and puts this episode as the best so far in the entire series - alongside the celebrations for Crixus after victory and all the fantastic reminiscings and tributes paid by the mightiest of warriors to each other, it was a superior story and episode, fantastically acted as well. These four finally shared what it was to be brothers in arms and combat, and revealed what their true natures were - Crixus a warrior first and Agron following his footsteps, Gannicus finally maturing to a responsible, commanding prescence and second to Spartacus, who finally expressed his hidden desire for Laeta and need for affection. Magnificent stuff, all with brilliant battles to go with them!!

    I'm missing Crixus and Agron already, and sorry for what seems to be the end of rebellious warriors to these scheming, bludgeoning, enslaving Romans. I'd also personally would have liked to have seen Kore kill the worthless boy, and Gannicus kill off Caesar (as he almost has several times) but a happy ending doesn't seem to be coming unless other slaves as non-warriors escape retribution and tyranny, thereby fulfilling Spartacus' mission to see slaves free to be whatever they can and choose to be.
  • Separate Paths

    This episode was portrayed beautifully.

    You guys need to remember that Crixus died on that battlefield. (Next will be Spartacus)


    We were told by the writers and producers not compare it with history, but so far as I know it's been following it.
  • FTW!

    What do you mean ''worse episode ever''?

    Crixus had a warrior's death, Agron died in a way that was poretty lame, but ceasar got butt raped, making BOOTY the highlight of the episode. Speaking of which now Agron's butt boy will get a chance to learn to speak Numidian Greek. That little victorian booty queen got a chance to taste the pain of spartacus and that hot chick following Crixus' obvious successor, got a chance to be lain as well. That episode should have been called " Booty: A man's Butt! "
  • WTF?

    The serie has been great until this episode! The death of crixus is absurd!He should at least killed cesar, crassus son Or even crassus himself!!! Being kill with a roman sword in his back, is absolutely lame! He and Agron deserved a better death. It looked like it was so easy to kill them, after so many fights, they fall so easily... Come on... Worse episode ever.
  • Separate Paths

    Separate Paths was an amazing, breathtaking episode of Spartacus: War of the Damned. I really enjoyed watching because so much happened. There was a lot of character development as Spartacus and Crixus choose different paths. Tiberius gets his revenge on Caesar. Crassus makes a major move. There was lits if action, drama and intrigue. It was sad to see who died. I couldn't believe how everything played out. I was very entertained and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • I didn't think it would happen so soon.

    I like that IRL no one knows what happened to the real Spartacus. Even though I was never a fan of Agron & Nasir, that break up scene was the best! I teared up!!!

    I also loved Crixes last speech! It was so good. I liked that Agron lent his voice and answered the question that had all been asked at one point by Doctore to them.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Naevia was still alive. If they left her to go find Spartacus, and follow her back, or if they just left her to cry over Crixes, with his head on a spike.

    I like Kore a little more now, and the badd ass that is Saxa <3
  • Crixus Crixus

    End of Crixus .I m still in trauma :(
  • xsacacdsf