Spartacus: War of the Damned

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2013 on Starz
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    Spartacus Series Finale Review: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

    “Victory” worked well not only as a rewarding finale to a remarkably rich series, but also as a cohesive episode of television.

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    Even though outnumbered, Spartacus and his rebel army make one last effort to win freedom in a decisive battle against the Romans commanded by Marcus Crassus.

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      I loved the series from the start , but after season 1, I was laid off work n on antenna, I eventually purchased season 2 DVDs and later got back on uverse to see season 3 . When you already know the ending ends with spartacus dead , its extremely hard to expect a good enough last episode to make up for his death, but Starz does it best.
    • The night I cried

      I know the story about Spartacus and that he didn't die on the battlefield. He and thousands were hanged on crosses along roads, miles long. I knew it and to me it is one of the saddest episodes of history. I just can't watch any further. There are some ten minutes left on this last episode, but after seeing all these great people coming to an end and after seeing the Starks in Game of Thrones being slaughtered its too much. Back to the Big Bang Theory and Two and a half safe and good and sexy....moreless
    • Predictable finale

      I just dont give the worse note because I consider this serise one of the best series ever made, except this final one! Spartacus death was so predictable that our expectations were down the drain! The final battle between spartacus and crassus were so lame! The man defeated all kind of warriors and if he wanted he would finished Crassus in 3seconds!

      So predictable...
    • Jupiters Cock

      Remove thought from minds, there is always an end greater than your own. Farewell Spartacus my brother, Crixus not forgetting you too my gritty gaul, you still smell like a woman full of piss and shit but we are all mourning your death at the hands of a 4 year old. Gannicus you are an ultimate lad. You fight, fuck, and always have a classic one liner at an inappropriate moment. You will all be with your beloved ones in the afterlife (Crixus yours is a psycho) and find comfort in their embrace and in their thighs.moreless
    • go Ceasar!!!!!!!

      i love Ceasar :) it was good to see him picking up for kore when her life was in danger
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      • Gannicus: Spread word to your kind to strike shackle from their slaves. Or see their houses follow yours in blood and death.
        Roman: Who are you?
        Gannicus: I... am Spartacus.

      • Caesar: Another villa set upon.
        Crassus: What number holds total?
        Caesar: Six in half as many days. He lays assault with swiftness to rival winged Mars!
        Crassus: Spartacus stands but mortal man. I have yet held privilege of one that could span distant ground within single breath.
        Caesar: You believe reports false?
        Crassus: I believe he lays strategy to set Pompey to confusion chasing veiled spectre of the man himself.
        Caesar: We were charged with bringing Spartacus to heel, not Pompey. If the Thracian slips beyond the mountain, burden of defeat shall rest upon our shoulders.
        Crassus: (Lovingly touching Tiberius' mask) And those that have given life towards campaign.

      • Crassus: I would press the Thracian upon field of battle at soonest opportunity. And gaze into his eyes as life and hope forever drain from them.

      • Gannicus: Many times have I marvelled at mad scheme sprung from fevered mind. Yet one you now set forth towers above all.
        Spartacus: We have confounded Pompey to the north, yet Crassus still advances from the south with overwhelming advantage. Hope lies only in deciding field of final battle.
        Gannicus: You weave barest tether to the promise of such.
        Spartacus: It will hold long enough for the others to slip from grasp.

      • Agron: I would lend much needed aid in giving Crassus fucking pause.
        Spartacus: (Gannicus and Spartacus exchange a concerned look. Spartacus offers his sword to him) Grip sword. And have it so.
        Agron: (Tries to get a grip of the sword but it falls from his strengthless hand) They have taken all from me.
        Spartacus: You will yet serve purpose in coming battle. By seeing those who cannot fight to the mountains.

      • Gannicus: (About Agron) The man is more dead than living and yet eager to give life to your cause.
        Spartacus: My cause? It does yet not stand your own?
        Gannicus: I'm no martyr upon cross (Looking towards Sibyl) Though will gladly give my life so that those more deserving may live.

      • Spartacus: (To Naevia) Much has been taken from us. Soon we will face the legions of Rome and we will return bitter favor.

      • (Nasir presents Agron with a shield crafted so that it holds two piercing blades and a securing strap)
        Agron: You crafted this?
        Nasir: We will lash hand to grip so it is not torn from grasp if called to split Roman flesh.
        Agron: I cannot flee to the mountains with the others. Despite command, my place is upon field of battle.
        Nasir: As mine is forever by your side.
        (They join in a tight hug and Agron kisses Nasir's head)

      • Gannicus: The hour is upon us.
        Sibyl: I do not want to leave your arms.
        Gannicus: Nor I see you from them. Yet you must go with the others.
        Sibyl: Come with me.
        Gannicus: You know I must stay so that you may reach the mountains, live free of the Republic beyond them.
        Sibyl: There is no life absent your touch.
        Gannicus: You once said to me that the Gods had sent me to save you. And you were mistaken. You were the one sent. And I in need of saving.

      • Crassus: (About Tiberius, watching his mask) It is false image of the boy I knew. Forever of furrowed brow and pressing concern. A reflection of his father, grave of face and disposition. He was not always so, was he?
        Kore: No, Dominus. He was not always so.
        Crassus: The passing of years hardens a man to the simple joys of life. Until all that is left is a thing of stone, cold and unforgiving.
        Kore: I wish nothing more than journey had set towards different path.

      • Kore: War at last draws to its end.
        Crassus: As all things must, born of man and misplaced desire.

      • Kore: You have not asked yet why I turned from you.
        Crassus: Could answer reverse course of time's passing? Or erase memory of deepest wound?
        Kore: No. Yet I would give life to gaze upon forgiveness in your eyes again for all that I have done.
        Crassus: If but I could be so moved.

      • Spartacus: Crassus must be given pause so that you and the others may slip beyond grasp.
        Laeta: We will wait for you then, at foot of the mountains.
        Spartacus: But I would not have it so.
        Laeta: Am I not free to make own choice?
        Spartacus: As you frequently remind. Yet do not hazard life in hopes that I yet cling to my own.
        Laeta: You will not fall in battle against Crassus.
        Spartacus: You now hold power to pierce future's uncertain veil?
        Laeta: I hold but faith in a man like no other.
        Spartacus: Gratitude for your words. And for what comfort your presence has given.

      • Agron: Nasir and I shall not be among those striking towards mountains.
        Spartacus: We have broken words towards subject. You cannot fight...
        Nasir: He has yet found way, forged by loving hands.
        Agron: Do not ask my own to lay idle in coming battle.
        Spartacus: I have born witness to the fall of many I have called brother. You are the last yet living that stood with me when Batiatus' ludus was laid to ruin. You honor me, by standing again at my side in final conflict.

      • Spartacus: My friends. The time of our parting has come. Know that you will be heavy upon thought when we face Crassus and his legions. Many of us will fall. There remains strategy nor deception that can bend course of inevitable fate. Yet know that our blood... shall purchase needed opportunity for you to gain mountain paths, beyond snapping jaws of Rome that have plagued us with death... and misery. Part ways. And live free.

      • Gannicus: I have had my fill of words and tearful farewells. I desire blood and cries of our enemy.
        Spartacus: Let us make it so.

      • Crassus: Have you ever witnessed such a thing? So many hearts, beating towards inevitable end?
        Spartacus: Why did you call me here, Crassus?
        Crassus: The same reason you came. Curiosity.
        Spartacus: Well has it been satisfied?
        Crassus: We've vexed each other for many months. Both suffering grievous wound upon effort. Yet have never broken single word.
        Spartacus: There are none that would hold difference.
        Crassus: Perhaps. Yet I would still have them regardless.

      • Crassus: It is a thing known, is it not? That you cannot win this conflict.
        Spartacus: A sentiment shared... by all the Romans I have killed who held such belief.
        Crassus: My son among them.
        Spartacus: Apologies Imperator I cannot give voice to regret of passing to the soldier that robbed Crixus of life.
        Crassus: The Gaul died upon field of battle. An honor denied Tiberius.
        Spartacus: It is not as I had commanded. Yet the woman had been rudely treated
        by his hands and her own claimed vengeance.

      • Spartacus: Do not think to place your loss upon equal footing. Your son took up arms for the Republic. The same one that saw my innocent wife torn from grasp and condemned to slavery and death.
        Crassus: And now you would lead thousands to join her in futile attempt.
        Spartacus: Whatever happens to my people it happens because we choose for it. We decide our fates. Not you. Not the Romans. Not even the Gods.
        Crassus: You choose but time and place of journey's end.
        Spartacus: Better to fall by the sword than by the master's lash.

      • Crassus: If the Bringer of Rain heralds miracle and defeats Crassus and his legions, will he withdraw from the Republic? Content that he's brought those who so injured him to justice?
        Spartacus: There is no justice. Not in this world.
        Crassus: At last. A thing we agree upon (He offers his arms to Spartacus who joins in an armshake)
        Spartacus: When we again meet, I will kill you.
        Crassus: No. You are going to try.
        Spartacus: It is all a free man can do.

      • Kore: It was my hand that moved against Tiberius, and saw him from this world.
        Crassus: Was my touch so cruel that you would strike at heart through noble son? (Putting a dagger to her neck) Speak! While you yet have throat to give voice!
        Caesar: You place blame upon victim! Your noble fucking son forced himself inside her. One of many acts that lead to deserved fate.
        Crassus: More lies!
        Kore: It is the truth! His love for you turned to hate in the wake of the decimation. And he struck at you the only way he could. One he knew would inflict deepest wound.
        Crassus: Why did you not tell me?
        Kore: I made attempt, upon Melia Ridge.

      • Crassus: A son is but reflection of the father. Is this how I stand? Twisted and grotesque? (Destroys Tiberius' mask)
        Kore: You stand as you always have. A good man. That does what he must.
        Crassus: Apologies. Apologies. Apologies for all you've suffered. Know that it shall end when Spartacus falls. And unfortunate events of war trod path of distant memory.

      • Gannicus: It is heavy burden. Gaze at war's end and weigh bitter cost of it.
        Spartacus: You do not believe that we can defeat Crassus?
        Gannicus: You are forever conjuring the impossible. And I would not wager against you in final gambit. Yet odds are not of a favor.

      • Gannicus: I would offer drink to lift spirits but I have turned from it of late.
        Spartacus: A thing not escaping notice. I too turned from wild pursuits when possessed by purest heart.
        Gannicus: You speak of your wife?
        Spartacus: When we first lay together she told of how the Gods delivered oracle in her dreams. And foretold that I would never love another woman.
        Gannicus: Did prophecy hold true?
        Spartacus: I found comfort in others. Yet there's an emptiness that can never be filled. A void left where heart once beat, when Sura was taken from me.

      • Spartacus: You once questioned how victory can be defined. I thought answer held in Roman deaths.
        Gannicus: A position no longer taken?
        Spartacus: Life is what defines it. Not the death of Romans. Nor ours, nor those that follow us into battle. But the life of Sibyl. Of Laeta, the mother and her child, so many others. They are all Sura and I would see them live.
        Gannicus: A cause even I can embrace.

      • Spartacus: If we are to give the others any chance against Crassus, you must do more
        than embrace it. You must lead.
        Gannicus: An old argument, Spartacus.
        Spartacus: One that must now stand settled. I cannot do this without you assuming rightful position. One that there is none more deserving of.
        Gannicus: What would you have me do?
        Spartacus: The impossible.

      • Pleuratos: Spartacus stands the fool to face our legions with so few.
        Crassus: He has proven himself many things. A fool not among them.

      • Castus: (About Crassus' army) They stand an ocean.
        Naevia: As when Crixus was swept from the shores of the living.
        Agron: They but offer opportunity to swim in a sea of Roman blood.
        Spartacus: (Noticing the red serpent on Agron's shield) Great and unfortunate things.
        Agron: What meaning do words carry?
        Spartacus: A warning, given voice by loving wife to a man who no longer exists.

      • Spartacus: Soon Crassus will give command! And we shall face his legions in open battle! We stand in the shadow of greater might! As their Republic cast across the lives of every man... every woman... and every child condemned to the darkness of slavery! Forced to toil and suffer, so that those of coin and position can see their fortunes grow beyond need or purpose! Let us teach them, that all who draw breath are of equal worth! And that those that seek to place heel upon the throat of liberty will fall to the cry of freedom!

      • Crassus: No wounded enemy is to be blessed with merciful passing! I would make example of all those who dare raise hand against the glory of Rome!

      • Caesar: (About Spartacus) The savage yet proves resourceful.
        Crassus: He but delays coming tide with grains of sand.

      • Caesar: You would rain death upon our own men?
        Crassus: I would end this fucking war!

      • Crassus: The slaves fall to superior strategy and tactic.
        Caesar: As do Romans beneath our command.
        Crassus: An unfortunate loss. Yet one gladly accepted to bring Spartacus to his end.

      • Castus: (To Agron with his last breath) Would that I had been you... for but a day.

      • Agron: It is a glorious day to have so many Romans to kill!
        Spartacus: It is but one life that holds meaning. Draw attention upon field. I shall claim it.

      • Pleuratos: Send for the medicus!
        Crassus: I need no soothing balm. Only to return to field with rebel blood hot upon face.
        Pleuratos: Do not place yourself at further risk. If you fall, Spartacus would gain advantage.

      • Caesar: (To Gannicus on the battlefield before their face-off) I have longed to meet you in true contest.
        Gannicus: As I have longed to see your head parted from fucking neck.

      • Gannicus: (As she falls mortally wounded) Saxa!
        Saxa: (Speaking in German) I again find myself in your arms (She dies)

      • Spartacus: I made promise... the next time we met I would have your life.
        Crassus: Come then. And attempt to take it.

      • Caesar: (Removing Tiberius' sword from Naevia's grasp, right before killing her with it) This does not belong to you, slave!

      • Crassus: Would that you had been born a Roman. And had stood beside me.
        Spartacus: I bless the fates... that it was not so.

      • Caesar: The Gods once more aid Spartacus in slipping from fucking grasp.
        Crassus: He weeps from a thousand wounds. And if heart yet beats, it shall cease
        at briefest passing.
        Caesar: There are many who have followed mad cause that still cling to fading life.
        Crassus: See them to promised example upon Appian Way. And let all slaves upon road to Mother Rome know reward for turning hand against master.

      • Caesar: (About Gannicus, who has been crucified) Ignoble end for a legend that once stood a god of the arena.
        Crassus: Legends are but bone and meat of dreams, rotting in the harsh sun of reality.
        Caesar: (Referring to Kore, nailed to a cross next to Gannicus) It is hard sight to see one so loved among the damned.
        Crassus: She was known to be of the rebellion. I have forgiven reason. Yet do what I must.

      • Crassus: Pompey.
        Pompey: Praise the gods to find you well old friend. I'd feared that Spartacus and his rebels had overrun you, before I routed them in the north.
        Crassus: The north?
        Senator Metellus: He came upon rebel army attempting to gain the mountains. Dispatch has already been sent to Rome, naming Pompey victor against enemy you could not quell.
        Caesar: You claim false laurels. Spartacus was defeated...
        Crassus: ... in the north. By valiant Pompey, hero of Hispania.
        Pompey: You honor me.
        Crassus: I but honor Rome. And those of like mind, that would see it flourish.
        Pompey: Then we are one in such regard. Let us break meal on your return.

      • Caesar: After all that we have suffered, you allow Pompey to snatch triumph from deserving hands?
        Crassus: Supporting claim he will be made ally. We shall stand fearsome triumvirate, with means to bend the course of History.
        Caesar: You forever speak of the future.
        Crassus: The past cannot be altered. The present holds but regret and loss. It is only in the days to come that a man may find solace, when memory fades.

      • Agron: (To the surviving rebels, as Spartacus regains consciousness) He yet lives! (To Spartacus) We've gained the mountains.
        Laeta: We waited for you, as promised.
        Spartacus: All safe?
        Agron: Pompey set upon other half. Many were lost.
        Laeta: We must see him to mountain path before we too are discovered.
        (Agron and Nasir try to move him but Spartacus grunts in pain)
        Spartacus: Stay hand. I would rest awhile.
        Nasir: We cannot stay here.
        Spartacus: No, you cannot. Nor can I follow.

      • Laeta: Spartacus... Spartacus.
        Spartacus: Spartacus. That is not my name. I shall finally hear it again given voice by loving wife... in greeting longed for (To Agron) Do not shed tear. There is no greater victory than to fall from this world... a free man (He dies)

      • Agron: (To a dead Spartacus) One day Rome shall fade and crumble. Yet you shall always be remembered in the hearts of all that yearn for freedom.

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