Spartacus: War of the Damned

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2013 on Starz

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    I loved the series from the start , but after season 1, I was laid off work n on antenna, I eventually purchased season 2 DVDs and later got back on uverse to see season 3 . When you already know the ending ends with spartacus dead , its extremely hard to expect a good enough last episode to make up for his death, but Starz does it best.
  • The night I cried

    I know the story about Spartacus and that he didn't die on the battlefield. He and thousands were hanged on crosses along roads, miles long. I knew it and to me it is one of the saddest episodes of history. I just can't watch any further. There are some ten minutes left on this last episode, but after seeing all these great people coming to an end and after seeing the Starks in Game of Thrones being slaughtered its too much. Back to the Big Bang Theory and Two and a half safe and good and sexy....
  • Predictable finale

    I just dont give the worse note because I consider this serise one of the best series ever made, except this final one! Spartacus death was so predictable that our expectations were down the drain! The final battle between spartacus and crassus were so lame! The man defeated all kind of warriors and if he wanted he would finished Crassus in 3seconds!

    So predictable...
  • Jupiters Cock

    Remove thought from minds, there is always an end greater than your own. Farewell Spartacus my brother, Crixus not forgetting you too my gritty gaul, you still smell like a woman full of piss and shit but we are all mourning your death at the hands of a 4 year old. Gannicus you are an ultimate lad. You fight, fuck, and always have a classic one liner at an inappropriate moment. You will all be with your beloved ones in the afterlife (Crixus yours is a psycho) and find comfort in their embrace and in their thighs.
  • go Ceasar!!!!!!!

    i love Ceasar :) it was good to see him picking up for kore when her life was in danger
  • Sad ....

    Some say that was a Victory for both sides , but that is not true .... Spartacus' freed slaves where intercepted by Pompey at the Mountains that is said in the episode .... The only ones that survived where the ones waiting for Spartacus as Laeta said in the beggining of the episode ...... So everyone dies except for a few .

    The episode was terrific tough .
  • Victory

    A victory for both. Crassus won the war, the remaining rebels are free. Very great ending of an even greater series.

    Even though I knew Spartacus would die, I really hoped they would let him live to die another day. Same with Gannicus. He should have survived. Spartacus would have gone back for Gannicus. I don't get why Agron didn't, even outnumbered. That's just me, I don't like the good ones to die.

    But still, they made an amazing finale and it just felt right. Only thing I missed, was a Spartacus' baby so he would live on in a way...

    I loved the fact that Andy was in the ending credits. I AM SPARTACUS!
  • Void of Victor

    I enjoyed this finale for it heralded back to the earlier seasons. The opening sequence was a nice way to portray the "I am Spartacus!!". With the ensuing battle Spartacus shows his mind for stratgem with his surprise manuvers on the open field. In his personal contest with Crassus it was a battle fit for the arena. It appeared Spartacus to have had the better doctore, before intervention. With the jaws of Rome closed in on the group, the episode reveals a last minute apearance of Pompei. There is little room for disappointment, and most of that is what to now fill the void of this series stipped from our hearts with...
  • Victory

    Victory was a fantastic and awesome series finale of The Spartacus Epic, Saga, Series. I really enjoyed watching because there were many exciting surprises, twists and turns in the story and final battle. It was a pinnacle moment when Spartacus and Crassus met and broke words. I loved seeing how the battle played out and I was impresed with the strategy Spartacus employed. There were many heart touching, heart breaking and symbolic moments throughout the episode. I enjoyed the series from start to finish and it was spectacular how the series came full circle with The Red Serpent. Everyone involved with the production of this series deserves recognition for contributing to one of the mist phenomenal shows on television today. Its sure to be a must watch classic in the future!!!!!!!!!

  • fantastic

    I'm not even sure where to begin- loved the whole episode, although tears were shed. I adored that Agron and Nasir stayed loyal friends to Spartacus until the end, Lugo's defiant death was amazing, as was Saxa trying to carry on fighting after being stabbed and Gannicus's last victory roar (I was so happy to see Oenomaus again). The stake pit moment caught me by surprise (in a good way), all of the fight sequences were fantastic and (although I cried) the ending to the show felt right.

    Too many brilliant things happened in this episode for me to write about all of them, but this was definitely one of the best Spartacus episodes I have ever seen.
  • Amazing

    The best finale of any tv show i have ever seen. 9.5/10 from me.
  • Great and Unfortunate things.....

    Great Finale... Unfortunate that the series is over. Top notch cast and production all around. Liam had really taken over the role of Spartacus after enduring his way out of the large shadow of the late and great Andy Whitfield. All the other actors brought in their A games for this and I can't wait to follow their careers in future projects. Very sad my favorite show of all-time is over, but at least I can go back and watch on Blu-ray. Steven DeKnight is one to follow and I can't wait for his next project to air. Andy you will not be forgotten.