Spartacus: War of the Damned

Season 1 Episode 2

Wolves at the Gate

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2013 on Starz

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  • Ahoooo-gaaaaaa!

    This episode was brilliant! i did have one problem in the show, Caeser. now hold tongue and hear reason. the guy is perfect, i think the attitude was also cool, Caeser to be the powerhouse and Crassus the brains, however i still think Crassus will be Spartacus's archenemy and Gannicus will be Caesers'. Spartacus cant have all the fun! but did they have to make him look ALOT like ACHILLES from Troy? when i first saw him at the house of Crassus i almost choked on my chicken wings. in my head i was going, "Zeus's Cock, batman! its Achilles!!!! WTF?" then Caeser's name was thrown. other than his looks, i think he'll be great. i see a love triangle!!! After Gannicus chopped the evil Dominus's head, the slave girl gave this twinkling gaze upon our dual sword wielding hero. will she be the downfall of Gannicus? will a woman's scorn be it!? i hope not. Laeta will be a problem, i believe she will have mixed feelings towards Spartacu and thus may also lead to future war problems or our new spy towards the romans. kill the blacksmith, he is easily persuaded by coin.

    after reading reviews, all of you who has questions about Caeser's kinky bloodletting fun, will have answers in Episode 4. is he kinky or does he have a viagra problem? i personally thought that he was getting a circumcision! hahhahaa.

    i do have a prediction on how this war is going to go, Caeser will kill Agron, Nasir and Tiberius. wound Crixus. yeah that's right, kill TIBERIUS and he'll blame spartacus. Crassus will kill Gannicus and then Spartacus will kill Crassus. Laeta will make Spartacus's new city fall. Saxa will be killed by slave girl who gave googly eyes to Gannicus by means of "oops, pushed you towards a spear. soooorrrry!"
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