Spartacus: War of the Damned

Season 1 Episode 2

Wolves at the Gate

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2013 on Starz



  • Trivia

    • Death in Spartacus: War of the Damned:
      Romans: Laurus, Ennius.
      Rebels: Diotimos.

    • When Crassus says: 'Let our shadow fall upon them and every man, woman, and child so touched by it struck from this world by the might and glory of Rome' Simon Merrells looks directly at the camera, breaking the 4th wall.

    • The ruins of former Roman city of Sinuessa en Valle, the city taken by Spartacus and his rebel army, are located in modern day municipality of Mondragone, in the Italian region of Campania (some 45km northwest of Naples).

    • Spartacus (presumably) died in 71 BC at age 38, and Julius Caesar would have been 29, however historically they never actually crossed paths.

  • Quotes

    • (After sparring together Naevia stands as winner)
      Naevia: Not as easy as butchering a horse, is it?
      Diotimos: Their kick is considerably more gentle.

    • Crixus: The southern coast?
      Spartacus: It will force Crassus' army to march much greater distance to meet us, sapping strength and supplies.
      Crixus: But will we not stand as drained at journey's end?
      Spartacus: The comfort of city walls will see us revived. A thing denied Crassus.

    • Spartacus: Diotimos. I would have your counsel.
      Diotimos: Apologies... I am absent knowledge concerning strategies of war.
      Spartacus: Yet you are well versed in other needs.

    • (About Attius)
      Agron: Can we lay trust in the Roman?
      Gannicus: He stands Roman only by name. Weigh his purse with enough coin and he would call Thrace or Gaul his mother.

    • Diotimos: My fucking Dominus holds sway with the Aedile. Speak the name of Laurus towards meeting of trade, stand chance of avoiding entanglement.
      Spartacus: The next you greet him, it will be Laurus who kneels and calls you master.

    • (Bribing his way into the city)
      Decimus: insult me. By so light a palm.
      Spartacus: Well... (Adds more coin) Allow weighted apology.

    • Laurus: Shackle would not stand warning enough after Diotimus slipped from grasp.
      Ennius: Words now heeded. See it done. And in grim wake, post notice to quell further unpleasantness.

    • Laurus: By permission of honored Aedile, I present yet another beloved slave fallen to treacherous thought and whisper of rebellion.
      Laeta: And who would not fall to such beneath heel of a toad?
      Laurus: He was discovered secreting scraps of food intended for journey far from these walls.
      Ennius: Laurus cannot be faulted for a dog turned to madness...
      Laeta: Show an animal kindness and it will give loyalty ntil the heavens fall. Show it nothing but the lash and wonder not why it bears teeth.

    • Laurus: Shackles alone no longer offer fair deterrent. Let us add to them with warning of weighted stone and the promise of death for any who dare follow in such regard.
      Spartacus: Must make attempt to end this.
      Gannicus: It would but pair our fate with his.
      Spartacus: I will not stand idle while the man's life holds in the balance...
      Slave: Spartacus! Spartacus! Spartacus! He will see your fucking Republic to blood and shit! Spartacus! Spartacus! Spartacus!
      Laurus: See rebellious tongue forever stilled!
      (Stonning begins)

    • (After Spartacus kills the slave that is being stoned with a precise hit to the head)
      Crixus: You draw attention.
      Spartacus: I but end suffering. As I would for all so afflicted by festering disease of Rome.

    • Sabinus: Another message from Senator Metellus.
      Tiberius: The man threatens to bury us beneath a storm of parchment.
      Crassus: The Senate grows anxious for our troops to move from Field of Mars in pursuit of Spartacus.

    • Crassus: I am descendant from no god. Nor man of lofty note. I'm tolerated within the Senate solely for the wealth I have amassed through labour and dealings those with proper lineage deem beneath them.
      Caesar: And you believe this singular cause why they hate you?

    • Crassus: You possess name absent wealth.
      Caesar: Caesar And you possess wealth absent name.
      Crassus: Imagine what could be wrested from highest perch were Crassus and Caesar to align themselves.
      Caesar: My name has remained constant since falling from my mother's womb. You have been heavy with gold for equal years. Why now suggest the pairing?
      Crassus: Opportunity to seize laurels and the gratitude of the Republic presents itself. And with it, first stone upon the road to greater glories.
      Caesar: What would you have me aid you in, to see such a day hastened?
      Crassus: Bring end to slave rebellion. And death of Spartacus.

    • Attius: (About Spartacus) Tell me you have not brought the Bringer of Fucking Piss and Shit to my very door?
      Crixus: Your legend precedes you.
      Gannicus: I bring but opportunity. One that you may profit greatly from, if you are of a mind.
      Attius: It would have to be very considerable to outweigh risk of association dragging me to depths.
      Spartacus: A river shall flow in its wake if we find ourselves lighted upon favourable shore.

    • Attius: The fucking Aedile denies me the crafting of weapons, blame laid on fear of your rebellion. All that is struck now are fucking tools and shackles to keep the slaves of those privileged fucks in hand.

    • Spartacus: Do we have agreement?
      Attius: Two swords, and an end to involvement. Return as sun falls.
      Gannicus: I would linger and recall joyous times with trusted friend.

    • Crixus: (About Attius) I hold concern for the Roman.
      Spartacus: Let us hope the weight of coin anchors him to purpose.

    • Laeta: What brings you to Sinuessa en Valle?
      Spartacus: Slaves. I find myself with ever expanding family of them and would ensure they are well provided for.
      Laeta: You have thought toward housing them in the city?
      Spartacus: It has crossed mind.
      Laeta: If you wish to see them any form of comfort I would strike from such.
      Spartacus: I witnessed a slave stoned in the marketplace. A common occurrence?
      Laeta: No. Yet I fear it will become so if this matter of rebellion is not soon concluded.
      Spartacus: Let us pray, then. For the proper end to it.

    • Ennius: You were at the stoning this morning, were you not?
      Spartacus: I was present at unfortunate spectacle.
      Ennius: And ended it prematurely. Gratitude. The crowd pressed towards frenzy. I would not see more blood spilled absent cause.
      Spartacus: Nor I. Absent cause.

    • Tertulla: (To Kore) You present yourself with breasts and ass formed with morning dew. Is it wonder that a man strong of desire would not be tempted to taste such ripe offering? Take lesson and remove yourself from fucking sight.

    • Crassus: Spartacus knows of war and the waging of it from his days in Thrace. If rumour is true, he fought among the auxiliary beneath the fool Glaber before his fall of Vesuvius.
      Caesar: Then he's familiar with our tactics.
      Crassus: And has used such knowledge to the regret of those that have pressed him.
      Caesar: He believes he knows what a proper Roman soldier will do. A thing that could be turned toward advantage.

    • Crassus: Would that my own blood stood now so sharp of mind.
      Caesar: Ah, years and the taste of battle will hone your pup's teeth.
      Crassus: Of that I have little doubt. Yet to bring Spartacus to ground I must have a wolf at my side.
      Caesar: And let us turn gleaming fang towards moon of full purpose and see blood and gore matted upon fur.

    • Attius: What deformity of mind do you think I suffer from, that I would give further aid to enemies of Rome?
      Spartacus: We find ourselves heavy with Roman coin. What cost would sober intent?
      Attius: Five thousand denarii would see me far from this city and shores of fucking Republic.
      Spartacus: A bargain well struck.
      Attius: Call me Roman no more, then!

    • Attius: I cannot aid you in this. It would mean my life.
      Gannicus: You have forged weapons for Spartacus himself. If we are discovered with your craft clutched in hand, then they will send you to the afterlife all the same.
      Attius: Fuck the gods. What would you have of me?

    • Crassus: I would not have my family bedded among slaves and whores.
      Tertulla: Is it not better solution than having them stricken from embrace?
      Crassus: Desire much appreciated. Yet I could not stay mind from thought of your safety, placed so near the enemy. I would have you remain here, far from the threat of death war so often promises.
      Tertulla: Is that sole reason?

    • Tiberius: I thought honoured position all but mine. Now I fear he favours another.
      Tertulla: Then you stand as your mother, bound by blood and inconsiderate worth.

    • Kore: (About Caesar) Why honour him with title, that above your son? Apologies, I overstep.
      Crassus: You speak your heart. I know your concern for the boy.
      Kore: He no longer stands as such but in the eyes of his father.
      Crassus: Would my wife could voice such simple wisdom.
      Kore: I saw the gathering of trunks. She goes with you?
      Crassus: It was her intent. Yet I would find no comfort in her presence. As I would in yours...
      Kore: Is such a thing possible?
      Crassus: I will be forced to place you within followers' camp. But yes, it is possible. If you so desire it.
      Kore: Yes, Dominus.
      Crassus: I do not pose question as master, but as a man. And would have answer as one.
      Kore: Yes. It is something I desire, Marcus.

    • Roman soldier: Reward will surely find hands for this.
      Attius: Of that I have no fucking doubt.

    • Diotimos: (Breaking into his former Dominus' house) Where is Laurus?
      Laurus: (Stabs Diotimos in the back) I am here, slave.

    • Diotimos: My Dominus... he is dead?
      (Naevia nods)
      Diotimos: (With his last breath) Then I shall follow him to the afterlife and piss upon his shadow.

    • Caesar: (To Tiberius) Sleep well, young master. And dream of future glories. Under my command.

    • Spartacus: The city is taken. See the Romans that yet live to chains.
      Sanus: Chains?
      Saxa: You let them live?
      Spartacus: They pose no threat.
      Sanus: Nor fucking use.
      Nemetes: Would they show mercy if we were beneath heel?

    • Crixus: The Aedile bars himself in the horreum spilling pitch and threatens to put light to bear.
      Spartacus: (To Laeta) Come.
      Laeta: I will not lend aid to you and your animals.
      Spartacus: If grain is put to fire, even I will not have voice to calm my... animals. You will do this or see your people that yet live fall from this world.

    • Spartacus: We have had our fill of blood and vengeance this night. No Roman that yet draws breath shall suffer further harm. The city is ours!

    • Spartacus: (To Laeta) To see one loved robbed of life is a heavy thing. One done lightly by Romans many times to me. It is no balm but know that I carry the full weight of your loss.

    • Crassus: War often carries with it great sacrifice. None more keenly felt than threat of those one holds closest to heart struck from this world. I would not have my son fall to such a fate because he was not ready for command. Nor would I deny him opportunity to prove himself a man in his father's eyes (To Tiberius) You stand as my word and my will.
      Tiberius: You honour me, father. As I shall honour the name of Crassus.
      Crassus: Ride with Caesar and men of your choosing. Seek out Mummius and what
      remains of Cossinius' legion. Find Spartacus and send word of his movement but do not tempt engagement until I have arrived with proper force.

    • Caesar: You fill the air with lofty promise only to command I bow to a fucking boy?
      Crassus: He is my son! And shall be treated with mirrored respect! I have spread coin towards your election as Military Tribune. Formal title Tiberius is yet too young to hold. Wear my token to pass unmolested through encampment, until appearance is shorn to Roman likeness.
      Caesar: I would prefer fancy sword and expected position.
      Crassus: Stay upon path I have set and see greater glories bestowed at journey's end.

    • Crassus: We advance south on Spartacus and those who follow him in rebellion! Let our shadow fall upon them and every man, woman, and child so touched by it struck from this world by the might and glory of Rome!

  • Notes

    • A full city was built in the studio sets to stand for Sinuessa en Valle.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 3, 2013 on The Movie Network and Movie Central.
      Turkey: February 24, 2013 on CNBC-e.
      USA: February 1, 2013 on Starz.
      Czech Republic: March 26, 2013 on HBO

    • Writer and creator Steven S. Deknight's favourite part of the episode is the final scene where Spartacus orders Laeta to talk and reason out with her husband while at the same time he is planning to kill him because he can't afford to lose the grain supplies. Spartacus is forced to brutally kill him in front of her and then put her in chains which he defines as a powerful moment for the character.

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