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AIRED ON 5/17/2012

Season 2 : Episode 36

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Special alert! Special alert! Welcome to the Special Agent Oso guide at TV.com! Oso is a stuffed bear who works for U.N.I.Q.U.E. (United Network for Investigating Quite Usual Events), an international organization of stuffed animals charged with helping kids accomplish everyday tasks such as cleaning their room, brushing their teeth, or even tying their shoes. Every episode contains special assignments for Oso to complete given by his boss, Mr. Dos, each containing three special steps his computer companion Paw Pilot provides. And for every assignment Oso completes, he receives digimedals.
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  • Special Agent Oso?

    No! More like Spastic Asshurt Asshole! This show is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid! It involves Oso and two other animals going on failure missions. Dotty is a cat, who talks like a drunk ho. Wolfie, a stupid wolf and Professor Buffo, well, no one really gives a shit about him. This show ripped off Skunk Fu, which was bad enough. The animation is shit and the show itself is fucking ***ed. Thank god this shit got cancelled in 2014, thank for god sakes god. Do you know who else likes this show? Fox from Skunk Fu, she finds it pretty cute. WHAT THE FUCK?! No, not cute! Do you know who else hates this show? TheJojuan4444, he ranted on this show and I freaking agree with him. So screw Special Agent Oso, and screw Ni-Hao Kai-Lan. Steven Universe is 82376528598256762945 times better than Special Agent Oso. End of rant.moreless
  • Special Agent Baboso

    The sound effects are cool, and the little sequence where the kid's problem is beamed by satellite is nifty, but man oh man is Special Agent Oso dumb - hence my moniker of Baboso (in Spanish, literally one who drools - the implication being that person is a drooling idiot).

    The premise of the show is that some little flying robot spies on children, and when one of the tykes has an inane problem - like finding a missing shoe or learning the rules to hide-and seek - the robot beams an alert to Agent Oso's handlers, who in turn send him on a mission to help.

    The goal is to teach kids how to organize tasks in a series of steps in order to solve problems - everything is in a checklist of three. So that's cool, I guess (though if there are four steps they find a way to smoosh them arbitrarily into three).

    One ridiculous bit is that there is a timer to solving the problem, maybe five minutes. But the satellite animation shows Oso is in, say Northeastern Canada, while the kid is in Spain, or Baja California, or somewhere else far away. Yet somehow Oso makes it where he needs to be by driving a car or by flying a jetpack, with nary a moment wasted. So whatever helpful information your child learns about checklists is negated by what he has to unlearn about geography.moreless
  • This show isn't part of the plan, my review is!

    Sheesh, why is it that EVERY KID Oso meets recognises him? It's not like he exists in real life or something! That's my main problem with this thankfully cancelled show while second being the Paw-Pilot'd inaccurate timing and third being Oso purposely making a mistake then getting it right BY THE END OF THE STUPID EPISODE. Why must EVERY EPISODE TITLE COPY JAMES BOND MOVIES?

    I'm done with this hunk of junk anyways.moreless
  • AWFUL!

    The episode titles make absolutely no sense even at the slightest! I could come up with a strange episode name! "Lightning MegaTurd!" The CGI is also horrible and looks like that the original PlayStation can do it better. It is that bad! If the PS1 can do CGI better, go back to hand-drawn animation. I mean, the characters look UGLY! And due to the fact everyone has a distorted kitty-face, it's even more disturbing to look at! For you morons, a kitty-face is :3

    Tilt it around, and you can see it better. Now to the plots. The plots are the same every episode! Oso acts like an idiot and gets interrupted by his "Paw-Pilot" or whatever, his boss tells him a kid broke something or is having issues doing that, an uncalled musical number comes in wasting 2 minutes of your life, Oso barges in the kid's house, his Paw-Pilot gives him the steps to help the kid with whatever, he gets a "Digimedal" I'm better off with Digimon! That show sucks too! And there! I saved you every episode there is! Not very convincing, isn't it? I understand that this is for little kids, but parents and older kids/teenagers would find this dull FAST.moreless
  • More like ***ed Agent Oso!

    Seriously, Special Agent Oso is not at all special! He's just a braindead moron! This show teaches kids to solve the simplest problems which the kids should know how to do it themselves or ask their parents for help.

    Now, to talk about the characters.

    Oso means bear in Spanish. Special Agent Oso is this braindead moron that breaks the 4th wall a lot and his missions are always solving the simplest of problems. And we are helping?

    Paw Pilot is his assistant, but she is terrible. She sings ear bleeding songs, but I think Barney's ear bleeding songs are much more ear bleeding.

    Agent Dotty and Agent Wolfie are also annoying. Dotty says, "Spot on Oso," and Wolfie says, "OUUUUUUTTTTSSSTTAAAANNNDDDIIINNNGGG!!!" at the end of each episode. Shut up, I don't like neither of you!

    Mr. Dos is this computer that sounds like Major Monogram from Phineas and Ferb in a lower pitch, and is spotting the stupidest kids on Earth. At the end of each episode, he gives Oso a digimedal. How original! (sarcasm) You can't get a medal for solving the simplest problems? WTF is this stupid shit?!

    Now to talk about the plot.

    The plots are the exact same thing! First, Oso is trying to do a task for either Dotty or Wolfie or both of them. Then, Oso screws up and becomes braindead! Then, Oso finds a stupid kid that Mr. Dos found to try to do something simple but needs help. Have you ever heard of adults, children? They are your parents! Ask them for help! And then, Oso goes to the stupid kid. Every kid on this show is stupid! Help with mini golf? Help with going on a carousel for the first time but that kid is too short? Help with a fork? So simple! Swing the putter! Wait a year or two to grow taller to ride the carousel! Twist the fork around your spaghetti! I'm a smartass! So then, Paw Pilot sings the "3 Special Steps" song, and it's ear bleeding! Damnit! Can't listen to this song fully! And then, Oso asks the audience for helping with things so simple they can just run away from the show! On the last step, Paw Pilot slows down the time so Oso wins every time?! He should at least try to win, you can lose also, not just win! You can't win every time!

    Now Oso solves the task that he failed to do before! But then, he screws up again for the next task!

    This show is repetitive I wish this show was cancelled! And also, this show is in CGI! Hate CGI cartoons! DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW!!!moreless

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