Special Agent Oso

Season 2 Episode 24

A View to a Goal; Sweep Another Day

Aired Daily 8:00 AM May 30, 2011 on Disney Channel
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A View to a Goal; Sweep Another Day

A View to a Goal:
Dotty trains Oso to drive Wolfie's stunt car to the bottom of a mountain and to the Base Camp for a low-visibility mission. But because of the fog, Oso doesn't pay attention and drives Wolfie's car off a cliff. That's when he gets a special assignment. Oso teaches a boy, Alberto, how to kick a soccer ball and make a goal just like his brother Marco. Will Alberto be able to show Marco how he can kick a goal before they leave for his soccer game?

Sweep Another Day:
Oso is on a jungle pursuit mission chasing Special Agent Musa. Oso's mission is to catch Musa before he gets to the satellite dish during the chase. But during his mission, Oso steps into quicksand. That is when he receives a special alert. He helps a boy, Xavier, learn how to sweep up the floor of his playroom for a visit from his friend Rafael. Can Oso and Xavier sweep away the dust and get the floor cleaned up before company arrives?


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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • In "Sweep Another Day", we learn that Musa has different colored keikogis. In this episode he wears a green military styled keikogi, while in "For School Days Only", he wears a white keikogi.

      • In "A View to a Goal", Oso uses a fog light on his special agent pen to look for Wolfie's car in the mist. And he uses a fan on his pen to blow away some dust in "Sweep Another Day".

      • Ordinarily, Paw Pilot says "Assignment complete!" after Oso finishes a special assignment. But since Oso and Alberto were practicing kicking a soccer goal in "A View to a Goal", she shouts "Goal!"

    • QUOTES (2)

      • "A View to a Goal"

        Paw Pilot: (Singing)

        Kick a goal. You're never too small--

        Kick a goal--to kick a soccer ball.

        You can make it roll in the goal.

        Kick a goal. Use your feet and take aim.

        Kick a goal. That's the game.

        You can have (you can have)

        You can have (you can have)

        A view to a goal.

      • "Sweep Another Day"

        Paw Pilot: (Singing)

        There's dust! You know it's time to sweep the floor.

        Just grab a broom and then go sweep the floor.

        Start at the door, 'cross the floor. What a chore!

        But not so hard to do.

        Once the floor's looking cleaner, you'll be so proud to say,

        From now on, you will know how to sweep another day.

    • NOTES (4)

      • "Sweep Another Day" marks the 3rd appearance of Special Agent Musa.

      • The Three Special Steps for "A View to a Goal"

        Step 1: line up the ball with the goal.

        Step 2: get in position (one foot next to the ball and the other "kicking" foot behind the ball).

        Step 3: kick the ball toward the goal with the top of your foot.

      • The Three Special Steps for "Sweep Another Day"

        Step 1: sweep the broom in one direction.

        Step 2: sweep the dirt into a pile.

        Step 3: sweep the dirt into a dustpan.

      • End Credits: revealing the matching pictures of cars, soccer balls, and brooms.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Title Puns

        "A View to a Goal" and "Sweep Another Day" are title puns of the classic James Bond movies, A View to a Kill (1985) and Die Another Day (2002).

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