Special Agent Oso

Season 2 Episode 6

Dr. Juice; For Your Nose Only

Aired Daily 8:00 AM Aug 14, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Dr. Juice:
Dotty trains Oso to trap a spycopter with a special agent net Professor Bufo made. Oso tries remembering how to operate the net and catch the spycopter before it flies away when Paw Pilot calls in a special alert. Oso helps two kids, Alex and Zoe, learn how to make fresh squeezed orange juice for their mother who has a cold. Can they get the juice made before their mother wakes up?

For Your Nose Only:
Oso is trained to put a snow flap on top of a tent for Dotty and Wolfie to store their equipment inside and keep dry before a snowstorm hits. Oso tries putting the flap in place, but a gust of wind blows it off the tent. That's when a special alert comes in. A boy named Thomas has a case of the sniffles and a runny nose. His mother tells him to use a tissue to blow his nose, but Thomas doesn't know how to do it. It is up to Oso to teach Thomas how to blow his nose and wash his hands afterward.


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  • Both the assignments in this episode are useful for those who have a cold or the sniffles.

    In the first assignment, two kids want to make freshly squeezed orange juice for their mother. Why buy orange juice or juice concentrate when you can make your own juice. All you need are just oranges and a juicer. Unfortunately, Alex and Zoe don't use an electric juicer. It could be dangerous for youngsters to use. I myself use an electric juicer when I make my own orange juice.

    In the second assignment, a boy with the sniffles named Thomas learns the proper way to blow his nose. I know how mothers warn their children not to use their sleeves to wipe their nose. That's messy. One of the special steps was to blow out through your nose one nostrel at a time. I used to blow out through both nostrels at once until after I watched this Oso episode. I discovered that blowing out through one nostrel at a time makes less noise than when you do through both. I even thought that codename song Paw Pilot sang was kind of catchy and funny with that running nose. I don't think the Disney company would approve of using terms like "snot" or "boogers", would they?

    In both assignments, we also find that it's important to wash your hands before handling food and after blowing your nose. That way you don't spread germs to other people and make them sick. A 10.0 is what I give these assignments.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (2)

    • "Dr. Juice"

      Paw Pilot: (Singing)

      (Dr. Juice.)

      If your mom's feeling sick with a cold or a flu,

      (Make some juice.)

      There's a way you can help, and it's fun to do.

      (Make some juice, make some juice.)

      Give those oranges a big squeeze.

      A glass of juice is sure to please.

      Your codename: Dr. Juice.

      Dr. Juice.

    • "For Your Nose Only"

      Paw Pilot: (Singing)

      If your nose is runnin' (for your nose only),

      Better grab a tissue (run, run).

      Get your nose a-blowin' (for your nose only).

      That's what you gotta do (run, run).

      Stop the sniffles, that's your aim,

      And For Your Nose Only is your codename.

      For Your Nose Only.

  • NOTES (5)

    • "Dr. Juice" marks the 2nd appearance of Professor Bufo.

    • The Three Special Steps for "Dr. Juice"

      Step 1: find some oranges.

      Step 2: squeeze the oranges to get the juice (Cut the oranges in half first then use a juicer to get the most juice).

      Step 3: pour the juice into a glass.

    • The Three Special Steps for "For Your Nose Only"

      Step 1: hold a tissue to your nose with both hands.

      Step 2: gently blow air out through your nose into the tissue, one nostrel at a time.

      Step 3: wipe your nose with the tissue and throw it away in the trash.

    • The three steps for making orange juice were also demonstrated in the Agent Oso short series, Three Healthy Steps.

    • End Credits: finding the matching pictures of oranges. Two of the four cards have pictures of a tissue box and the spycopter.


    • Title Puns

      "Dr. Juice" and "For Your Nose Only" are title puns of the classic James Bond movies, Dr. No (1962) and For Your Eyes Only (1981).