Special Agent Oso

Season 2 Episode 20

Lost and Get Found; A View to the Truth

Aired Daily 8:00 AM Apr 06, 2011 on Disney Channel



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    • "Lost and Get Found"

      Juan: It's kind of scary when you are lost and alone.

      Oso: Well, you're not alone now. I'll stay with you until your mom finds you.

    • "Lost and Get Found"

      Paw Pilot: (Singing)

      Where's Mommy? Where did she go?

      It can be real scary when you don't know.

      But she wouldn't leave without you. Know that she's still around.

      And with a safe grown-up's help, though you were lost, you'll get found.

    • "A View to the Truth"

      Paw Pilot: (Singing)

      Tell the truth. It can be hard to take.

      Tell the truth when you've made a mistake.

      If it's something wrong, you must be strong And

      tell the truth. It's what big kids do.

      Tell the truth, and you'll feel good too.

      Then you'll have, then you'll have, a view to the truth.

  • Notes

    • "A View to the Truth" does not show Paw Pilot counting down.

    • "Lost and Get Found" marks the 9th appearance of Professor Bufo.

    • The Three Special Steps for "Lost and Get Found"

      Step 1: stay in one place.

      Step 2: find a safe adult like a police officer.

      Step 3: tell them your full name and that you're lost.

    • The Three Special Steps for "A View to the Truth"

      Step 1: appologize for what you did while looking them in the eyes.

      Step 2: tell what really happened.

      Step 3: ask to be forgiven.

    • End Credits: finding matching pictures of dogs, Wolfie, and toy trains.

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    • Title Puns

      "Lost and Get Found" and "A View to the Truth" are title puns of the classic James Bond movies, Live and Let Die (1973) and A View to a Kill (1985).